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United States Marine Corps Boot Camp Training – Officer Candidate School

United States Marine Corps Boot Camp Training – Officer Candidate School

Oh right now sometime today let's go market market more York yeah Sean shut up shut up we are gonna stop all that say I stance on the ones that are moving to run their face back here say I saw Hey or you told tiptoe tiptoe that's the way I showed you like but I'm seeing a huge hey y'all go over your face let's come your hands when headsets on zeros Timmy so good when you get inside the first – it's all your ticket cover off your phone enough painting put in your right Huggle pocket you understand me yes yes oh oh when you grab your tray you hold your sword and your right and you are saving you get to the fruit you will get fruit you are semi you will get salad you are semi cannot find out almost ah what two three fouled off right now let's go let's go let's go are you tired of him no father fine let's go under such get it get it get it get it get it your thumb is on your drowsy your palms are rolled back and you're screaming in turbulent dice si I just got done saying something about your covers did I not okay so why do I look around and see covers still look like trash face your cover with that buddy funny you can we homestead oh how did you get through the hatch stomach deep in the right back Oh laughs y'all tied it up they all suck I don't care if you're the channel you still open your mouth somebody is truly in a bad way is talking about suicide ideation look at the statistics you may have guessed that debris poor by definition is a high-risk group young male and don't actually attempt suicide at a high rate to revenue but they are much more successful at it and you just saw the sadistic lie Madeline would you shoot themselves to her hang himself in Iraq last year the gun brain told us all talks to his wife she says she's found somebody else you know why you don't need there ain't no reason for him to come home paraphrasing a little bit but it was pretty close to that later that day he shot himself with a gun I'll live up coming up gotta make this ugly very short time first impressions count the first one oh yeah thank you sir right now some land a few guys all right I'm mrs. Storrs right there and there's this morning tears those where we'll repeat it I thought that mr. bunker that means mistakes too you'll get your briefing then go into a simulated Higgins landing craft and see actual footage of the landing to achieve a basic space if we're down to the last canteen of water we share that canteen of water if went on to the last few rounds of ammunition we redistribute that ammunition because the blood that we bleed has Marine Corps blood it's the branding of that Eagle Globe and Anchor on your heart that just nobody else can quite understand who hasn't been Marine who hasn't earned that title Rep step first one go to the else except yeah check it son for real this time Chuck you're tired I'm depressed aren't you okay that's not a crime scene stop jackass first one about falling back Chuck you need to pay attention yes I'm sorry okay and on not can't dance hey dude complex was doing it on that course I like egg it's to give 110% at all time and make sure you making a lot of noise where to stay here become ring officers right tick you gotta adapt and overcome you're not gonna complain it I got a watch he's going to do it what's that yeah are there any question in head they're coming it off here to comment for nano plus for me go halfway all right turn and then just mountain Eaglehawk dirty chicken wing the ropes right hand roll failed for booby traps of mine let's go rapidly next let's go boy good seller to Boston Garden checkers maybe if you put your chin strap tight like I told you your helmet wouldn't be fall off right now say something oh my god he waited right let's go 1 2 3 go 1 2 3 go your heads to be the other way that should be the other way your head should be the other way here's what tells the other direction there you go there you go up 1 2 3 go face up to 3 drop stop hey stop go get on your back let's go let's go crispy get on your back dude for the BFA Chandler keep a low profile son that's the name of the game I repeat low profile you don't get a bullet in your head higher son put your BFA on your 31 go underneath with your free hand let's go Eli ain't gonna bald a fly rod you know crawling always to the wall low crawl to the wall all right be on a field of wolf get doing that how you do it for different one whip female get your team in from now get off panic let's go team leader get one of them get over the wall then you got a bottom in your teeth yes sir while we're pushing me I'm sorry sure is something six sir Oh hear anything I tell you what you know you got all these cameras the ladies can come down here get a picture with me anytime you want five bucks a pop to me we want to get a picture do you want one more if it was a rival eco by what time that's my wife please read way today's legislation is your sugar my son are both gradually it's important stuff to yoga bah 1 March these young men and women before us today have gone through a significant challenge these last six weeks many of them didn't make the challenge as we all know as I talked about the other day but those that's named before us all ready to become Marine Corps officers in i2m like you I have a son an echo company and so I know that special feeling that you all have mom's dance I gave us your sons and I think we made something a little bit more with regards to putting the honor courage and commitment in them let's give them a big round of applause honey I commanded by candidate Jordan firstly commanded by candidate badger I'm gonna go the extra beef jerky and some Gatorade you down should I pick you okay we got today man baby my rapping frog yes yeah that actually sucks six weeks to hell it was like bittersweet half of your like Manos awesome that's like know why kandivali dress up ready well that was my dress off yesterday glad it's over ready for Morgan for that look as an accent yeah there why you are lying of course of course but can to motivate people around you leadership by example yeah all right well I have a new do stone so I see you I don't always thank you yeah you

Reader Comments

  1. do they have to give normal instructions with that constipated voice too? gosh. I could understand drilling and dressing down, but that have that same constipated blow hard strained voice even when giving normal instructions. its just……don't fit.

  2. wackeln Sie die Arschlöcher nicht stoßen viele Löcher mit einem Messer und ficken in jedem )))

  3. Sie wissen nicht, was eine kämpfende Hysterie GAV ist beschämend

  4. Are these guys who are already been to Paris island or San Diego and now their just at officer school. Or do these goes not go to Paris Island or San Diego and they go right to quantico to get the title of marine because they were in rotc or something?

  5. Enlisted go 13 weeks of some of the toughest training out there and the Officer's do 6 weeks. Explains a lot!!!

  6. That's sad..young Americans sign up to fight for freedom but first they must GIVE theirs away forever and if it comes back they can never enjoy it, this is why despite it's size the american armed forces have failed at every campaign since Korea and contributed little and late in 2 world wars..thats why the Taliban and VC the real men in black PJs handed them their arses because they don't need to be mistreated and lied too to motivate them, they just quality humans protecting themselves and ancient cultures…you take the quality of the man away half killing him before he even sees one the white house lied that was his enemy, I'd field a weapon for Assad before id assist the States, for the love of God america people.. take your power back and stop giving itr away. your sleepwalking into extinction! if that went down in Canada or any other country know the people would march on parliment.

  7. Aren’t all the candidates Marines already – at least E-2s? I understand the importance of making capable, well-trained officers, but it seems like they’re being trained as if they’re first phase recruits. Is that an accurate observation?

  8. Конечно, у них всё заебись в плане обслуживания и подготовки. Но толку? Они ни одну войну нормально выиграть не могут без подсказок.

  9. The training is great, my son want to join the military and I give thanks to those that give their life for the country. My son will be like you people one day

  10. There are too many white males in the Marines. We need more diversity of women and people of brown skin.

  11. If all Americans were run through this, we wouldn't have half the dumbasss hit that goes on in our political process.

  12. This is totally bad ass, When they do the weapon movements- It reminds me of Shinra from Final Fantasy 7.

  13. I have been watching these diffrent training videos( Navy seals, costguard, and others.) My sister came up to me and asked why i was listining to people getting torchured. Then she snached my phone said Oh then walked away.😑😅

  14. I would actually be impressed with these guys if they fought our domestic and foreign enemies instead of for them.

  15. That poor voices. They have to learn to shout with no harm to the voice. Look at many Metal-Band frontmen, they do it better. That's the difference between belly breathing or chest breathing.

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