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United States Air Force Academy – Basic Cadet Training Class of 2020

United States Air Force Academy – Basic Cadet Training Class of 2020

United States Air Force Academy – Basic Cadet Training Class of 2020

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  1. I don’t see many white boys. The USAF looks like another dumbed down politically correct progressive/liberal piece of $h!t entity.

  2. Not saying the Air Force is useless just saying the training is a joke. The drill instructor are told to keep it under 10 decimals. So the recruits wont have boo boos on their ears.

  3. For all of you retards making fun of the air Force kids end jerking yourselves off while talking about how the Marines are the only real branch of the military, let me put that in perspective for you.

    The air Force is where most of the intellectuals who join the military go. These are the people that don't base their self-worth on how much torture and what level of being absolutely miserable they can tolerate. These are the people that are going to get the science and Technology jobs when they get out. The Marines are the ones that run around flexing their muscles and telling everybody to thank them for their service, as if anybody gives a fuck. Memories are the ones that are going to be working at grocery stores and as landscapers when they get out because they have no relevant skills. That devil dog tattoo that you thought looks so badass when you were 18 is going too quickly shrivel up and lose its pigmentation as the body bloat from alcoholism sets in. The air Force members are the ones that are going to get high paying jobs and come home to their nice house in the suburbs while you sit in your shity ass apartment by yourself, trying to not eat your gun.

  4. Whenever I see a video like this, I always like to remind myself that I am ever so glad I received my commission the old fashioned way….directly. Better rank and hence better pay starting out, same promotions, same privileges, same retirement, ..and most of all,….50+ percent less ass pain!

  5. I would probably say half of these cadets wouldn’t survive real Army basic training in ft. Jackson 1982. Is there a height and weight standard?

  6. Jesus fucking Marry Christ … Please tell me that this is Basic Training … My Drill SGT would be rolling over in his grave at watching this …

  7. So sad: the education portion is Top Shelf, the military not so much. I met a fella from the academy, in the BOX, who saved the Air Force millions of Dollars changing regular light bulbs to LED……He put himself in for an award…..

  8. Must be nice playing games, having fun. All I got in boot was yelling, exercising, guns, training. No wonder us NCOs had to take a 2ndLt under our wing

  9. Man…. if I could go back to high school and do it all over again I would have done everything in my power to try and get into the USAFA… talk about prestigious.

  10. Ladies and gentlepussies, please line up for formation amd chow will be served at 18hrs. If you're going be to late, please RSVP the dining staff. And do wear the dress uniform.

    Man it's a good thing they give them plastic M-16s. So they don't hurt themselves and others.

  11. Yea when we get them at their duty stations 30% of them wash out due to no discipline or know what its like in a stressful situation.

  12. These academies are not just colleges but training centers to develop the strong teamwork and leadership skills required of all military officers. They learn the 3 Ms of management: Money, Manpower and Materials. They graduate as a complete package ready for their first assignment as a commissioned officer.

  13. Late 1980's Army recruit hearing from his Drill Sgt.: "Hell, Dickhead! I ain't fucked with you today! Assume the position and pump out 20." Yes, Drill Sgt. was the reply. How do I know this? I was fuckin' there! I didn't screw up. It was just my turn to be fucked with. Nothing personal. EVERYONE got fucked with! That's was how it was. A soldier had to be broken down so that he/she could be MOLDED into a U.S. Army soldier. That's just the way it was.
    Had to edit this because I wasn't paying close attention to detail!! But, Hell. I'm over 50 now. Cut me some fuckin' slack!

  14. I remember every year Air Force Cadets would come to the Air Force base I was at. They'd visit the bomber tanker alert facility and we'd always announce over the intercom that Zoomie hunting season had started. I think back now and realize that nearly all those cadets have long since retired if like me they became lifers.

  15. Il son un peu sourd d'oreilles quand tu regardes la photo de la vidéo ! , ils ne peuvent pas s'empêcher de crier quand il donne un ordre c des grands sensible. …

  16. US should have universal basic training for 3 months before graduating from high school. Boys and girls, no exceptions except for medical infirmities (doesn't include bone spurs)

  17. Stupid fucks!!! Poor people serve in the military to die for the rich. This is what brain washing looks like. Stupid fucks.

  18. My advice to them when they graduate is to listen to your SNCOs, they will keep you out of trouble.

  19. Эти бравое мясо будет пытаться воевать с российскими пилотами.А пока оно говно,просто говно гражданское,мамкины пирожки не переварившее.

  20. Published 2017 but says 2020, wut. Oh , nevermind, I guess it takes 3 or 4 years then. I will be honest, OCS and officer training looks great at the start, the recruiting looks appealing, but it's not very competitive with civilian life unless you are really struggling; with free housing,you can go for the air force, get the best the military has to offer you, and maybe even finance more education. Officer salary even as a 1Lt is better than enlisted, but still bare minimum (enlisted is still like less than retail salary plus you can't leave the job if you don't like it at all). I've also found the govt is usually projected to be 'best in the world', but you will quickly learn they are sometimes less than efficient. Even if they can put on a parade of how nice it looks giving free stuff in the beginning, you still have to basically go through the BMT, shave your head, and then after getting a small taste of it anyway you're in an outdated slavery contract for 4 to 6 years. A lot of them probably instantly think: "damn.. why did I do this shit" if they weren't already smart enough to do their research. However if I were drafted or I had to consider it, officer training school would be a good choice. Just saying though too, you don't really "get honor" or "get better" by putting on the uniform, and I think even some of the smarter people forget this, nor do you usually "become competitive" just doing this, and unfortunately EVEN officer training and acceptance is only borderline competitive with the civilian world. It does offer a way out and a way to work hard to come out as a better person, but it's not a guarantee. Corruption or plain stupidity such as 3% pay increase don't benefit or increase lower ranks nor volunteer rate, it only benefits those already being paid a lot more than they need at the top with larger pay increases. You'll find inefficiency even at the beginning where you go to take outdated tests for the DoD, where you'll end up waiting months to take test on some software, and then of course wait another month for it to process; ontop of the probable other things you might want to test or unlock if you were going through a process of grabbing a specific job. They want simpletons nonetheless who can "only think about the task at hand" and will do their dirty work, not people who plan ahead and have problems with inefficiency, or taking orders, and OCS is just a slightly different route that pays a bit more. I don't really envy these guys at all myself.. hoping I never am in a situation where I have to join the military, but if so, I'd still try to go with the officer corps.

  21. I would have joined the USAF if I was able, going to University instead. My father retired a senior Sargent though. 😁

  22. Just a heads-up … you don't have to stand so close to me & shout at the top of your voice … I'm not deaf!
    If I were, then I wouldn't have been accepted & be standing here, now would I?
    So … back off & stop making yourselves look stupid.

  23. Wow they leave out a lot of the shitty stuff… I mean which makes sense because they don’t want to scare anyone off but now they got people thinking that it’s easy as hell when in reality this 25 minute video barley scratches the surface of what’s its really like.

  24. These mother fuckers will serve their zionest masters of Isreal abd bimb millions of innocent and help ISISL in syria

  25. LMAO what a fucking joke, even the MPs in the Army get smoked more than these fools. No wonder private contractors guard Air Force bases, I wouldn’t want these fools guarding the gate.

  26. 와 남녀평등이 뭔지 정확히 보여주는 동영상
    여자라고 차별받지않고
    여자라고 배려하지않고

    저기서 훈련하는 남자들중 여자라고 깔보는이도 없고
    여자라고 대접받으려고도 안하는구나
    한국의 남녀평등교육이 많이 잘못됐다는걸 이 영상을 보면서 느낀다

  27. I've always seen that other branches of the armed forces are always saying that the Air Force live in luxury now I see why, their bed are better than mine

  28. Lol chair force! Nah just kidding I’m about to attend USNA and I have the highest respect for these guys.

  29. I taught at USAFA and participated in cadet training as an Associate Air Officer Commanding, and I can assure everyone there is nothing easy about the Academy. It is demanding physically, academically, and psychologically.

  30. You know I see more comments about people putting down the people who insult these kids, than the actual people who insult the kids.

  31. I my self have great respect for these men and women of today my Grandfather was a Command Sargent major and Trainer pilot in the Army Air Corps. God Bless These Young Men and Women and Thank You All for your Service.

  32. If you don't have an elite Air Force providing air support, cyber security, analytics, and medical support you'd be at a major disadvantage in this day and age. Call them soft all you want, but these Air Force Officer Cadets and the equipment they're going to operate when they graduate are among the most valuable assets in any modern military.

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