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Uniformed Reenactors and Vintage Ladies on WWII Weekend

Uniformed Reenactors and Vintage Ladies on WWII Weekend

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  1. I dont know if that was a joke because if you were serious then you know nothing of men in service during WW2. I say this because some of those people in those photos are in my Regiment. I was there for some of these pics(but not in them). We wear period correct uniforms and equipment as do most reenactors in these pictures.

  2. @Kabul81 the one SS unit i was gunna join had a weight limit. its like 170 pounds. so yeah i couldnt join 30 pounds over

  3. Wow…..fantastic set of pictures. Thanks for posting.Your videos are just great. Do you have any moving film footage of this event?

  4. @craig4920 Nope, was totally involved with selling my ordnance, and peoplewatching. Had customers stacked up two and three deep at times. There were over 30K people there, this event is huge, and I didn't get around to any of the exhibits; watched aerobatics overthead a bit, vintage warplanes flying around all weekend.

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