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Unforgotten 24 – Official Trailer

Unforgotten 24 – Official Trailer

This is the single largest group of service members to be awarded the Medal of Honor since the second World War. These two dozen soldiers were identified as having earned the Medal of Honor. I wouldn’t know how to explain it. I miss Lenny and it’s like he was here yesterday. When he received the citation he also said to himself what does a guy have to do to receive the Medal of Honor. The marine commandant appealed to the entire core today to reduce racial tension. I would never been recommended for the Medal of Honor. You deserved the Medal of Honor, why didn’t they give it to you he says you know white folks don’t think that the Mexicans deserve it. If you put these men in combat together they don’t have time for race. Lenny was overlooked he felt that he deserved Medal of Honor. Here’s a picture of me and my dad. It’s one of the only ones that I have. I got to learn that he was a good man and thanks to him they made it home too. The Medal of Honor represent what we all can aspire to be this is a quintessential citizen. He was draped over his machine gun riddled with bullets. Some of these soldiers fought and died for a country that did not always see them as equal. They grew up in big city neighborhoods like Brooklyn, rural communities like Hooper Nebraska, small towns like Puerto Rico All I ever wanted was to know what happened to my dad that day. The more rejections that Mitch got, the more he was determined to go on and fight for it. Sometimes the bravest men crack under fire and someone you never anticipated just suddenly stands up and says I’m going to do this.

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