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Uncle stans military surplus store Marion Iowa part 1

Uncle stans  military surplus store Marion Iowa  part 1

my friend my favorite today's you know I am an army surplus store so we're kind of started in the gas mask area we have these Check Into vacuum and pennons I know a lot about gas masks they back in with bag come here they've really good prices for everything sixteen dollars for one of these and bag chickens are backing own with bag and filter now obviously the one he used to filter more checks in here on Swedish gas masks he's not that hard to find but my dad used to have something like this I know what he's talking about there he has one of those these are Polish Russian qp5 it doesn't say much all right so one of those we have amber boxes this is for a a Barrett actually no I don't know if that's for there I know these are for Barrett's the same exact thing actually so those they actually really the prices for everything here I haven't checked oh my god what is this for I can't imagine what that's for some how much you have an East German helmet 40 baht I don't know what that is Japanese homeland this is a newer helmet that we use it's not that hard so I don't know if this is fake uniforms wire are there some uniforms at the army for pilots lots of foods I don't know these are actually no idea MREs pretty sure we have some messenger stuff like that so I don't know it's in the story shows like laundry bags and stuff just toys sometimes sorry me well there's mask toy stuff some US Army Boys unlimited soldier I was asked for one of these for Christmas planning get it and that's fine keep this story big-big but has lots of stuff now this is all original as the sign says I'm do live in Iowa now I don't know if there's an engine unit have an m1 carbine this is a real gun what everything now I can't we are we are a lot we did have fish in the film here so yeah and I am allowed to get in here I have permission to choose where I don't know if these are these might be food back of it they pop the easies and like so yeah just a short little video I just thought I'd show please subscribe see you guys

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