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Unboxing MRE Box A & B Menu 1-24

Unboxing MRE Box A & B Menu 1-24

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  1. DO they need to be frozen or be put on a fridge? I'm planning to give a whole box to a homeless couple I saw

  2. Menu 24 is my Personal favorite MRE. I would always trade my normal cheese spread for the bacon cheese spread and also try to get an apple cinnamon 1st strike energy bar that would go along with the spiced apples. I also try to get ground red pepper for the main meal to add a kick. I really enjoy the pound cake it always come with. It’s a plus when the accessory pack has cinnamon gum.

  3. So I'm looking for a good food source for camping,so looking at MREs vrs store bought camping MREs. Video was very informative. Also found the A&B bundle on Amazon for about $120

  4. the M.R.E.'s I remember came with little coffee, sugar & creamer packs, to also help with the M.R.E.B.M.I., lol, as well, sometimes a tiny tabasco sauce bottle. Those were Army issue early to mid 90's.

  5. I got a few cases of these mre's and I think I went over board. I didnt have any other food and was stuck at my house on the weekend. Well in one day "24 hours" I ended up eating 6 main entries, 4 cheese spreads, 2 breads, and a couple other things that were in them… I ended up in the bathroom puking up blood. Feels like I now have gastritis or a ulcer "stomach burning". After actually looking at the ingredients it looks like I consumed around 8 grams of sodium, and from the ingredients it looks like these things are packed full of nothing but synthetic preservatives, salt, and trans fats. I really am having a hard time thinking of what ingredients made my stomach bleed and inflammed, but I can't believe the government feeds these things to people. It literally gave me a ulcer or gastritis within 24 hours of eating like 4,000 calories of this stuff… I have never had any digestive problems before eating this garbage. Have you or anyone you know been sick from eating this stuff? Or am I just a rare case

  6. I am worry if the moisture get into the flame less heat if put in really cold environment and come back to warm environment. I been research this for a really long long time because the MRE in my country suck so bad. I believe that having MRE for safety just in case is the real deal to go. you never know when it will come in handy and the shelf live is long so might as well keep it and eat it out once in a while in the time of 5 year. I am glad that amazon can ship all these box to my location now. maybe in the future I will purchase some. if you have any suggestion on which website is good to go check out for MRE update, I would really grateful if anyone help enlighten me on MRE.

  7. Evening buddy from England. You should try the birtsh MRE all day breakfast. Bloody great. Thank you for your time and sharing buddy. ATB to you an yours. Andy

  8. Man I remember eating the who thing as a dare I finally finished in a 45 minutes man I trow up bad idea lol should had stopped but some good food

  9. SGT BA I went ahead and got some. I do think it was a okay good deal I got both a & b boxes. I was interested in a quick look at some of them I open 6 of them and some have matches and some don't I get that you don't need a pack of them every day its about 1 pack to 3 days that works. the one thing that really upsets them for me is no BLACK PEPPER to go with the salt. and where is the little tobassco's bottles? No i'm not upset with you just the maker of these I still can't believe no Black Pepper

  10. The mre,s i ate when they first tryed them you just added water hot or cold .but it was like eating mush so i ate mine dry with coffe .and waited on one of the guys to kill some rabbits and we had rabit

  11. I rather have sea rashons .havent tryed mre,s but once when the first ones came out i started bringging my own stuff after that

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