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Unboxing MICH helmet from Sportsman's Guide!

Unboxing MICH helmet from Sportsman's Guide!

hey guys I just got a box tin from a sportsman's guide figured I'd do a little unboxing my first one and just show you guys what I got so let's get this thing open tell us on sale decided I went and passed it up I've done that a few times and then regretting it this is the when the helmets the hell on sale therefore thing over two hundred and twenty-five dollars was like looks in pretty good condition came with a newer suspension style each strap and neck breast came with all six pads in it the golfer looks to be in good use so came full of hardware so for that screw which is fine for this freakin Mel tonight pin this velcro what they probably used it alright so I got the medium looking for on there is size medium the official one it looks like all the hardware good and I don't see any signs of rust or abuse the helmet looks to be intact doesn't flex the suspension system looks like it's how they ever been used not like something how much you'd see in assembly ready rooms or people looks like this was just one people kept in their locker and didn't do much or always probably maybe they're never issued this this looks pretty good and of course we don't like the great color you can always spray-paint it there's a little bit of just cars sheeter but it could be from a store in check looks pretty good all right so I'll have to take it out and actually adjust it to fit my head and see how it goes yeah not too bad for a two hundred and twenty dollar Helen that's supposedly you didn't finish it at troops all right that's it

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  1. I ordered the same helmet man but I’m sketched out idk if it’s legit (ballistic) or not . Are these previously issued ? I see numbers in sharpie inside my Kevlar . Just curious

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