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Unboxing Another box of Vietnam 3rd Pattern Jungle Fatigues, Dated 1968.

Unboxing Another box of Vietnam 3rd Pattern Jungle Fatigues, Dated 1968.

hey everybody welcome back to another video I did receive another box of 35 original unissued olive green shade 107 third pattern jungle fatigues inside is large long but this one's a little bit cooler than the last box I actually wasn't expecting this you can see here it's kind of dark get in here we've got yep coat man's wind resistant my ripstop poplin olive green army shade 107 size large long 4 or 1 could be but probably for of 1968 35 of them right there is the contract number 68 so these are actually gonna be earlier dated than the previous box that I had opened these are made by sidrón sportswear incorporated in Comanche Texas shitman number and all that stuff and this one's actually not have that that shipping thing like the other box did that says you know ship to the quartermaster supply or whatever in Virginia so anyway it's it's it's time to open this up because honestly I'm just about sold out of that other box and I want to pop these open I'll be keeping a few of these for myself for my eternal collection and I wear them around frequently like I've told you I just kind of want to show you this box is in a little bit better shape than the last one yes and boot marks on there you can see but I'm actually gonna pop this open and we're gonna see what we've got to look at should be should be really cool and for those of you that are saying I'm ruining a piece of history I don't you're gonna give me what I paid for this even much less me making a couple bucks on the entire box and issued and this way instead of one person getting you know the joy of having a super collectible item or whatever 35 people possibly 36 if I sell the Box are gonna have the opportunity to have a piece of history and a really cool addition to their collection as well that's the way I look at it and I am in business to make money I wasn't expecting them to come in the original boxes like this but they are and that's why I'm videotaping this to kind of document it because it doesn't really happen that often so that's just a little disclaimer I got some flack from the last video people were kind of upset that I opened it but it's got to be done so here we go it's just like the last one it's looks like it's got some glue on it we'll kind of try to get under here like this man this one's yeah this one's sealed a lot better than that the other one was almost breaking open so I'm trying to keep the Box intact too so that's kind of a challenge but have to have my little assistant here help me I'm sure when they are in in country they just tore these things open but again I kind of want to try at least to keep this intact just in case somebody wants it for their collection in the future or I might just within the warehouse and store things in it oh yeah that's not gonna work all right well what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna make a surgical incision bunch of pieces of this box alright so there we took a little different Avenue of approach opening that still get the same result success it's open I put the knife away all the suspense 1968 he's sorry I just hit the little tripod these are actually 51 years old or in April they'll be 51 so in about a little over a month wow these are really in good shape just like the last ones it's really interesting that I've noticed about even these they're a little bit different tints of old green in the bundles of five so it must have been like a different day different diet so for people that say every uniform is always the same color it's not these are pretty pretty consistent there you go a large lung right there that's a pretty sweet sweet tag now I'm gonna keep these five for myself so actually thirty people I was you know 31 people will be able to enjoy a piece of history cuz I like I like the earlier dated stuff too 1968 school year so what's interesting about 1968 is this is probably one of the first batches ever made in ripstop on a large scale because they were just poplin before but you can see this is obviously ripstop it's got the little squares in there let's see what we got here all right very nice very nice as usual let's see what the tag looks like yep that's got a nice big big pen mark through it that's a great one on the first first opening but yeah these are 1968 dated for sure just like the box says Citroen sportswear or sidrón or how we pronounce it so this is definitely a really cool thing and if you're watching this at this point in time I have these in stock right now I'm gonna sell out of the 69 ones pretty soon but if you're watching this and you want a an additional one or this will be your first one I'll put the link in the description and you can just leave a note with the order if you're a youtuber and just say I'd like a 68 dated one I'll do that for kind of a special special thank you for my YouTube subscribers and Watchers so definitely if you want one of these 1968 dated olive green 107 shade jungle fatigue jackets in unissued mint condition size large long from sidrón sportswear dated 1968 go ahead and order your same price I'm not gonna change the price at all because they're not that much more collectible it's just a personal thing that I like and leaving a note when you go ahead and order and just say hey youtuber here can I get a 68 dated one and I will send you that so thanks for watching everybody I hope you enjoyed this I absolutely love this that's why I mean I've already done a an unboxing video on the other one but I figured I'd you know do it on this one – favorite uniform you can go back and check out the other videos and listen to me rant about that definitely I'm keeping these five the other thirty are going to be going out to customers so I appreciate your watching everybody I really do and as an appreciation you can get one of these 68 dated ones so alright let me know when you order don't forget to add a note thanks for watching everybody and we'll see you on the next video probably not another one of these but if I do get another box by some miracle definitely take that one too consider this the last unboxing you're gonna get from me so of jungle fatigues rather so thanks for watching everybody we'll see you next time

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  1. Dunno where to post this question, but this might as well do:
    Would you happen to know anywhere where one could get an image of a full roll of original ERDL fabric?
    I'm trying to figure out the pattern drawing and I can't find definitive horizontal ends of the pattern. Best I could figure is that ERDL (M-1948, if you wish) is a 15x60in tile (I know the vertical repeat is 15in and the roller width at my best guess is 60in), but I'm missing like 4 inches of material.

  2. Hey mike I know this is off topic from this vid but I gotta ask for your helmet series. There’s nothing more I love on m1 helmets is a super tight fitting helmet cover and i wanna know. is the best way to achieve this is by soaking the whole cover or just edges where the cover folds to the pot or is this not recommended because it may damage the liner?

  3. I have one of these and I wear the fuck out of it in the woods. Fantastic piece of gear to own for collection and practical use. By practical I obviously mean hunting commies with my M16.

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