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Umarex Duke 177 Walther Lever Action Winchester Style Co2 Rifle Overview CSS

Umarex Duke 177 Walther Lever Action Winchester Style Co2 Rifle Overview CSS

hi I'm Dan on the gun take a quarry surface store and WW surplus Tokyo UK today we have the Wolfer lever-action Duke rifle now this is a very very nice co2 rifle styled after the winchester style li for actions has a nice real wood stock real wood for stock brush brass finish on the front black and barrel it uses the eight shot rotary drum magazines that a lot of the other room rex pistol is used by as 177 pellets prefers a flat head pellet something shorter so it doesn't mess with the drums why is it around six foot pounds in power it uses the 88 grams co2 cylinders here this is what you get in the box by the way you get a little bloating tool there two magazines that will screw to on the back and the nature of 88 grams co2 co2 goes in the back you should get 200 shots out of the co2 you can also use this little clever gadget here this is the wall for co2 adapter it uses to 12 grams co2 s you should get about 70 shots out of that styled after the rifle that the Duke himself made famous used in many many Westerns simply down to its iconic action this uses the 8 shot rotary drum system which fits in the side there sits in let's back up the 88 grams co2 s sit in the stock here little clever tool comes with it anyway check gram go straight in there as you can see it's a very very nice replica new for 2015 we have had the wolf or leader actions before but nothing quite as nice as this the real wood really sets this off a tree and the big looper on there it's a nice touch in the range again with the Duke we have two fully loaded eight shot rotary drums and the pellets are in there make sure they're nice short pallets and make sure they're in that nice and flat button on the side door whoops out rotary drum in there and you're ready to go so that was the Juke the water lever action 177 co2 rifle very very nice piece of kit in stock now Crawley surplice store check the comments below for links to the product as usual if you've got any comments you've got any details you want you've got any guns you want us to review comment below see you next time

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  1. I have no complaints except for the terrible factory packaging>>> which lets the butt end of the stock flop in the box around unsupported, levering against the barrel tip which is held in place with a piece of syrofoam. Check to see that the screw securing the barrel in place at the muzzle end of the stock are tight, or the barrel will move around and affect your accuracy. It takes a while to get used to the long trigger pull and non adjustable tension, but then it's darn accurate.

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