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Ultimate Weapons- McMillan TAC-50 | Sniper Rifles

Ultimate Weapons- McMillan TAC-50 | Sniper Rifles

the TAC 50 it's incredibly accurate surprisingly simple and it's battle-proven the way that the stock is designed and the way the gas flows through the the bolt it cuts down on the recoil and there our accuracy is tremendous in fact the tech 50 holds the world record for a confirmed kill two thousand four hundred and thirty meters or more than a mile and a half it is the most accurate 50 Cal weapon system on the market if the tech 50 can be this accurate at this kind of range then it's up to the bullet to do the rest the 50 Cal is the largest of the bullets it has the most energy behind it so you can punch through hard targets like armored vehicles and at the same time you can use it to snipe an individual but the effect a weapon like the tank 50 can have on the enemy is not just physical it's really intimidating to see a guy get hit with a 50 caliber round you know you're a couple of insurgents you're standing there and all of a sudden the person next to you is gone and then you just hear a faint rifle shot off in the distance and you never know where it came from what makes the tack 50 an ultimate weapon is its battle-proven and it has on record one of the longest confirmed kills ever it is able to shoot long distances and guys and operators who really truly trust the system and want to work at it they can accomplish major major feats with this simple weapon system as an official world beater the bolt-action tech 50 scores top marks on accuracy and range but it's not our top choice of ultimate sniper rifle not by a long shot you

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  1. for unknown reasons, they assigned the barrett .416 a higher stopping power, despite having only 3/4ths the power, lower mass, smaller diameter, and fewer ammunition options such as exploding AP raufoss which are available for the TAC-50.

  2. And now some poutine guzzling, Trudeau worshipping Canadian lumberjack has the longest kill with it. Fucking jealous.

  3. World Record but failed to mention it was 2 targets he took out. 3 shots I think. The first missed. Missed shot or not. Still takes a LOT of skill to fire at something smaller then the tip of a pin.

  4. The only thing that matters is he used his field craft to effectively attack the enemy and safe lives in the process I don't think breaking a record was his main focus on that day it's nice thanks to the Canadian War fighter for making the battle field one less of those radical Muslims who want to kill any and all of us from the face of the earth I don't think this sniper cared more about records than his fellow Canadians in harms way. Semper Fi Marine Corps

  5. Update. This was just confirmed to have a kill at just under 2.2 miles.

  6. New record for the longest kill shot in history : 3540 m or more than 2 miles, a canadian killed an islamic State fighter

  7. June 23 2017, 12:01am,
    The Times

    A Canadian special forces sniper in Iraq has broken a British-held record for the longest-distance confirmed kill after he shot dead an Islamic State fighter from more than two miles away.

    The bullet, fired from a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle, took less than ten seconds to travel 3,540m before it hit its target.

    The feat was so remarkable that the Canadian armed forces took the unusual step yesterday of confirming the action by one of its most secretive units.

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  9. Een scherpschutter van de Canadese elitetroepen heeft in Irak het wereldrecord van het verste vastgestelde dodelijke afstandsschot ooit in de militaire geschiedenis verbrijzeld. Vanop liefst 3.450 meter schoot hij een IS-terrorist dood. Dat is zomaar eventjes bijna een kilometer verder dan het vorige record van 2.475 meter dat op naam stond van de Britse soldaat Craig Harrison.

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