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Ultimate Man Cave

Ultimate Man Cave

so where are we going now yes oh look at all these cities they're pretty good is that a cool idea for a bar table and you can change it you can change what you this lifts up so you can put different things oh my god I should do it bar sometime yeah you should different that that one right there that beautiful blue one look at the detail I know white shining through it I'll show you what you did your photograph and then in here you've got surround sound in every room and flat-screen TV and air conditioning oh it's a man cave yeah this is a serious man yeah man cave wait I want to join you don't have a penis sorry you might want to edit that out I'm wow this is awesome okay the blades not down but you just tap this wedge out and you can just feel and you just tap the blade where you want it and this is a place an old wood under garage and look the whole porch lit up I know you always put a story with everything it makes us so much executioner wood wooden steering wheels oh my gosh that's awesome old oh darn look at that little boys baby plants the mom over there this is a little generator now yeah I got them World War two brand-new I'll give you one really a brand new Wow check out this old Versalles – let me look at them they're old and it's real hot my son they put oil in their nose don't get chapped that's a weather print no the women and the men can't get this one remember how your shirts had that pretty fluff around oh yeah you get it hot and then to iron your shirt it's called helpful they called them fluffy in the old days around there that's what put that on your shirt yeah barb that canals running under here right now under this is it really right where Bruce Timm how come you didn't put like a glass boring that is a big paper hey Darwyn he's got something for you to get that spider Oh don't that that looks pretty real Rondon the older toy I come walking out of the garage hill and I said how much you shown these shotguns for boy guys run over there and here it's a toy it's kind of a cute little toy though I've been to somebody'd stick a shotgun shell if they didn't put something in there this was made for a school in the Philippine Islands but there's a guy in Idaho Falls that will rebuilt them for you and put all new parts in it and make him work yeah it makes it make them work and here's here's another one over here like he rebuilt this one so you just go over here and and wind the crank up like this and then put your thing down where do you go and that hair sheer volume Wow that's why and there's no electricity it's just that's how they get it the old days here's the needles right here they're just a solid piece of steel you should give this a shot yeah probably shot look Mel it's been shot so this was a world war one one stove and it's been shot yes a lot of that stuff has bullet holes hadar here's a vietnam lighter right here sausage stuffer this is for hanging corn to dry it there are some good beans right there have you seen any kind of beans fart –less pintos where did you find fart lisp until they have them like if you go to a lot of operas or movies you have to eat them first here's the thing that magnifies that speaker just touching it you can tell the difference I'm not old that's why I don't know how it works but that's what makes it look at the old shop needles that's one bin word means oh you want to be a man baby yeah pretty cool look at I've never seen one this small a little shifter oh it's a real one – yeah oh my god anyone I love that and look at this a little antique you putting your garlic in there little garlic oh but a thing of garlic and then you turn it a little garlic great little garlic grater you put the garlic in there and you as you push on it and iron it minces it and it comes out here your stove you use it very much yeah I cooked for 35 people on it really yeah here's the neat part read the temperature thing what it says it doesn't say read what that says that's what's cool warm medium hot very hot that is they're very that's for B time Sarah and that's for smoking beehives that's a that's a corn planter I'll bet this is the oldest socket set I've ever thought it was a pretty cool one man this is probably the oldest ratchet and socket set I worked – yeah I'm not thinking that it works look your sockets would go in they would go in like that and the citrine it's simple it actually works then you just turn it over to go the other way lantern tarp I'd carbide Lanner a carbide Lana you mix will carbide with water in that next gas huh that's Jo white king PNG white laundry soap crystal family soap got a picture of a sheep but never see it yeah and look it says five cents on that one right there boy that's cheap back in don't crate nurse egg holders in there that's cool there look at that old melting from Idaho Pleasant Valley you have a regular stocked pantry yeah same it's probably just as fresh as in my house cooked corn powder oh look at this flowers of sulfur that's still full to wonder what that is I have no idea what is it for household him additional use for household medicinal use this was four guys drank this when they used to beat up women clobber girl haha was it clapper maybe it's clever Hey look there look one of the old saloon jugs yeah hey har original old hand cast this is like what they put on what's his name Jesse James Billy what take it has uranium in it yeah and you can buy this and and it I'll show you what it does like when you have people over for dinner you can make a backlight oh my god and then you put this up and everybody's dishes are glowing in the dark and they're they're all how do you do that that's the other radioactive but isn't that cool Holocaust yeah and I got tons of marbles and stuff to do that to the whole dish sets the dish sets and then everybody's dishes glow that's pretty cool and it pretty it is beautiful and they actually have uranium I think that's what they said there's uranium in the glove you know not enough to hurt you right just enough to go horse they always say that just enough to glue yeah a bunch of marbles like that take your hat on Bobby some more glowy oh you wouldn't believe what that is it's a petrified something smell it no smell see what it is read what it says picture had to crawl white Dino down that's a petrified dinosaur turd oh it's turned to rock everybody smell it

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