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U.S. Watches As Pro-Democracy Protests Hit Hong Kong And Russia | MTP Daily | MSNBC

U.S. Watches As Pro-Democracy Protests Hit Hong Kong And Russia | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Reader Comments

  1. I wonder what's going on there in Hong Kong for real. Can't trust the mainstream media for any real news. Mainstream media is a propaganda machine.

  2. Give me a break, Trump calls for calm on both sides and the media calls for major sanctions. Trump increases Economic pressure on China, and the same reporters call Trump a racist warmonger risking global war.

  3. Don't they have any real news to report that merely pursue their political bashing agenda against Trump???. 😈

  4. I find this news funny. MSNBC is a joke. That’s why the ratings are garbage. Blah = no ratings. Good luck. Morons will cry again in 2020.

  5. Just incase any democrats were wondering… Hong Kong is the freest economy in the world… They aren't fighting for Democratic socialism… They are fighting for liberty and capitalism!


  6. All I have to say is… this guy is really answering her question and it seems like it’s not the answer they are looking for… I’m quite disappointed in nbc’s lack of professionalism here.

  7. Trump is a fascist, why would he support democracy anywhere?
    Besides, he probably thinks people demonstrating for democracy are democrats….

  8. We support you, Hong Kong people! Please continue your blockade of the airport. Please stand strong!

  9. Take a good look leftist democrats. These people are fighting against what your leaders are pushing for socialism and communism. Is that what you really want? Or freedom? Socialism and communism isn’t freedom….. democrat socialism isn’t what America is about..

  10. I'm surprised the Russians stopped drinking long enough to actually get out and protest. I guess miracles do happen sometimes. No wonder so many Russian women show up on "Russian brides" web sites… they're desperate to get away from worthless Russian men and find a foreign husband. Russia is a failed state. They fell apart in 1989 and they're falling apart again now.

  11. Police was not planning to be in the HK airport. They had been asked to rescue the tortured reporter, who was unconscious, the terrorists would not let the ambulance people taking him to the hospital. As soon ad the rescue was done the police had left.

  12. Wow… I'm definitely not voting Trump 2020. He has betrayed the American spirit of freedom and democracy. I supported this guy in 2016 (and I don't regret it btw) but I will not do the same next year.

    Long live freedom and democracy across the world. Death to communism and authoritarianism. Death to the oppressive systems of government that cripple the people of China and other countries such as North Korea and Cuba.

    Long live Hong Kong

  13. Meanwhile in the US and Western Europe, right-wing wannabe dictators would like to undermine und dismantle democracy…

  14. This is what a real protest looks like. Not like here in the US, where narcissists are just looking to grab some selfies to post on Facebook for their 15 mins of fame. These people are actually fighting to preserve their freedom, and waving the American flag as a symbol of what freedom really is.

  15. Supporting the independence of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The Malvinas Islands belongs to Argentina, Jersey and Guernsey belongs to France and Gibraltar belongs to Spain.

  16. The Elites of United Snakes of America have spoken. CNN, MSNBC, ABC will all follow suit. They are in favor of destabilizing HongKong with vailed pro-democracy movement. These rioters have always been coercively supported by American and British diplomats. We in Asia see right through all your dirty plans and tricks. History shows you have used the same play book around the world destabilizing foreign governments under the guise of human rights, while you leave those same countries in worse off situations then it had originally been in.

  17. As much as I dislike trump, and really want to trust the media, this makes me kinda disappointed. This has nothing to do with trump, and yet here we are frothing at the mouth over his tweets about it. Honestly, I would have loved to see a story about the protests, why it’s happening, what HK and China are doing about it, etc. Kinda let down rn

  18. We sit here and have weeks of discussion on what's happening across the world, but yet we can't even talk about our homeless issues. It's time to allow other nations to stand up and fight for their own freedoms.

  19. If anyone is wondering why theres so many downvotes and negative comments. Almost all of them are done by the millions of chinese propaganda social media specialists using fake accounts (google: 50 cent party for more details).

  20. There's just a bunch of clowns in the chat. Imagine having hundred to thousands of people camping at a US airport, throwing bottles and trash at passenger, attacking police, delaying flights, what do u think the US is going to do. Of course if the police can't control the situation, military force should be applied. Reminding you that Hong Kong is still part of China, its not like its a complete different country. Stop acting like destroying an airport is a peaceful protest, but should be considered terrorism. One of you clowns imagine trying to hop on a flight and seeing thousands of people attacking you and the police can't do anything, wtf are you expecting the government to do, just watch a bunch of jobless 20 year olds ruin one of the busiest airport in the world?

  21. If the U.S. can't bring down China and Russia via war then they will resort to their backup plan – using CIA funded NGOs to organize pro-democracy protesters to create chaos intended to cause those countries to self-destruct.

  22. 🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇫🇷🇩🇪🇦🇺🇯🇵🇮🇱China with its bottomless greed, is creating a threat of economic and military expansion for the World: Threatening, bullying and attempting to expand with the whole ASEAN. The Spratlys of Vietnam, invading the Philippine Shores, threaten the Japanese Senkaku, Korean Leodo, threaten Indian territory and even the Russian Far East, threatening the independence of the Taiwanese State. China is severely suppressing Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Guangzhou, Tibet … Proposing the United Nations, the United States, the Allies, the International Community and the International Law to prevent too great threats from China. 🇺🇸🇪🇺In China, Han ethnic people are ruling and oppressing other ethnic groups in Tan Cuong, Quang Tay, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong, … Making a breakaway route, liberating these Ethnic groups. from ruling, oppressing a dead end. Save the United Nations and the International Community.🚨

  23. What is very surprising is how so many people can 'afford' to demonstrate for more than two months without ever having to go to work! It is so greatly advertised there is no 'leader' but heck, somebody is paying them! And they always say how 'terrible' the cops treated them when heck – the cops are handling them like raw eggs! I know what would happen if that happened in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or even USA  or GB

  24. So what's happening here?? I think the Chinese government actually has undercover operatives instergating many of the protests so they can bring in their army to crush Hong Kong once and for all, they are experts at manipulating the media ,don't be manipulated ,prove me right get the evidence do some real journalism,,

  25. No need to use force    >

    The hk govt should :-

    1) stop all the trains from going to the airport when there
    is a protest .

    2) Or only allows the high speed train to go to the airport.
    Riots police will have to be station at the in town check in gates of the high
    speed train to check valid air tickets.

    3) Shut down the airport aircon
    in the passenger departure or arrival area when large protesters gather. With
    the hot weather they will not be able to sit and protest comfortably for long

    4) close all shops selling water

    5 remove all the trolleys in the
    in the passenger departure or arrival area

    6) close all the toilets in the passenger departure or
    arrival area

    7) Make the last high speed train departing the airport to close
    early (eg 8pm or earlier ) so that the protesters have to go home early .

  26. authorities should immediately remove and keep all trolleys . Why the reaction from the Hk govt is so slow. This is the 5th protest in the airport. the govt did not learn and improve ?

  27. Before reporting on subjects these people need to know what theyre talking about. Hong Kong is protesting because China is trying to make it so that Hong Kong residents can be extradited to mainland China. This started because of Taiwan seeking a Hong Kong man to be sent to Taiwan for criminal charges. This is the UKs mess they need to CLEAN IT UP

  28. He wont mention democracy because America is a guided democracy and the cronies need to be removed.

  29. Hong Kong protesters – the world supports you, but please don't become violent. Exercise peaceful non-cooperation. Block streets, block highways, sit down and refuse to move, block government buildings, but please don't become violent you will lose the support of the world and you will justify China to bring in a heavy hand and crush the demonstrations.

  30. Trump says less but does more behind the scenes. O. talked but didn't believe his own words and backed nothing valuable.

  31. their is not enough money being circulating thru the city's especially the lower class America China destroys it self over greed

  32. We must help them! We must help anyone, any group, asserting human rights and Democratic principles! Democracy needs our support and for our own sake, we must protect human rights wherever and whenever we can!

  33. The reporter on this story, all she did was try to down President Trump. She even tried to get her guests to do the same. All people that know what know what their talking about said he's doing exactly the right thing. You lefty's just want to start a war.

  34. All the far left want out President to start a war so you can say "See what we told you, he's a war monger" It's their country. Do you want other countries telling us what to do?

  35. These violent protesters are no longer protesters. They have graduated and now become rioters and terrorist. Who is behind them? I heard from friends living in HK being told by local taxi drivers that they are offered different amounts of money for showing-up in protest, showing-face and captured by media, showing shouting and captured by media, ..etc. Who is behind them? Someone has an evil agenda.

  36. Trump will show his support if anyone pays him. Support can be bought with this administration. In fact, anything can be bought at a right price.

  37. The riots must stop, it serve no purpose, will not achieve anything. Don't give them the opportunity to take Taiwan too

  38. The US Army M320 Grenade Launcher is in the protesters' hand. There is no denying that the US is the black hand behind HK's chaos.

  39. Stay out of Other countries business America. You have been crying for 3 years that Russia interfered in your country, so stop it.

  40. If Trump verbally attacked China, or Russia you collectivists would defend them. He knows his base is anti China/Russia, and now we watch you collectivists hate them too. Trump is brilliant!

  41. if the newscaster could just refrain from 'Trump this Trump that" we could actually learn something from these two guests, she sounds severely distressed, as if reiterating that she subversively 'jams' her dislike for
    Trump in between the convo.

  42. Two out of three of the protest held in Russia were illegally held 1 of those protest were peaceful and weren’t arrested

  43. What does CNN want the united states to war with every country on earth in some vain attempt to spread liberty, you cant give people freedom they have to be desperate enough to want it. When they have nothing left to lose they will.

  44. Many Hong Kong people think the mainland Chinese culture is a low-grade culture. They didn't accept anything come from mainland China. Thinking they are all bad.

  45. MSNBC needs better talking heads. This woman has no idea what she's talking about. Every president has agreed to ONe China Policy. US has agreed that Taiwan is part of China. And the treaty of 1997 was not broken. The argument is the basic law, the constitution of HK.

  46. Puerto Rico: Did something.
    Hong Kong: Does something
    Russia: Does something
    America: Still waiting for the election in 2020 even though everyone knows that Putin is all over it.
    I guess Americans are all descendants of the Waitandsee Tribe.

  47. "Same-O-Same-O" speech. This guy is so predictable. He's had index cards made out and memorized for "various occasions." No real empathy or concern. What's worse – No real intelligence.

  48. Hey MSNBC, don't you support the Chinese in this? After all, the liberties the Hongkongers are trying to preserve for themselves are Western ideas!
    Not only that, Hongkong is pretty firmly dedicated to capitalism.
    As if that weren't enough reason for all leftys to oppose them, they are a legacy of Western imperialism!
    In short, they're everything you lefty trash hate!
    Wait, you claim I'm wrong, that's not how you see it?
    Then why do you try to undermine free speech, freedom of association, decentralization of government, and controlled citizenship and borders here?
    Why do you claim that capitalism is evil and responsible for all the world's problems?
    Why do you claim that the legacy of the European peoples is purely destructive?
    Please get back to me when you have a coherent worldview.



  51. United States president don't care about police brutility hear, he cares nothing , if you ain't white trump don't give a dam, and hel if you white and ain't kissing his aaaa under the bus you go.

  52. Hey jackace female news anchor one in the book is wrong with you how the folk of these riders know where the you said the fighting Communist China we should be doing the same thing

  53. inside a country where all media and television are controlled – only the Internet and social networks remain outside the control of the regime. This is the last place of people who are still not completely duped. But the government is looking for and finds methods of struggle here right now. Do not accept the opinions of people who supposedly live here.everything is not easy at concepts..

  54. your seriously comparing the protests in Hong kong to Russia?

    ya well 1 Russia is not a Regime China is

    the protests in Russia are anti fifa gays

    In hong Kong there not

    end of freaking story

  55. I can see why trump reacted the way he did though you have to keep good relations with the current Chinese government we don't want a ww3 do we?

  56. Funny that the United States claimed to be supportive human rights, but it funded dictators and encouraged the killing of innocents such as Saudi Arabia, Honduras' corrupt leadership, and Israeli's bombing of Palestine.

  57. This should be an eye opener to the people of America. Trump' s America first policies are clearly resonating around the world.

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