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U.S. wants S. Korea, Japan to continue military info sharing: VOA

U.S. wants S. Korea, Japan to continue military info sharing: VOA

The U.S. reportedly wants South Korea and
Japan to extend a three-year agreement between the neighboring nations that allows their
militaries to share information. The deal is due for renew, but remains in
limbo amid strained Seoul-Tokyo relations. Our Kim Ji-yeon has more. Seoul’s defense ministry said Friday… that
in principle, it will maintain the General Security of Military Information Agreement
or GSOMIA, a deal it signed with Tokyo to share military information. While revoking it would be a drastic step,
the ministry said it’s contemplating an array of issues including the agreement’s effectiveness. Following GSOMIA, which was signed in November
of 2016, a ministry official said Japan has provided Seoul with data gathered by Japan’s
satellites… regarding North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missiles. Meanwhile, of the three levels of South Korean
military’s classified information system,… Seoul has been disclosing levels two and three
to Japan. The U.S. State Department has reportedly said
it fully supports South Korea and Japan extending their GSOMIA. According to Voice of America, an official
at the State Department spokesperson’s office said by e-mail that GSOMIA is an important
part of achieving the final, fully, verified denuclearization of North Korea… as well
as maintaining peace and prosperity in Asia. The State Department also said that GSOMIA
shows the maturity of South Korea and Japan’s security relationship… and helps their joint
efforts with the U.S. on denuclearization. But speculations are rising that South Korea
could review whether to renew GSOMIA or let it expire. South Korean opposition lawmaker Shim Sang-jung,
with the minor Justice Party, quoted National Security Advisor Chung Eui-yong… following
Thursday’s meeting between President Moon Jae-in and the leaders of the main five political
parties, that the government has a position to maintain GSOMIA… but that it can be reconsidered
in accordance with relevant circumstances. “If Seoul does not want to extend the bilateral
agreement, it has to notify Tokyo by August 24th… otherwise, it’ll be automatically
extended for another year. Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.”

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  1. We care more about the Korean court ruling to give power to a few individuals to seize Japanese companies assets and sell them. It breaks apart the 1965 aggrement to start normal relations between countries without preconditions of future payments for loopholes you keep trying to find.
    S. Korea even at this point of worsening relations with Japan refuses a 3rd country to look at the agreement signed and the huge amount of money paid. Forget how much their benefiting from our technology we won't count that part.

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