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U.S. Military Spending Vs World | Chart

U.S. Military Spending Vs World | Chart

new report out by the Center for arms
control and non-proliferation they looked at official government data
and compared military spending around the world and the conclusion is the US spends a metric fuck ton more than everybody else on military so be
sure the first charge here what it shows is 30 8 percent %uh all military spending in the world is done by the United
States America look at dat man Canada’s just 1 percent all over Europe is only 18 percent we spend more on military then all I’ll be your up combined you were so
scared about Russian this whole situation Russia and Eurasia right now they spend 5 percent of the worlds military
spending us 38 percent then five percent the
Middle East and North Africa is 11 percent sub-saharan Africa is one
percent Asia is 21 percent Latin America and the
Caribbean 5 percent so warm below and everybody at
a water there’s no question it’s not even close in fact its a ridiculous in terms of how at a proportionate is so now let’s take
a look at the next one this chart shows that we spend more than at least the next 12 countries combined many of which are US ally is almoner believable okay so you can see there arm it shows we spend more put together then what iraq Israel Italy
Iran Australia South Korea Brazil India
Germany France Saudi Arabia Japan Russia United Kingdom China ice yet look at it look at that on real so in total we
spent $600 billion dollars in 2013 the world spent 1.56 trillion so I anybody who tries to fear monger and a warmonger her scare
you about Sharia energy hard or Russia or any other just keep these
numbers in mind when that happens and understand we can afford to cut our military in a half and we’d still had the biggest
military in the world by a lot

Reader Comments

  1. Well you gotta remember this is employing a ton of people. So when you talk about cutting the military your gonna cost thousands of people their jobs and even more peoples benefits.

  2. This is insane. Just think what those resources could do helping people instead of killing people . We could solve most of the worlds problems, and then some. Education and health care. Food and clean water available worldwide. Viable green energy. Infrastructure that isn't in shambles. What a waste.

  3. If this country wasn't run by whackos, it could be a truly great nation. Like the best to ever exist, with that kind of money. You could have good universal health care, advanced infrastructure, a very high level of education for everybody up through college level, massive increases in technological development, and on and on. But of course it has to be spent by either the military or held by absurdly rich corporations off shore. Give that money to NASA, or MIT, etc; nobody would regret that even for a second, looking back fifty years from now. The rich and powerful want to keep being richer and more powerful, bottom line.

  4. Our military spending is out of control.  I'll be glad when we finally leave Afghanistan and we can start talking about cuts to this overblown military spending.

  5. I actually did the math on this, and we could match with the next leading military budget (china) if we cut our military spending by 69%…. 
    realizing the number, that's not a joke.

  6. Military spending does not necessarily make the US more safe, in fact in many cases its the opposite. The US can't be the policeman of the world, and Russia is showing how you can get good results (for them) with less spending and better planning. Having a richer free America would be better for the world which means easing back on defence spending and more balanced budgets, better healthcare, education and standards of living. The US needs to respect international law (in which it was the driving force in establishing), respect its allies, and take the lead in a dangerous century ahead through diplomacy and better journalism (BTW why do people watch fox news?), not military force.

  7. Here's a new conspiracy theory for you. The USA amasses a huge military might to have enough power to invade any country in the world who will still have plenty of clean water and fresh food when Global Climate Change hits America in its water and food supply. so for now, draught stricken middle African countries, Middle East and North Africa countries are safe. Europe, Russia and Asian nations beware. 

  8. While I agree that military spending is ridiculous America also get's a lot less bang for their buck due of crony capitalism, probably not enough to make a huge difference though. Either way military spending needs to be both cut and better spent.

  9. The US HAS to spend all that money on the military: the republicans are all major shareholders in defence industries 😛

  10. Like in healthcare, we "spent" a lot, and get very little. Our army is probably weaker than expected, and a lot of money ended up in many pockets.

  11. Cut it in half and use that money on infrastructure and social programs before the empire falls like every other one that ever preceeded it.

  12. And these are just the 'official' numbers.
    What is not included are all the 'black' money and secret classified programs.

  13. The saddest part inside that chart, the saddest part is that they are cutting programs that would help us on this Military Industrial Complex.

  14. Why does the U.S have to perplex or flex military muscle all the time? I mean it makes no sense or has no reason what so ever nowadays other than to prove that we are a bully to other countries. This cannot go on without having serious ramifications to the U.S in the near future. I mean just the chart itself just shows that the U.S is no longer looking to save the world itself but just to be that big bully to get everyone to see thing their way. We are in a day and age of diplomacy not of militarism. 

  15. If the US doesn'T spend more than anyone else combined, your Freedom is at risk. Allies are also just countries that haven't discovered oil, yet.

  16. well when you consider that apart from Grenada the US has lost every war it has embroiled its self in since WW2. I guess they are working on the principal If we don't have a gargantuan military Greenland might get stroppy and invade us  

  17. Having a small military does not work out well for other countries. That is why we are still #1 in some regards. 

  18. Where are all the Libertarians on this video?  Why aren't they complaining about this?

    Don't they claim to hate wasteful spending?  Don't they pretend to be anti-war?  Don't they endlessly decry state aggression?

    Funny how they only seem to be vocal on videos about taxes and social programs. 

  19. Cant afford free health care for americans,, but theres always money to bomb and kill….  The American War Machine Lives On….

  20. spend until you're broke. Canada is smart, let the loser U.S.A protect the america while reaping the benefit from the military saving onto its economy and citizens.

  21. most country have nukes costing a million or two each. so what is the point of the U.S spending $500 billion per year on tanks and small arms! if there is a war, everyone dies from the nukes and radiation fallout.

    spend until you are broke, then the economy callapses. high tech company would leave for a more stable economy in western europe or asia.

  22. What's wrong with spending $650 billion a year for the military? U.S. citizens are so fucking lucky. But the U.S. economy will collapse soon, don't get me wrong.

  23. What if the American Military answers to no one. If American tax payers don't pay for military protection, China will.

  24. What the US is not telling you, Is by the time all the crooks get there cut is not any more than any other countries military budget ..

  25. The amount is of no consequence as it is less than 2 percent of the total U.S. GDP.  The real problem is the waste involved due to politicians protecting systems built or partly built in their home districts.  Systems which even the military doesn't want or need.

  26. i want a president who is willing to take risks for the great and benefits of its U.S citizens
    i want him or her to cut the military budget by a lot
    we cant build this country with just military power. most people would agree that they dont want a great country just because of its military power that only proves that we can kill everybody in the world lol so no fuck that shit

  27. The US spends the most because our economy produces the most. Everyone else is islamist and socialist losers and they will forever hate, bitch and moan.

  28. 18 plus trillion in debt and growing by the second, sure sucks to be the kids of America who will inherit the mess.

  29. Trump actually said he wants to put more of our money into the military! Sanders wants to take money out of military and invest it in the youth.

  30. When you take a look at total federal spending in 2015, the military spending consisted of 15.88%. When considering spending in regards to GDP, since the US has the 2nd highest, only behind China, the percentage of that spent on the military is 3.5%, 21st in the world behind Saudia Arabia, UAE, Israel, Iraq, and Russia, to name a few. While I agree we should STILL cut some spending, I don't think cutting it drastically like most people say would be a solution, since you have to take proportions into consideration.

  31. It's a business. Someone is making money out of it. Just like banking, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. USA leads a bad example for aspiring and emerging countries to copy and keep up. This earth is sick because of these reason.

  32. If only they would spend 10% of that on space programs humans would have been on mars by now. And we would have fleet of space ships

  33. I think this is Not a very accurate scale, the usa has 10 carrier groups in active service at any one time n the other 2 carriers on upgrades n repairs Now each carrier group cost on average $1.5 Billion a day to run 10 of them equals $15 Billion a day times that 365 is $5.4 Trillions a year on the active carriers alone on top they are constantly upgrading n repairing their other 2 carriers then its the Nuclear Subs the 1000 military bases all over the world the military bases they are building to surround Russia n Now China their air force army n the real numbers are truly Astronomical this is Not for defence man but total world domination the elitist who run America want

  34. This is probably an argument that conservatives go to a lot, but it's still relevant. What about percentage of GDP? I've heard it's about 3.5%, which is large but not huge. However, I also found out that about 16% is spent on the Defense Department. What exactly does that mean?

  35. the entire DOD budget was $585 billion last year. welfare was 1 trillion. that budget is responciple for half the inventions in US history including the internet, jets and walkie talkies. not to mention surgical techniques and new surgical tools.

  36. do you not remember the last time we weren't spending more than other countries on military? it resulted in the Holocaust plus, a lot of that 38% goes to other countries.

  37. We spend more on our military because we are too busy being the world police. If we could cut our military spending our country would be a lot better. We would be able afford better healthcare and have free higher education.

  38. Just because we spend the most doesn't mean we get our monies worth. We OVER spend on just about every toilet seat and paper tablet that we buy for the military. There are some "middle men" getting rather rich off the transactions.

  39. Putting a shit ton in developing futuristic weapons. Just imagine just stuff they have hidden I'm there arsenal..God bless America!!

  40. The chart should be modified to adjust for R&D spending vs. spending on physical equipment and troop salaries… etc… for example : a soldier who receives a lower wage in an army which has a lower R&D budget because it simply steals the technology is hypothetically the equal to a soldier making a higher wage in a country who developed the tech – assuming the tech and training are the same. The US may spend more, but also has far fewer active and reserve troops than some other nations. Additionally, virtually all other militaries adjust for this "tech gap" which results from the spending differences tactically via asymmetric warfare.

  41. There is one major issue this person is not taking in effect.
    The Chinese can build a F-35 ripoff for one tenth the cost. You have to remember that Eisenhower predicted the industrial military complex back in 59 and what it would do to are economy. Because of the industrial military complex is an actual formation of contractors that control Washington DC and every branch within it. I was in Military procurement for a decade. If the US military buys a basic training aircraft to a high tech satellite they will spend a lot more than any other country in the world Britain maybe the exception because they are hanging on to the USA's coat tales. I remember that it could take a simple devise and have it's requirements fall into second and third generations being built before it reached first generation requirements. There is almost always a clause in a contract that allows
    procurement winners to drag out the first generation requirements to three and four generation later. In the 1990's the military went into procurement reform.
    This is a quick and easy. For decades the government was screamed at that they spent 2500 dollars on a toilet seat. What they do now is buy the toilet seat for 20 dollars and carry it the through multi year improvements and after five years the toilet seat now cost 2500 dollars. It will never end and that's because the contracting corporation's control everything from DC to local government. It's called out sourcing. It control's everything from privatizing the prison system's to making lunch at local school's.
    The cost of this will bankrupt are government within 50 years if not sooner.

  42. Military did such a great job on 9/11. Of course they deserve more and more raises. I mean we only spent $290 billion on the DOD in 2001. That is why they could not find some hijacked planes.

  43. Lol this kid was not clue what he’s on about. If he did some research he would understand why we spend that much instead of complaining and using it as leverage.

  44. Because the rest of the world spend military budget for their safety and you coward american's spend this budget for other countries destruction ….everybody know your strategy …you bloody bullshits ….You think you are powerful but you can't even control a small country like Afghanistan …

  45. I am a conservative. I believe we should have spent lots when the Old Soviet Union was a threat. But today it is ridiculous the amount. We could cut our defense budget by 200 billion. We could close a bunch of bases around the world and put all those troops on our homeland borders as our Constitution states! It's the Jew World Order who runs the Congress and creates wars in the Middle East. End their grip and we will be fine.

  46. Dude 27 percemt of the Millitary budget is spent on giving the troops their payment. And the U.S spends most money on its programs such as wanting to create the f-35 fighter jet which costed 1.4 trillion U.S dollars. Other countries dont spend much since they create stuff cheap and much advanced. Go learn first.

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