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U.S. Military Magnesium Snowshoes best replacement bindings

U.S. Military Magnesium Snowshoes best replacement bindings

so these bindings are really simply put your foot in and get your back in adjusted on this thing pretty simple there and unless your back strap may help then you just put your foot in see you along the way through oh I see this way to push things okay push that up and then it slides through don't slide either way or you can ratchet them down first time let's try open it now or it's actually pretty close to right right there good that's pretty good you as you can see they do have directions on the back but it's on French but they have pictures so should be able to figure it out I have read a lot of people needed to get longer bolts attach these two different snowshoes so I'll see how this all this goes you see this what comes in the back here these are kind of nice I think they're aluminum that might be steel about sure maybe they're steel hard to tell anyhow let's go underneath help you climb stuff alright I just wanted to show you here how I attached these bindings as you can see I already have the one attached I had to find some bigger big washers and some longer bolts a lot of people suggested adding washers on to these I ended up using some roofing washers that have it's a stainless steel washer than with a rubber gasket behind then just a longer bolt because the bolts weren't long enough so as you can see it I slid that strap under there now I'm pushing the bolt through from the top side through the strap and then I'll bend over the strap as you can see and push it on to the bolt and then put the nut on and put some Loctite on on the nut here put it on and then I added a little bit of extra Loctite on it just to be certain it's good now I I don't know if you could notice this but on this particular snowshoe the weave was detrimental and if you look now you could see that the strap is actually going to hit the weave the weave is in between the strap there where I'm tightening it down so what I ended up having to do is I actually actually cut that piece of wire on the weave and rerouted it off to the side so that it would not be in the way and I just reattach tit together with a wire clamp so I got these pretty tight but just loose enough so that you know they still hinge so here I'm just testing the tightness of them as you can see it's not it's not bending right because of that wire I told you about is in the way so I ended up having to fix that you can see those washers I added which fit within the plastic of the of the bindings okay here you can see there's the wire I rerouted it back here you can see the cut there there's the cut there and then it goes through and you can't really see it I hit something the other side yeah there it is so there's the other cut so I asked fourth cut pieces overlap and then it's also going around a couple pieces of the snowshoe other snowshoe wire so it's basically four pieces of the wire attached together very tightly and that allows the snow chute on the binding to flex properly otherwise that warrior where where it was going across right here was causing binding as you can see the other one is fine it's wide enough that it allows it to flex here and the other snowshoe I didn't have to modify it all it was it had a different pattern that had the opening larger here so I didn't have to modify that one at all and yeah they've seem to be working pretty good so far haven't had any any issues ceiling working here from a little bit of where maybe I might add a washer I don't know if that would make any difference the pulley just wear out after a while I'm off to put the strap around since it's the same on the other end and I yeah No

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