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U.S. MARINE (Vietnam war)

U.S. MARINE (Vietnam war)

infantry units US Marine the Vietnam War the first American ground forces deployed against the Vietcong in the NVA were the US Marines who came ashore at Danang on the coast of South Vietnam on March 8th in 1965 the following six years of warfare would test the Marines endurance to the limit the Marine Corps was self-contained with its own artillery helicopters and aircraft with the infantry as the focus of the marine operations marine recruits would undergo training as rifleman they would go through a rigorous 13 week marine boot camp at Parris Island or San Diego grueling marches press ups and runs were frequent with instructors aggressively yelling orders successful recruits would then go into infantry training with shooting and specialist skills training the average marine inventory man sent to Vietnam was often no older than 18 to 20 years old recruits came from all over the United States and the Marines attracted many african-americans who found the Armed Forces a better employment opportunity and a place of equal treatment at a time when civil rights were a contested issue in the u.s. the Marines were deployed in the north sector of South Vietnam the DMZ where the u.s. back south was separated from the Communists north the challenging terrain in which they operated consisted of a coastal plain and further inland the jungle mountains when a marine entered the villages and rice paddies of the plain he was surrounded by a population with a culture and language that he did not understand Vietcong guerillas were also hidden amongst the civilians and impossible to identify in the Highlands Marines had to seek out the enemy amongst misty ridges and ravines cutting through the jungle with a machete while dealing with swarming insects and humidity even on routine patrols in areas under the control of South Vietnamese Marines could expect mines and booby traps set up by the Viet Cong or sniper fire the Marines were at first adapting to the difficult conditions with good morale they mounted counterinsurgency efforts in the villages setting up small squads and friendly Hamlet’s alongside local militia to keep out the Viet Cong the main function the Marines however was to seek out and destroy the Vietcong guerrillas and the NVA soldiers primarily in the highlands u.s. commanders believed in the tactic of combining helicopters and utilizing the maximum use of firepower available to the American forces the firepower was provided by setting up fire bases in advanced positions from which artillery could support the infantry helicopters would insert Recon teams of six to eight Marines into hostile territory to track the enemy or fairly large units into jungle landing zones Marines would carry 36 kilograms or 80 pounds of kit including the m16 rifle grenades ammunition canteens and trenching tool machete first aid kit and flak jacket casualties were sustained not only from firefights with the enemy but also Falls snake fights and heat stroke the availability of helicopters to evacuate the wounded saved many lives the Marines were finding themselves more and more on the defense as their fire bases south of the DMZ came under attack from the NVA forces On January 21st 1969 NBA artillery and mortar fire fell in the Marine base of Khe Sanh the Marines ammo dump had exploded destroying their supplies it was a start to a siege that would last 77 days the base was defended by 6,000 men mainly from the 26th Marine Regiment with the NVA force Errani them at 40,000 strong the Marines had difficulties keeping the garrison supplied via air as the airstrip was exposed to enemy mortars and AAA guns but they held on to Khe Sanh until a relief column broke through the Communists launched the Tet Offensive in an attempt to seize control of the cities in South Vietnam the Marines played an important role in taking back control of the city of hue from the mea who had captured it for 25 days fighting from house to house the Marines have lost almost a thousand men who are either killed or wounded many Marines had been pushed to their limit and morale was dropping as casualties increased Marines focused on surviving their 13 month tour of duty when victory looked increasingly impossible the Marines withdrew from Vietnam in 1971 leaving the army to fight the war alone subscribe to see more history videos get simple history the Vietnam War out today [Music]

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  1. A look at different Infantry units throughout history, in the first one we look at the U.S. Marines in the Vietnam War. The main function of the marines however was to seek out and destroy the Vietcong guerrillas and the NVA soldiers, primarily in the highlands. Around 13,091 Marines were killed and 51,392 wounded in the conflict.

  2. From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli. We fight our countries battles in the air on land and sea. First to fight for right and freedom, then to keep our honor clean. We are proud to claim the title of United States Marine. Our flags unfurled to every breeze from dawn to setting sun. We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. In the snowy far off northern lands and the sunny tropic scenes. You will find us always on the job, the United States Marines.

  3. I remember my dad telling me about how my uncle was almost sent to Vietnam, it was 1965 and my uncles 18 birthday was nearing and my entire family was freaking out. Luckily the war ended before then.

    I would not have the same uncle or even an uncle if he was one year younger.

  4. Just kids fighting kids with ak’s and m16 two different countries two different beliefs two different lives but yet the same

  5. The Vietnam war was brutal. Americans shouldn't have been there, it would have been better to have left Vietnam to solve its own issues. So many lives would have been saved. In War, Nobody really wins.

  6. this narrator is a LOT better than the narrator we have now it's really heavy, but this one is a lot more lighter and more calming to learn with him
    but the other one is like learning the history but with a serial killer

  7. I would love if you guys talked about the Brown-Water Navy (a Navy River Unit that served in a combined unit with the Army).

  8. Imagine being with marines all the time and going back home to tell everybody, we couldn’t fight the war cause we were always too busy looking for this guy called Charlie

  9. I saw an image in the video
    And I saw his name
    His name was R.C Cooper
    Richard coggins cooper
    I googled him he exists lol

  10. I lived during communism in Russia for 8 years before it crashed. Most people who lived many years in USSR spoke good about it for the most part. It's a failed system, yes. But making wars because of it is insane. I hate that my country supported North Vietnam, I'm embarrassed about it. I feel sorry for all Americans and their allies who died in this stupid war, rest in peace.

  11. 3:29 bạn dịch hay lắm :))) đéo dịch theo kiểu word by word như bọn lồn 3 sọc :))) lính “bắc Việt” mới thực sự là người VN chứ ko phải lũ bán nước đc gọi là “south vietnamese soldiers” :))))

  12. 00.31 "they would go through a rigorous 13 week basic training course." Uh no. Not from '65-'69. Basic was condensed to eight weeks. They needed Marines in the field asap.

  13. Yuck!!! Glad they got a better narrator. No wonder I never listen to this channel much before😩😩😩🙄🙉

  14. You have too many things to participate in the Vietnam War. What are your reasons for participating in the Vietnam War? Who do you protect? In the end, did you lose or withdraw? Americans have solved all the consequences of war they caused yet?

  15. I went to Vietnam last summer and I'm going back next summer I love visiting and learning about the Vietnam war from their side!

  16. I had a guy I worked with who was a Navy Corpsman attached to the first Marines that landed at the beach near Da Nang. He said on the way in they were all in the am-tracks expecting to hit the beaches under fire like they'd seen in all those World War II movies. Instead they were met by all these girls carrying flowers and leis.

  17. 95% of the snakes in Nam are deadly poisonous✅
    The remaining 5% just swallow you whole✅
    3rd Shore Party 1970👍😄👍

  18. 0:58 There were not that many African Americans in the Marines. A much, much larger population by percentage in the Army.

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