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U.S. Marine George Anikow Killed In Makati (Murder or Homicide?)

U.S. Marine George Anikow Killed In Makati (Murder or Homicide?)

U.S. Marine George Anikow brutally murdered
in Makati Philippines Stay tuned. MUSICPLAYING This is a continuation of our series on Crime
in The Philippines. George, Major George Anikow. United States Marine Corps. On November 24, 2012, met his death. George was born in the United States. Grew up in Howell, New Jersey, graduated High
School, went to Rhode Island University. And then he joined the United States Marines. There he rose from the rank of a grunt to
the rank of a Major in the United States Marine Corps. So here we have a man of huge character, a hero. a veteran of the United States Marines. Now George was married for 15 years, he father
of 3 children, he had a tour in Iraq, had another tour in
Afghanistan, Now fast forward, George is married and his
wife is an American diplomat. She was assigned to the United States Embassy
in Manila. George wanting to be with his family, got
an assignment on the Security Team at the United State mbassy. So George arrived in Manila, in the Philippines
in August of 2012. In November, November 24th to be exact, 2012,
George was coming home from a night out. He went to the bar and he was a little tipsy. A little inebriated. He was walking down the street going to one
of his Buddies house He got to the guard at the gate where his
buddy lived, his buddy lived in a very exclusive residence called the Rockwell area. He went to the guard and asked him what time
the gates would be opened and the guard told him 5:30 So the next thing you know, a car comes up. And the guard stops the car and said sir,
I need your ID. In the vehicle, there were 4 men. George became agitated and said, Respect the
guard, Respect the guard, Show him your ID, He just kept going on and on and the people
in the car got very agitated. The men got very agitated. Long story short, they showed George, they
showed the police, they showed the guard, their ID And George kept on trying to agitate the men. Next thing you know the car tried to pull
off and George tapped the rear end of the vehicle with his fist. The men in the car stopped and the four men
approached George face to face. George knocked down one of the men. Next thing you know, all 4 men were on top
of George running at him trying to get him. Now George did okay, he fought the men off
for a few minutes, but he couldn’t continue because there were 4 of them. Next thing you know, George was running for
his life, and the men finally caught up with him and they assaulted him and George met
his demise. MUSIC PLAYING So, this is a tragic story but there are some
lessons to be learned from this story. Number 1, Filipinos never fight fair.There
is no thing, no such thing as a fair fight with a Filipino. If you mess with one, right around the corner
you’re going to find his brother or friend or his relative. So there’s no such thing as a fair fight Number 2, When you’re in the Philippines,
watch how much you drink, if you drink Because when you’re inebriated you can’t defend yourself, when you’re inebriated you can’t even think half the time. Number 3.Whenever you’re in the Philippines, and you’re
around other Filipinos, stay in your lane, That’s what my grandma always told me, stayin your lane, mind your business. Was it George’s business to agitate the men
in the car? And try to assist the guard with his job? Those are some things we need to consider
when we’re in the Philippines. Now in the comments section of this video,I want you to write down and tell me what your thoughts are regarding this story. Tragic death of an outstanding American. That’s it, for now, guys this is BobbieD,
saying take care God Bless, PEACE!

Reader Comments

  1. Looks like he was killed right near where I used to live in Rockwell. It's a "safe" place but all foreigners need to leave there ego in there home countries. Stay in your lane is right. If someone steps into your lane and you cannot win… Run.. This is a tragic story that I hope people will learn from.. especially those who live in high dollar "safe" communities in the Philippines..

  2. Tragic indeed.
    There's no such thing as a fair fight no matter what country you could be in, pick on the guys the wrong guys and it's curtains.

  3. Makati is a safe place to be. Lesson to learn don't provoke the local be friendly or else it will be a Big problem. So sad

  4. We didn't know Major Anikow… He may have been a totally different person with drinks under his belt.. I have seen complete changes of character when alcohol was consumed… He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, under the wrong circumstances… My Dad used to say, "Don't let your alligator mouth overload your Hummingbird a$$".. It is a real shame that this man lost his life… Only serving 3 months for this crime is outrageous… I don't feel sorry for the judge in this case… Thanks for the video, Bobbie

  5. Rule #3 should be Rule #1. Period.
    A drunken man is someone who doesn't know when to quit until they are badly hurt. A drunken Marine is trained to never quit or retreat and unfortunately you'll probably have to knock them out or kill them.

  6. Hi Bobby D. It's been awhile since I last watched your video. I'll try to catch up. Sad to hear of what happened to the US marine, but on the other hand, he should have let the guard take care of the problem and not get involve. He went a little aggressive and being drunk didn't help. Losing face especially to a foreigner doesn't set well to some filipinos, to retaliate in groups is a sign of cowardness. I've seen a lot here too in the US. I'm glad the federal court fired the judge. He deserves it. The one who suffers the most is his widow and children. May these brave man rest in peace in heaven.


  8. Great informative story Bobby D, this is a lesson many people should learn from not just in the Philippines but in any country. But here is a great quote.

    “You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain”

    It is great to see that there was a video camera there to witness everything. George made many mistakes that night.

    1. Public Intoxication- in the US that is the main reason people are put in jail. Personalities like George like to start fights when they get drunk and it shows on the video. George should be in jail for his own safety.

    2. Damage to Personal Property- the car was leaving and George decided to hit this guy's car.

    3. Assault- George assaulted that guy first. After that point, it just becomes a case of self defense. George had no problem starting a brawl with 4 guys.

    Murder absolutely not, those guys weren't looking for the fight, George was. If the guys had a good lawyer, probably could have gotten off free with self-defense. George was running for his life?! Maybe you need to watch the video again.

    I don't think this is the action of a Great American Hero. He was well on his way to becoming an abusive villain by the looks of things.

  9. a trained, educated and knowledgeable individual, he knew the penalties of public intoxication in his homeland. when on foreign soil you represent your country and government, in his case he worked for the government. when he started drinking he was not drunk, he just had no self control. for his actions he would've been thrown in jail in rhode island. while raising my kids I was very careful on my daily activities, I could not see my wife dealing with that job all by herself.

  10. The convicts in the Anikow killing were arrested yesterday after being on the prowl for years.  Google it.

  11. long story short.. im on the side with those guys.. they were arrested yesterday, but I think it's just publicity stunt so as to pacify the family of the victim.. they will end up getting free again I might tell.

  12. These phillipino men are cowards. They were 4 of them and cоuld not fight by fist. They used knives. Cowards.

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