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U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Giunta, Medal of Honor recipient

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Giunta, Medal of Honor recipient

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  1. he has a long line of bad asses to live up to? dude are you serious right now he did his part this is coming from someone who has been deployed and going back in a couple of months SSG Giunta dude i feel for you. if you see this then find me on ako i would like to talk to you name is trevor wolf in drum

  2. Sal, thank you for being overyhere and putting your life at risk for others who cannot. You, and your fellow soldiers, have proven yourself to be true hero's of this century.

    You don't think you deserve this honor, but you moved into a firezone, firing your weapon and saving your friend, after your actions regained initiative…. You are a true hero! as are your fellow soldiers..

    Should i ever meet you… i will salute the hero!!


  3. thing is, you saved a sgt from being taken as a hostage…. and saved him, and many of the lives it would have cost or tax dollars in negotiating to get him back.

  4. @lvrpatriot01 the medal of honor video isn't Pat Tillman, Pat didn't get a medal of honor he hot a silver star.

  5. We are so very proud of each and everyone of you. And each of you very much! Thanks for protecting us! Tony tripp

  6. @charityhead this IS NOT the post to be talking shit about soldiers, That man is a fucking HERO, shut the fuck up and enjoy your right to talk shit via youtube, while you would COWER before a US soldier. Gutless, spineless fuck, you dont have the balls to defend, because you could care less about the nation who gives you everything. If you dont stand behind us, stand INFRONT of us. we dont see you calling shots or even doing a damn thing.. so shut the fuck up.

  7. Im guessing the Beret Pin indicates his reception of the MOH.
    That man is a national hero, and an excellent soldier.
    HOOAH Staff Sergeant!
    -Sword, 75th RangerRegt

  8. @charityhead i see you are from canada. You have no business trolling america when you live in that sorry excuse for a country.

  9. good lad and stand easy
    team america giving out medals for making sandwiches(since 1776) and i am sure that he earnt it OOOOOOOEEEE

  10. Wow, German troops would have loved you in 1939. Lucky for you the same conditioning and dumbing down of the public in order for them to worship and obey government troops is going on today.

  11. What do you think you know about living in Canada? Fucking awesome here bro haha lmao
    At least we're not the ones with chem-trails, people eating other people's faces, fema camps, terrorists, and on the verge of complete economic collapse.

  12. " is such an honor to shake the hands of every service man/woman I come across.."
    Oh really? Well maybe it's worth your time to get your head out of the troops asses long enough to ask yourself why you see it necessary to worship government troops of whom you know nothing about. Take my word for it, I served in the 82nd Airborne and I can assure you that there's a shitload of troops that don't deserve your worship much less even your "thanks". Grow up and wake up.

  13. I'm a Canadian who has been to Afghanistan with canadian armored recon, Giunta is a Hero that deserves to be celbrated, Dont clump the douche bag commenting above you with the rest of us Canadians

  14. Blood Tard
    The point is that every person, even yourself, who is willing to put themselves and their wants/needs as secondary to the good of the country is deserving of our respect, even if they are a jerk like yourself; they have done what VERY FEW others are willing to do. Less than 1% of our country serves in the military, and I say we have earned the right to be respected by those whom we protect and serve. Even you Bloodtard a little SELF respect would go a long ways, PTSD? talk to someone

  15. "..they have done what VERY FEW others are willing to do.." – – "Less than 1% of our country serves in the military.."
    You could say the very same thing about your local trash collectors, plumbers, painters, fastfood drive-thru attendents,…. Are you giving these people who serve in these professions the same kind of "deserving" respect?

  16. bud don't get in to this ok im from canada you don't need to be like that ok he is a toll ok don't say that about us ok we are bothers all fighting this war ok its not a good time to turn on us

  17. How many of them place their lives on the line for you? None (unless they are stupid).

    I pay that respect to the Military, Cop and Firefighters, and agencies such as the FBI, and CIA etc. Primarily the Military, because of those they are the largest single organization who give YOU the right to cuss them out.

    Example, in Cuba, if you cuss at a military officer, he has the LEGAL right to kill you on the spot, no questions asked.

    Think about that for a while.

  18. Nobody in the military is protecting my life nor do they "give" me my rights. What fucking kinda school did you go to? Public school, apparently.

  19. Clearly you are as blind to the nature of the world as you are arrogant. Without the protection of a strong military we would have been over thrown a dozen times over by now. Instead we have the longest democracy in the known history of the world. (that includes your rights to spout off with out a clue here on the Internet. goody for you!

  20. Clearly you are as ignorant as your failed educational system has programmed you to be. I informed you earlier that the military does not give any US citizen their rights and now I find it necessary to also inform you that we do NOT live in a "democracy", we live in a Constitutional Republic. "Goody for you" that you have someone like me to educate you. Btw, our "rights" are inalienable, which means they come from our creator and not the military. You're clueless, now go do your homework.

  21. America needs hero's like you Mr. Giunta. Please keep leading us to higher moral strength that you can give us. Where do you get all that courage sir?

  22. i saw somewhere that the LT was separated from SSG Giunta's fire team upon contact. The LT is in charge of his entire platoon so he had to worry about all of his fire teams at once. I'm sure he was doing as much as he could do without risking the lives of all of his men. by this time in their deployment they had been in at least 50 fire fights so I'm sure his LT wasn't being a clueless waste of space as you were insinuating.

  23. This has to be one of the most illogical comments I have ever seen. First off "Afghan people"? This is not Call of Duty… And who cares if a bunch of terrorists think we're the "invaders", when in reality, its actually them who are the "invaders". Come to think of it, I really hope you don't live in the US, because you seem pretty damn clueless about whats acually going on over in the Middleast.

  24. God bless you Staff SGT Giunta. Thank you fr serving this nation. We can't honor you all so we choose to honor a few.

  25. The more and more I see these guys talk I start to wonder where our PJ's are…His medic was hit, the next call besides a QRF should of been to our PJ's….Im starting to think we don't have near the amount we should!

  26. I served with聽 173rd during the Battle for Dak-To that produced three Medals of Honor and 16 Distinguished Service Crosses. The paratroopers of the 173rd are famous for their valor–but!–I have read Giunta's MH citation a dozen times and cannot understand what he did that was "above and beyond" the call of duty. He was a SSG in a leadership position! He shot a Taliban dragging away a wounded paratrooper and missed a second Taliban. I do not know ANY paratrooper who would NOT shoot an enemy dragging way a fellow paratrooper–in fact–I would have shot anyone who would have LET the enemy drag away a comrade. The rest of his MH citation is just basic soldiering under fire–more than 250 paratroopers at Dak-To preformed better than Giunta under fire and died in the process. This MH is purely political given to an Italian-American stationed in Italy. It is very sad we have lowered the standards for our highest military valor award to meet political objectives.

  27. This guy doesn't understand what this means. Tunnel vision . You did What you had too, yes, but there's a lot of guys that wouldn't have done that. Getting shot, but keeping cool and taking out guys, while they try to run off with him is a hero to me.yes, he passed , but you brought him home. You brought him back. Accept it, and just so you know, that medal reflects everything you and you team did, not just you. You were recognized for sppdoing something a little more that day. And that's pretty bad ass if you ask me. Running into the dark to find a buddy. How can you not see that.? Your too hard on yourself. And to the be bothered by those stories about you out there. They give people hope to so many out there. When guys down range think that they have brothers like you around them, it gives them hope.

  28. Its a shame that today's weenie generation doesn't doesn't understand the sacrifice that young men and women, in the military and in the police departments, make for this country so they can protest liberally in the streets and in the universities without fear of repression. If only the weenies had a little more respect for military and police. What the weenies should do is spend one week in a war zone clearing structures or spend some time pulling over suspected criminals in the streets of any major city in this country and feel that fear and stress, and then maybe, just maybe, they'd stop complaining like little school girls and be more productive and respectful in society.

  29. Thanks to you in all like you and yes you do deserve it you repatriated a brother that was being dragged off the battlefield any other of us would have done the same but you did

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