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U.S. Army Digital Camo T-Shirt Review

U.S. Army Digital Camo T-Shirt Review

hey you guys yourself ovaries and today we're going to do the review of the digital camo US Army long sleeve t-shirt so this is what I wear under my vest butts I wear a t-shirt a cotton just a t-shirt this and then up my vest over this but you don't have to wear you can just wear this if you really want to so we're just going to start on the all arms right at the bottom where the Russkies have your assessments so if you have smaller wrists you can just sit to whatever size mmm right up here you have a velcro pocket jigga pup will you choose in a nice pockets else has velcro on the outside and this little damage like a extra clothes but it I Brock are here so you can put a velcro patch here if you want you then it is down here holds it down here there's another velcro patch yeah that's what grits just kind of hard to get into guys I just meant to be there for early apparent reason ok so then on the actual chest part right here since its kind of camouflage a bit right here this is a velcro pocket and this is an actual slim pocket so if you can put badges or whatever a bit oh my by myself over there if I ever ready to battle and there is one over here too then up here these are the velcro things for if you have like gum a name thing like use your last name or first name will be on there your rank these two velcro ones and then the other arm same thing and the neck collar this is a pretty unique collar so you can have it like this and then so you can either have it folded up i got this around her neck you're kind of supposed to all right no you just wanna get hotter some like you're going to do this and sometimes it is your velcros on the layer and then you know you roll it down like that so it's pretty cool let's just they know you get it hold it there so there and adds about cuddle what are you and he'll card here to go into here so um this has velcro straps that go together oh it's not like hidden pockets in here anything just enter but for living this up inside it has a zipper now I'll just a normal zipper just over here was ever the only thing is you keep this one down and then bring this why it's not like a separate thing but it still does have this but then when I reuse if it up doesn't make it look better than you can velcro it over like this correctly zipper if you so choose that basically is just a little sore here are you yeah click in the top right corner up here to go watch the review of pants see ya when the review of the digital camo long sleeve t-shirt army thing yeah

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