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U.S. Air Force: Capt Jazmine Russell, Judge Advocate (JAG)

U.S. Air Force: Capt Jazmine Russell, Judge Advocate (JAG)

There have been various points in my
life when I knew I made the right decision. When it was time for me to go
to college, my parents couldn’t afford it. The Air Force offered me basically a
scholarship for the last three years of college. I’ve always known that I wanted
to become an attorney and the Air Force has definitely helped me to accomplish
that. I’m the Chief of Adverse Actions at Vandenberg Air Force Base. I help
commanders decide what decision to make when somebody breaks the law. In addition
to being the Chief of Adverse Actions, I’m also an Air Force attorney, so I do
legal assistance. The most rewarding part for me as a JAG is helping people when
they come in for legal assistance. Being a judge advocate is a lot different than
being in the private sector. In the civilian sector, it could be years from
the moment you become an attorney to when you actually get to prosecute a
case in front of a judge and the jury. In the military you get that experience
right off the bat. One thing that keeps me in the Air Force is helping people.
Just the day-to-day being able to wake up and know that I’m gonna go to work
today and I’m going to be able to help people, that’s what actually gets me up
every single day. As a young latina myself and growing up with my latino
family, I know that families have kind of reservations about letting their
children go off to college and maybe doing a program like ROTC. I think my
advice for them would be, let them go. Sometimes you have to let people go far
in order for them to be able to grow as human beings. When you let them go, the
Air Force is an absolute great way for someone to really find themselves.
Everything that I’ve done up to this point in my life has been worth it. I’m
young, I’m 27, and I’ve been to law school, I’ve passed
two bar exams, I’m a captain in the Air Force.
I’ve worked extremely hard, long hours, lots of school, lots of tests. I think
it’s all worth it and if I had to go back and do it again, I would do in a

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  1. Awesome story! I cannot wait to hear back from the February board to see if I will be joining the ranks alongside her!

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