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Two more Carbon G-Shock watches just arrived! | August 2019

Two more Carbon G-Shock watches just arrived! | August 2019

okay you guys know what time it is I’ve
been doing this once at least every single month now, So, mail time for August 2019 and this is by far the biggest box I’ve ever unbox on the channel. Barely
able fit this whole thing in the frame or even on my table as well but regardless,
today we’re only gonna have two G Shock watch; despite this big size, it is priced
around 10,800JPY Altogether I’ve paid, 21,600JPY and of course shipping around forty bucks something
like that. Basically this is just the new carbon core G Shock watch that had just
been released this month, called ga-2100 just a spoiler; and of course this video
is sponsored by BUYEE.JP which is the website i bought this g-shock watch
through, I mean I bought from Yahoo Japan Auction, but I have to do it through them
because they provide the best of fees actually they only give me like 0% fees,
during the purchase of this two G-Shock watch which is awesome! Hold on, give me
some time to take the box out of the box first in that big box there’s actually two
more boxes separately which is also.. look at that, look at how big this thing is,
and I’m wearing the GWNQ1000MCA the first ever carbon core g-shock
watch just in case you guys didn’t know, released in 2016 just to honor this model
I already open up the box for custom inspection of course. As always I did
this every single month they already knew me already, but still gotta open it
up you know just to pay the tax if you import something outside of your country
you’re gonna need to be the tax that’s the deal. One of the best thing about purchasing from Buyee.JP is that they didn’t
repack everything meaning when the seller that you bought from packed the way it is
they will ship their those parcel the way it is and seems like the seller that I bought
this watch from..that is from Yahoo Japan Auction had packed the..I mean.. all this is extra
weight which I end up paying for the EMS shipping which I don’t really like but
what I like about this whole deal is that it feels like I’m living in Japan
so if you want to have the same experience as any one of those who live
in Japan and also shopping from Japan BUYEE.JP is the way to go. Alright I’m gonna need to open this one next seems to be a different box even though about this two
watch from the exact same sellers on Yahoo Japan Auction, which is weird I
wonder why, (he) didn’t combine the box, I mean the box is big enough.. I
don’t know, maybe to increase profits? might be I end up paying for both
shipping fees anyway so I don’t know man, I don’t know how to fix this yet
probably BUYEE need to add on some sort of negotiation or messaging feature
in their app at least for us to contact the sellers directly to deal with or to
you know plan all this thing this is this is ridiculous. I gotta say that, okay
we have here… the box, well standard Japan
style packaging box I believed, yep no watching here.. since look at that, this “TO-KEI” and “SETSU-MEI-SHO”
meaning the watch and the manual book. It had been packed differently, no wonder (he) need big box. Anyway, whats in.. let see now, this one is the
all-black, yep oh.. alright, I’d seen this kind of box befor,e usually people who
deal directly from Casio meaning official retailers are those who will be
getting this kind of box I like this because you could place five different G-Shock watch all in one box it’s almost like the travel case except a little bit
most simpler version not as tough as your regular average military-like pouch
or casing but this one I think this one could work as well, if you just want a
place to hold your G Shock watch, this kind of casing is pretty nice I gotta
say that and BAX-100, what was this so it’s some sort of different packaging so
there it is, GA-2100 anyhow no big deal this is just standard packaging. Despite
my complaint I’m gonna keep this this is very very useful I have a lot of G Shock
watch and I didn’t really have it a good place to hold them you know while making videos probably I’m gonna leave this tray on the next side of this table so I could
just grab and go with any shocks that I wanna to put on my videos in the future
but right now this is it. I got both of the.. black GA-2100 g-shock to watch. Japan version 5611 module I’ve seen the non JDM version of this already being
released so if he wants one of these if you don’t want to buy directly from
Japan you could I believe wait until they’re available on Amazon which I will link
in description box below as always let’s have a look up close so this is the all
black this is the black and white I already purchased the red one as well
which surprisingly arrived separately anyway um detail review video will be made separately after the red one arrived so right now this is it. The experience of
purchasing from BUYEE.JP had been shared. I hope you guys to learn a thing or two this video and why not go to link in the description box, buy from They had been supporting this channel a lot so I’m just returning the favor. They helped me out I have them back that’s all thank you very much for watching us this is
GHF and I’m.. out

Reader Comments

  1. That is annoying because the seller could have easily fit both of those watches in their original boxes and packed them with more than enough room into one larger box. Such a shipping scam.

  2. Looking forward to GA2100 review. I like this simple design, which looks easy to read the time from – because it looks more like a square, over the GA2000. If it wears like a square, I'll be really tempted to pick one up.

  3. Based on my humble opinion, this watch doesn't "looks" so tough…
    And its kinda small, smaller wrist will definitely appreciate it.

  4. Wow very cool 😎 both look good and if you had to pick between them it would be pretty hard! (Love the stealth look, but also love my lume!πŸ€”πŸ˜œπŸ€ͺ) looking forward to full review and thanks for sharing πŸ‘πŸ»

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