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Two and a Half Men – Judith’s Pregnant from Alan Again [HD]

Two and a Half Men – Judith’s Pregnant from Alan Again [HD]

Wait, Judith threw Herb out? When? Apparently, about a week ago. Of course you can’t compete hard body to hard body, but you’re still a very desirable woman. You think so? Oh, Alan… You’re a good man and I’m never gonna let you go again. Oh. Oh, hi. Thanks for bringing him over. Oh, no problem. Hey, guess what? Herb, why don’t we let Jake tell him? Eh, tell me what? Jake? My grades aren’t good enough for military school, so ha-ha. No, sweetheart. The other thing. Oh, I’m gonna have a little brother or sister. You’re… You’re pregnant? Yes, Alan. Herb and I are going to have a baby. Congratulations. Try to keep this one away from the lead paint. Did you hear that, Alan? They’ve only been back together six weeks and they’re going to have a baby. I heard. Come on in. We’ll pop a bottle of champagne. Champagne! Eh, no. We really should be going. Come on, Herb. Goodbye. What a remarkable coincidence! Yeah, coincidence. Are you okay? No. Come on. Let’s sit you down. Yeah. Let’s sit me down. Here you go, buddy. Here I go. What’s wrong with him? He’s doing math in his head. Oh yeah, that’s a bitch.

Reader Comments

  1. It may not be by Alan, AGAIN. It may be by Alan for the first time. In the episode, "Taterhead is our love child," we saw an exterminator who Judith seems very fond of and apparently has been coming over to Judith's house forever and resembles Jake A LOT more than Alan does and even talks like Jake. Alan doesn't seem to notice but Charlie does. It leaves the possibility Jake may have been conceived because Judith cheated on Alan with the exterminator but is passing Jake off as Alan's because even though she hates Alan, she knows chiropractors make a lot more money than exterminators do.
    Also when Judith's daughter was born, Jake said that she doesn't look like him, Judith or Herb but looks like Alan. Millie looks like Alan but Jake doesn't. I bet Alan really isn't Jake's father. They never did resolve if Alan is Millie's father or not.

  2. One of the things the fans hated about the show ending is we never got to find out if Alan or Herb is Millie's father. Though, it all pointed to Alan being the father. The only people who knew of the possibility that Alan might be the father were Alan, Judith and Charlie.

  3. This is why when I die I don't want to come back. The world, people and everthing is screwed. People with std having kids. People polluting and spreading cancer. Divorce as if till death do us part dosent matter humans are screwing themselves everyday more and more so when I die I want to say good luck and thank Jesus I have no kids to suffer because of the stupidity of others. So I say it now good luck and I hope to be buried face down so you all can kiss my ass for fucking my life up

  4. Herb as the daughter would be funnier. Implying that although Alan thought she was his daughter is she was always Herbs.

  5. Alan was such a dumb fuck loser on this show. I could not stand his weakness and whiny ways. Jake was my second most hated character. I would have slapped his fat face every time he made one of his disrespectful comments. The fat pig was always eating. Alan and Jake should have been the characters who died.

  6. Why would Alan have sex with Judith again after she's treated him so horribly for years? I just don't see the appeal of a woman who disrespects you and uses you for your money. Was he lonely?

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