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Twine – World War Two veteran uses VR for first time (Remembrance Day, 2016)

Twine – World War Two veteran uses VR for first time (Remembrance Day, 2016)

For Remembrance Day 2016, creative marketplace Twine asked its international community of freelancers to make virtual reality history. In the following film, a World War II veteran at the Royal Hospital Chelsea returns, through virtual reality, to a French town he liberated in 1944. And for them it was chaos. It was landing craft, tanks, bulldozers, equipment, and troops arriving in masses. We were bombed, shelled, sniped, fired at constantly. There was quite a number of casualties. I lost a lot of my friends one way or another on that bridging site. The reception we had from the people of Armentières, and the the family that I was associated with, still, I can still remember and think about Hello Frank We are really happy to know that you are still alive after all you went through during the war. We owe you a lot: our liberty, and even our lives. And that’s why you really deserve your legion d’honneur Local school children singing ‘The Mademoiselle of Armentières’. This is the medal of Armentières: The one that we save for those people, those men and women, who have, because of their courage, their actions, and their bravery, bought freedom to Armentières. but also for the great service you have rendered us, and Frank, you deserve this. I am very pleased to present you with this medal of the town of Armentières. Bravo, Frank, and I wish you a long and happy life, Thank you very much. Fantastic! Oh, sorry, I’m lost for words! Did you feel like you were there? It was like I was in there. As if the children are in front of you sort of thing, and the other people who said so, you know? Not only the children but the mayor. Especially the mayor. He was right up in my face! So this is for you, from the town of Armentières and the people of Armentières Fantastic I’m honoured on behalf of all of us who they were there. I mean, I’m 91. There’s still hundreds of us that are alive but were diminishing breed, aren’t we? I feel extremely honored to receive this medal that you’ve given me. I shall treasure that to become a family heirloom with the history, my history, of D-Day onwards, the Normandy campaign. Thank you so much, very much appreciated and on behalf of all the people who were with me, they will say thank you too. Support the Chelsea Pensioners (see in the description)

Reader Comments

  1. Who are the 118 people that disliked this? Heartless folk anyway. Great story of a man who is still in remarkable shape and mind at 91!

  2. Two sides to humanity that show what a wonderful beings mother nature has made us.  The sacrifice and endurance of humans to serve a cause they see as just and righteous and could lead to their deaths , and the innovation of the human brain to create such wondrous machines.

  3. Seeing vets talking about wounds of the past always brings tears in eyes, because it's at the moment they speak about it you don't see an elder, you see a soldier who had the experience of war. They didn't asked to go to war, but they did for us.

    Thanks a lot for all veterans that came on D-day on beaches of Normandy to save us.
    Signed : a french 20yo young that owes you a lot.

  4. Soon all the brave men who fought, bled, suffered and died in Europe, The Pacific and Africa will be gone, like a page in book. We must never allow them to be forgotten, ever. Keep their memories alive, don't forget their sacrifices and hardships, lest repeat what should never had happened in the first place.

  5. To the people who have disliked this video, please go re-evaluate yourself and take a long hard think about how you're pathetic!

  6. By all these dumb and boring videos i've been getting recommended by youtube this is by far the most beautiful video i've ever seen. MUCH RESPECT HERO

  7. Yay lets abuse dieing wwii veterens to touch people hearts so we can sell more products wwooooo i love marketing!!!1!!1

  8. This really made me cried. All of the WWII Veterans that fought bravely, you’ve got my respect and love from the bottom of my heart! Even to the Germans who served in battle as well. World War 2 one of the bloodiest battle on the history of mankind

  9. I remember hearing stories of how my grandfather fought for our freedom this reminds me of him thank yous for fighting for all our freedom love yous all

  10. I salute you, to your family and to your fallen brethren,to your long lasting courage and to your name, I will never forget what you fought for

  11. i can’t imagine how he feelt the honor of resiving that medal. and it is sad that the men who were fighting in the war against nazi germany durning WWII will only be legends in in a cupple of years and then they will becomed myth and as time pass they will diseper the stories will vanich and what is left is only bits and pises

  12. Its sad that everyday less and less Vets are alive, yet its such an honor to be alive with these great heroes before they're just written down in a book and almost forgotten. Respect and love for the Vets we have out there

  13. I feel like few ppl remember the whole hearted praise & appreciation the French citizens gave the Allies when they liberated them from the Nazi's iron fist, town by town. I hope videos like these can teach coming generations many things, including that risking one's life for the liberty of those truly oppressed is a nobel & just act.

  14. A very, very emotional video for me. Bless this man’s soul, and thank you for your service good sir. ❤️🙏🏼

  15. French veteran uses VR: Look at this kids! It was worth it!

    Russian veteran uses VR: Look at this tanks and guns! remember the pain and suffering?

  16. I thought the VR was supposed to make an authentic depiction of the battle he went through…

  17. I feel bad he had to use a phone one. Those things can never compare to the fov and depth of a vive or even psvr

  18. It brings great sadness to my heart that so many brave men and women’s stories will go unheard. We are losing heroes each year, and there voices will soon go silent forever . Very sad indeed

  19. I'm only 23 years old and i have never seen or lived through such horrific things, especially at such a young age. I'm forever grateful to the millions of men who fought for us all, and the millions of women who were back at home and fighting the war in other ways. I can only hope we never have to live through such heartache again, but perhaps it might be naive to believe that it will never happen again. If it comes to be necessary to lay down our lives for our safety, i hope there will be others who will join the fight for life. Thank you Frank, and thank you to every single one who ever fought in the war.

  20. Why no one demonizes the Allied faction? They destroyed Berlin to tiny peaces, raped, killed and murdered innocent people. The Red Army was loose like a wild animal for 3 weeks in berlin, rapin´ and killing all that time. Why is Germany a demon?

  21. My generation has really lost sight for our elders, especially the veterans who literally saved the word from tyranny in the largest war mankind has ever seen. Thank you world war 2 veterans for giving us the freedom we have today.

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