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Tulsa prepper expo

Tulsa prepper expo

hey everyone NWA prepper here so we are here at the Tulsa exchange Center I'm trying to look for another sign and we're at the the Tulsa preparedness show on Green Living Expo I've been in and made a loop around it's pretty good they're they're pretty adamant about no photography and big signs everywhere but bright signs but we'll see what we can come up with there is a there's as much as I expected the classes haven't started they don't start for a few more minutes they've got educational sessions about every hour and a half hour long sessions every hour and a half and there's a pretty good crowd here I mean you can see there's quite a few all right so we left for a little while got some lunch across the way at a little hamburger place and then we have come back and we've been back old for a while there was one of the sessions that a couple of folks wanted to go to we've walked around a little bit again there's not a whole lot here mmm I don't having a great time the group that we're with is enjoying each other's company and talking about all kinds of things I guess really someone got a concealed carry purse oh sorry about that I picked up some paracord a couple of spools of paracord there's a little bit of medical stuff here and the prices are Lux a year to expect show stuff show pricing so a little high but some of that stuff you can't you can't get very often for the most part there's an imodium guy here that's selling all sizes letter letter recent exactly what I would expect to pay eight dollars for the 30 Cal's $10 for the 50 cows $10 for the 20 millimeter or 40 millimeter cans most of them under 20 bucks there's a couple of huge cans for 20 I've listened into one of the classes it was a pretty good class and in here in a few minutes because we're not gonna be here till 5:00 that that would be super stretching it but we're gonna be here for a little while longer and then we're gonna go across town to their army surplus and check it out the biggest deal of the trip is the fellowship on the way here and the guys working walking around on the ladies walking around together it's truly truly a fun time if I'd come over by myself just to go to the prepper Expo you it wasn't really great but when you make it an activity that's more about than just the show it's nice and there's a lot of people coming in and out I mean there's still people getting out and a line at the door still and it's afternoon I mean so they've been open since 9:00 and they were open for the dealers all set up yesterday some of the fire starter guys quick fire I think is the name of it they've already sold out of all their product there's a guy selling MREs from other countries that seems kind of fun not at 25 dollars a meal fun but and he's a novelty sales guy anyway he's not selling them for true preparedness so like I said if this was the only reason I came to Tulsa today it would be a bad bad deal but since I came to Tulsa as part of a group and we're doing a couple other things it's a it's a pretty good trip and if I live close it would be you know not a big deal the price of $14 to get in is a little steep the building's nice it's got a like a concession stand thing that does cheese burgers and stuff bathrooms are good and clean plenty of room there's no seating area of any kind other than where they're doing the education sessions but overall I'm having a great trip I'm certainly enjoying the company and so I hope the next time we do a trip I think we're gonna try to go to Springfield Missouri for the next one and I hope hope you can't work your way to Northwest Arkansas or Missouri and meet us there thanks for watching everyone always remember we can do it we can do it together let's get ready

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  1. I've never seen a Prepper Expo before. Sounds like a good time. My town shut down the annual gun show a couple of years ago….

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