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Trump Offers To Solve Indo-Pak Problems

Trump Offers To Solve Indo-Pak Problems

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan flew to the USA. There are many Pakistanis living in the USA and Canada. They all gathered in a large number to welcome Imran Khan. After a long time, this was the first time that such a large gathering was held for a Prime Minister of any country. Imran Khan went to the USA to meet with government officials as well as Donald Trump. This is a 3-day visit. The American government said that they will focus and see how Pakistan is dealing with terrorist groups. The American government said that they have given a lot of assistance. Including a monetary assistance of $30 billion dollars. The assistance was for medicines and various other materials. It was also for the socio-economic development of Pakistan. However none of the improvements have taken place in Pakistan. America has helped them a lot in the past but now they will be strict and not provide any assistance. They have demanded to see improvements. The American government wants to remove terrorism from Pakistan. However both Trump and Imran Khan are used to having unpredictable conversations. On 22nd July Monday, he met President Donald Trump at the White House for a meeting. The meeting was not with a group of people. It was a one on one meeting between Imran Khan and Donald Trump. President Trump said that he would gladly solve problems between India and Pakistan. He said he had spoken to PM Modi two weeks back. According to him, PM Modi has asked Trump for his help to solve the problem of Kashmir. When Imran Khan heard this, he said that if he helped to solve the problems, people in Pakistan and India would be happy. The External Affairs Ministry of India wondered when PM Modi asked for his help. They said that he never asked for his help. India has always said that problems between two countries will be resolved among themselves. No one will be allowed to interfere. They take responsibility as they always have. Pakistan has always asked the help of various international organisations and countries to resolve their problems with India. Pakistan had also asked the UN to resolve their problems with India. When UN approached India, India declined their offer.

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