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Trump Money Laundering EVIDENCE

Trump Money Laundering EVIDENCE

>>Donald Trump has some dirty laundry or
at least it appears that there could possibly be some dirty laundering happening, at least
that’s according to some of who previously worked at Deutsche Bank. An explosive New York Times piece over the
weekend indicates that Deutsche Bank, the one bank that was willing to do business with
Donald Trump following the number of bankruptcies that he’s had. Had actually contacted federal investigators
both in 2016 and 2017 over possible criminal activity in his accounts and Jared Kushner’s
accounts. So let me give you the details on what the
Times is reporting. Executives at Deutsche Bank which had lent
billions of dollars to the Trump and Kushner companies, rejected their employees advice
when these employees flagged the accounts. The reporters or the reports were never filed
with the government.>>Okay, so I just wanna clarify two things
here. First is, so it never got to the federal government. It should have, but those employees now five
of them talking to the New York Times, saying there were suspicious activity and guess you’re
never gonna guess which government it was linked to Morocco, obviously, no kidding Russia. Wow, another wild because coincidence, I’m
sure it’s no evidence at all. Anyway, we’ll get into that in a second, but
I might decide my second point clarification here is. I might revive, tick, tick, tick.>>No, please don’t.>>Please, please don’t.>>Okay but here it is, we told you, Deutsche
Bank was the only bank that was willing to do business with Trump of the major banks
in the world, other than Russian banks.>>In fact,
>>Another giant coincidence>>He was elected into office owing Deutsche
Bank a whopping $300 million.>>Yes, but also know that and very relevant
to this story, Deutsche Bank has been sanctioned many times by America and Europe for doing
money laundering you’ll never guess which country Tunisia, no kidding Russia. Okay, now let’s give you the rest of this
details on this story.>>So let me be clear in noting that The Times
spoke to ten different employees, former employees, and employees at Deutsche Bank. One of those former employees didn’t go on
the record her name is Tammy McFadden and she’s a former Deutsche Bank, anti money laundering
specialist. And she was the one who kept flagging these
accounts and going to higher ups and telling them hey, we need to report this to the Treasury
Department. And apparently, not only were these issues
not reported to the Treasury Department but she was later, according to her retaliated
against demoted and then eventually she decided to leave Deutsche Bank. Now let me give you what Tammy McFadden tells
the Times, you present them with everything, meaning you present the higher ups at Deutsche
Bank with this evidence, and you give them a recommendation and nothing happens. It’s the Deutsche Bank Bank way. They are prone to discounting everything. Now McFadden, a longtime anti money laundering
specialist with Deutsche Bank said she reviewed the transactions and found that money had
moved from Kushner companies to Russian individuals. She concluded that the transaction should
be reported to the government in part because federal regulators had ordered Deutsche Bank,
which had been caught laundering billions of dollars for Russians to toughen its scrutiny
of potentially illegal transactions. So she was doing the right thing, she’s like,
yo, we got caught before. We’re supposed to be doing the right thing
now. So I’m doing the right thing and I’m drawing
attention to these accounts, which couldn’t be involved in criminal activity and apparently
nothing happened. And let me be clear about one other thing,
we don’t know for sure if money laundering was occurring. The Times peace didn’t go so far as to claim
that. What we do know is that a proper investigation
wasn’t done because these accounts were never reported.>>What we know is tick, tick, tick, tick,
tick, tick, okay so->>We do not know.>>Let me explain, so when she said, hey Kushner’s
account is doing these suspicious activities with Russian accounts. That was in the summer of 2016, right in the
middle of the election. At that point, Trump knows he’s the Republican
nominee but doesn’t yet know whether he’s gonna win or not. And there is money going from Kushner’s account
to Russians. Now, Anna’s raises suspicious activity does
not mean that you necessarily did any crime. It just means you should be flag them and
investigate it, but what Deutsche Bank apparently did on a regular basis which got them massive
hundreds of millions of dollars in fines before. Think about that, let that sink in, hundreds
of millions of dollars in fines because they regularly do no report suspicious activity
that needs to be reported, why? Cuz they make a lot of money letting people
money launder through Deutsche Bank. And that’s not speculation, they’ve confessed
to that, they have been sanctioned for that, they’ve paid giant fines for that. And they said that they put things into place
to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And now here are five employees from Deutsche
Bank going, no, they don’t do that. Okay, they don’t do that as a regular practice
and they especially don’t do it with Trump and his family and Russian accounts. So for God’s sake, somebody gets the Deutsche
Bank account. Somebody get them and I have an update on
that as well in a second. But I wanna be clear also on the employees
and what happened with them. So McFadden reports this stuff to her superiors
because that’s literally her job. Her job is to flag suspicious activity, she
says, okay, I’m flagged it for you guys and under every normal procedure according to
to other managers. That talked to the New York Times they said,
yes it was definitely suspicious activity, she was right and management buried it then
they buried her. Not only did they take her off that team cuz
they’re like, she’s doing her job we got to remove her from this part of the company. They eventually terminated her and it was
an incredibly flimsy excuse, she’s right to pursue legal remedies in that, but another
person who is in that similar line of work at Deutsche Bank and these are all managers. So it’s not like hey they got the bank teller
or anything like that, these are executives. She was not terminated, she resigned in protest
saying you guys are not following the government orders and you will not report the suspicious
activities that are significantly suspicious. And and there’s a lot of them, there’s a high
quantity of them. And Deutsche Bank’s just not reporting them. So that is why this is a really interesting
story, why is that money going back and forth? And will we ever find out what it was for?>>So, of course, federal investigators are
looking into this, there has been a subpoena for the documents pertaining to the loans
and accounts that Donald Trump took out with Deutsche Bank. And look Donald Trump keeps doing things that
make him appear to be even more suspicious. So I’ll give you an example, when it comes
to this particular story, just note that Trump and his family sued Deutsche Bank back in
April, seeking to block it from complying with the congressional subpoena. And the update today is that a federal court
has upheld the subpoena for this financial documents so->>So just to be clear, the House Oversight
Committee had asked for financial documents from Donald Trump on a number of issues including
from Maziar is which is a company that has some of his financial accounts with them. And so, the judge in this case US District
Judge Amite Mehta just ruled that Trump cannot block Maziar from handing over information
to Congress and he was very clear about it. He said, Congress has a legitimate purpose. They are looking to strengthen ethics and
disclosure laws, they’re concerned about the foreign Emoluments Clause. These are what he calls facially valid legislative
purposes. So that’s Congress being facially valid, Trump
has never been patiently valid. And he said on the other hand, Trump’s team
for denying the information is pretty much non-existent. So when you’re in a courtroom, you actually
have to make a case. You have to present reasonable arguments and
Trump never does and neither did his legal team and that’s why they lost. If they get, this is what I’ve said from day
one, what I’m most concerned about anybody who watches the youngsters can tell you is
money laundering. And for God’s sake, somebody get a hold of
his accounts. Any other person, as even a Republican Congressman
now says. If they had these kind of suspicions around
them, they would’ve had your financial transactions a million years ago.>>We’d be in prison already.>>They’d have been inside your bank account. We’d all be in prison if we did any of this
stuff and I’ll give you one more piece of context. When they wanna target someone, they go even
deeper than they’re supposed to on suspicious activities. For example, when financial interest were
targeting Elliot Spitzer when he was the governor of New York, they asked the bank to go above
and beyond in finding his activities suspicious. Even though he actually did not qualify for
that at all, they’re like, yeah, but who cares? Let’s go get the guy, okay? So they found them taking out a number that
was totally normal and reasonable and should not have been flagged, and then they trace
it back the processes center cuz they had targeted him. So that was an actual witch hunt, now in this
case, you have the exact opposite. Trump’s and Kushner’s red flags are all over
the place. And they’re like ignore it ignore it, do not
turn it over to the government. So that’s what Deutsche Bank’s doing and they
have a record of doing this over and over and over again. Why do you think Trump went to them? Why do you think they’re the only one’s who
made a deal with Trump? No other legitimate bank across the world
would touch Donald Trump with a ten foot poll cuz he has six bankruptcies. He writes books about how, he brags about
how he rips off his creditors. Which creditor in their right mind would give
this guy $300 million? Over 20 years that he been working with Deutsche
bank, they lent him in different transactions $2.5 billion. Everybody else that has lend him that kind
of money has lost it. And then he would, like I said turn around
and brag, he was so stupid to lend me money. I did a smart business move where I ripped
you off and didn’t pay you back. So there is something incredibly suspicious
about what do what Deutsche bank continues to do to this day and they got to get real
prosecutors in there. And getting those records to find out what
the hell they’re doing with the Russians.>>Now, David Cay Johnston has done a great
job in reporting and following Donald Trump’s financial issues. And he actually brought up a few issues in
a recent interview on, I believe it was MSNBC, it helps to contextualize the story a little
more, so lets take a look at that.>>We know for a fact that Donald Trump has
been involved in money laundering in the past. He’s been fined for it, we know that Deutsche
Bank has been fined over $600 million just for laundering money for Russian oligarchs
which is to say, Vladimir Putin’s criminal gang. And we know the statements from Deutsche Bank
and the Trump organisation that you just read, Richard, are non denial denials. The Trump organisations says we never heard
this, why would you? It was locked up in the bank, and the bank
says we didn’t stop anybody from pushing it upwards. Well, the story makes it clear, Tammy McFadden
pushed it upwards and then her career began to go badly after that. So, in addition the times had very pregnant
line in it, it says that they’re other quote politically connected people end quote, who
also were swept up. And it’s clear that David and Rich a very
good reporter to New York Times has seen these documents. So, there other people whose suspicion of
money laundering activities were also apparently quashed by the people at the private banking
unit of Deutsche Bank in New York. This is for Donald Trump, a really serious
problem.>>Okay, I don’t mean to sound defeatist,
but this is gonna sound defeatist. I know that this is serious, I’m happy that
members of Congress are taking it seriously. And I’m happy that a Federal Court has upheld
the subpoena in order to get more information on what’s going on. At the same time, let’s keep it real, Trump
is above the law. Trump is above the law. First of all if they had reported this to
the Treasury Department which was the right course of action, what Steve Minuchin was
gonna investigate this? Come on man, he’s above the law, plain and
simple. Democrats are weak, they’re not doing enough
when it comes to the obstruction of justice issue, right? You think that they’re actually gonna do something
once they look into this issue and adjudicate it and figure out that he let’s say there
is evidence that he was laundering money, what are they gonna do? What are they gonna do?>>Yeah.>>So it’s so frustrating to talk about these
stories, when there are no consequences for this guy ever.>>Yeah, no I remain hopeful and I’ll tell
you, look I get what you’re reasoning which is that Democrats are pathetic. So if,>>But by the way, they’re all
>>If he caught someone on Fifth Avenue not only his supporters would let him get away
with it Nancy Pelosi would let him get away it
>>And not only that, I’m being harsh toward Democrats for obvious reasons, but what about
Republicans? I mean, Republicans tuck tail and they do
everything that Trump wants them to do. If anyone has the audacity to speak out against
Trump, the entire Republican party rains hell on him or her. And so this is the reason why I just really
don’t have much faith in Congress in regard to actually doing something once they have
the evidence necessary.>>But that’s why I’ve been focused on money
laundering from the start. Because, one, there’s ample evidence, publicly. It’s not like I know something that no one
else knows that he has been doing money laundering for a long time, with the Russians, through
Deutsche Bank. This is just a 28th confirmation of it and
number two that is a very serious crime. So if Nancy Pelosi gets evidence of money
laundering with the Russians and still does nothing, I think she should be impeached and
I’m gonna say something unbelievable. I think she probably will be like not literally
impeach but there will be a Democratic uprising they have never seen before. I mean, if they just say, okay yeah, the president
is an obvious brazen criminal on numerous unbelievable felonies that other people are
going to prison for, which by the way, half of that is already true. Then people say no, then what is she doing,
she was supposed to be resistance. And so she’s now actively, actively, helping
Donald Trump. And they keep telling us that they’re on our
team, I’ve yet to see it, I’ve yet to see Nancy Pelosi on my team, I’ve been looking
for a long time. But look, back to the heart of the issue on
McFadden, The New York Times reports, her superiors told her to stop raising questions,
according to Mrs McFadden and the two former managers. Man, doesn’t get any clearer, that’s two other
managers saying, yeah, she beings up suspicious activity between Trump, Kushner, and the Russians,
and he goes, stop doing that, okay? What else do you need? Get in there, let’s go, let’s go. Mueller number one problem was that he did
not look into Trump’s business activities. Well, why the hell do you think he’s obstructing
justice and then here’s the last quote. Two former employees said that they had raised
concerns about transactions involving companies linked to prominent Russians. I need the financial information from Moziar’s,
that’s his accountants basically. I need his tax returns and we need the Deutsche
Bank account. We have obvious, brazen, suspicious activity
with the one country we are concerned he is colluding with, not investigating that is
unbelievable negligence. Now, the Democrats claim they’re trying to
do that, and they are to some degree doing that, but they better get that information. Any decent judge would cooperate with this
cuz this is clearly suspicious, and when you have a legitimate subpoena from Congress,
you must hand over the information. Now, to Anna’s point, if the judges say, yes
you must hand over the information and the executive branch doesn’t. There’s a lot to talk about constitutional
crisis and it really isn’t until the executive branch will not follow an order from the judicial
branch. And so when the judiciary says you must hand
over the records and if Trump doesn’t, then they all got to go to jail and impeachment
proceedings have to start it immediately. Otherwise we don’t have rule of law in this
country, cuz then the executive branch can say, I don’t care about legislative branch
or the judiciary. I’ve now effectively destroyed your system
of government, I’m now above the law. So if once you’ve got a valid court order,
if they do not comply with it, they must start impeachment immediately. There is no excuse left otherwise the Democrats
should immediately removes Nancy Pelosi from being speaker of the House cuz she is then
at that point colluding with Donald Trump to protect his criminal actions. get on there, let’s get that
to a giant number and let’s make them do it cuz you know Democrats, they’re never gonna
take any action unless you make them.

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