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Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show

Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show

NOAH: I flew out to South Africa
on Friday morning. 14 hours later, I landed
in my hometown, Johannesburg. And the moment
I got off the plane, I felt something,
a voice inside reminding me
of what I had forgotten. So, this is a road
I used to drive on pretty much
my entire young life. Because of apartheid, uh, black people had to live
in certain areas, and then white people
had to live in other areas. But white people like
how the black people cook, so they need them
to come to their houses, so there were roads
that connected the areas. And this was one of those roads.
All the taxis, all the buses, all the transport
that shipped the people between Soweto and Johannesburg,
this is it. (horn honks) (shouts in foreign language) That’s what we do
in South Africa. We… we don’t have road rage. We have road joy. We just smile at each other, -and we-we honk.
-(horn honks) It was very confusing to me
when I first got to New York. I thought everyone
was my friend. They were not. So, we’re heading
to my grandmother’s house now. Uh, I told her we’re on the way, but that doesn’t mean
she’ll be there, so, um… You never know. You might meet my grandmother.
You might not. (speaking foreign language) (horn honking) So, welcome to Soweto. This is where I grew up. This is where
everything goes down. Uh, and yes,
we walk in the streets. We played in the streets.
This was the playground. This is where you hung out
with your friends. This is where
everything went down. -(shouting)
-(speaking foreign language) And your neighbors scream
when you walk by. It’s what we all do. What’s amazing about this place
is that nothing’s changed– in a good way. It’s like a museum,
that’s what it is. And we’re here
at my grandmother’s house. Welcome to it. This is where I grew up. This wall was a lot taller
when I was younger, but, uh, let’s see
if she’s here. So, this is where I grew up. This was the driveway. ♪ ♪ We kick it off
with the driveway. This is where we used to want
to park our cars. We didn’t have any cars,
but we still built driveways, because that’s what life
is all about: ambition. (cheering) I’ll show you some
of the security features that I installed in the house. We’ve got what’s known -as an intruder defense
mechanism system of glass. -Wow! Every single one
of these bottles, I drank what was inside. Balling. This is where the magic happens. (air horn blaring) Anybody can have a toilet
inside the house, but it takes a real baller to have a toilet
outside the house. Now, if you guys will excuse me, I’m about to make
some magic happen. MTV Cribs, your boy. Oh, wait, there’s no
toilet paper. Hold on. ♪ ♪ First things first, whenever you come
into an African person’s house, you greet. So the first thing
I’m gonna do is greet. Gogo. Gogo. -(speaks foreign language)
-Hello, Gogo. (speaking foreign language) How are you, Gogo? Can-can we come in? I’ve got… I’ve got some camera people,
Gogo. Are we fine to come in? If you say no, it’s fine.
I don’t mind. Okay, okay. Gogo, um, I want you– -I want to welcome you
to my show. -Mm-hmm. And I want to introduce you
to some of my friends -and my viewers.
-Mm. I’ve brought them
to South Africa to show them what it’s like. So they said,
because I’m coming, they want to meet you and they want me to ask you
questions about my life. I remember. Mm. Mm. (laughing) How old are you now, 91? When you get to 91,
now you count months. -We’re here because the-the
concert at FNB Stadium -Mm. is celebrating 100 years of Nelson Mandela. -Madiba.
-Ah. What was the first thing you
remember about Nelson Mandela? Wow. Because people had not seen
a black man who was an attorney. Wow. Mm. Mm. For young people, it’s very hard
for them to understand -how scary it was
to be a black person -(whistles) living in South Africa
during that time. But everybody was scared
of the police. Ah. Mm… (speaks foreign language) -“Dress up. Let’s go.”
-Yeah. When you see white guys
like this, do they remind you
of those police? That’s what you remind
my grandmother. I hope you’re happy, bringing memories
of Flying Squad into my house. There are some people
who say now, because some people
don’t have jobs and because it’s tough
in South Africa, it would be better
to go back to apartheid. Why not? Ah. (whistles) (speaking foreign language) “Do you know what it’s like
to dig for potatoes with your hands?” Ah. (speaks foreign language) Wow. -You’re digging for potatoes
with your hands. -Mm. And if somebody dies
from exhaustion next to you, you dig a hole,
you put them in that hole, -and then you carry on digging
those potatoes. -(whistles) What-what was my contribution? How– Was-was I fighting
apartheid? Not knowing? Ah. But I-I told them that I was
an apartheid hero, Gogo. -I wasn’t?
-(giggling) Ah. Why did I give you
a tough time, Gogo? So, if I was playing
in the street, the police would have
arrested me? So they thought I was white? “Yeah. Oh! Oh, no!” The kids ran away from me? But why did they run away…?
What? -And allowed to do…
-So for them… for them, this was white? Wow. -I feel so special now, Gogo.
-Huh. To know there was a time
that I was white. (both laugh) How old was I
when this was happening, Gogo? -NOAH: Three years old.
-Mm-hmm. -I was a very good-looking baby,
I’m sure. -(whistles) Yeah? But mostly good-looking. Yeah. I’m sure, Gogo. When I was here with you, what
did you do when I was naughty? (Noah laughs) Who was naughtier, Gogo–
me or my mom? Oh. You know how Mom is. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Must always go up. Yeah! Mm. So she was not only
a black person in a job black people
weren’t supposed to be in, but she was a manager
of white people. How-how…?
But how did they allow that? And now I’m also
a manager of white people, Gogo. -Yeah.
-Unbelievable. -It comes from my mother, Gogo.
-(gasps) Do you know I’m a manager
of white people? I’m-I’m telling you, Gogo. There are white people
who work for me. (Noah laughs) Gogo, have you ever… have you
ever watched The Daily Show? (speaking foreign language) (Noah laughs, Gogo continues
speaking foreign language) My gran said
she doesn’t watch my show because sometimes
the electricity cuts out, which is a very plausible excuse and a nice way
to let your grandson down. (Noah laughs) -Mm.
-Mm. No, I-I hear you, Gogo.
This is… I didn’t expect that answer.
It’s a good answer, Gogo. So I must make sure that you have a generator
so you can watch my show. -Okay.
-(speaking foreign language) -Who fits the generator?
-Ah. Okay, so I must get someone
to fit the generator, also. -Okay.
-(speaking in foreign language) Oh, and then I must also
fix the… the-the cable. Okay. -Mm.
-Hey. I feel like I’ve been tricked
into doing a lot of things for you to watch my TV show,
Gogo. (both laugh) (speaking foreign language) Oh, wow. Thank… thank you
for having us, Gogo, and thank you for letting me
bring these cameras. And thank you for sharing
these stories with my friends. And thank you for being amazing. I’ve brought too many friends,
Gogo. You guys must leave now.

Reader Comments

  1. People don't often seem to understand how bad it was . here in america they seem to think it was like jim crow but segregation was nothing to this

  2. You took a lot of features from your grandmother👍🏽her humility, her mannerisms and her facial structure 🖤 Cherish her!

  3. This made me cry. She reminds me of my grandmother who died at 109. I miss her so much. She was so simple and didnt want anything from us.

  4. Oh wow! Johannesburg is so beautiful! The people, the art and craft, Trevor's antics….love it…lol. The Jacaranda trees so beautiful! Reminded me of my visit to Jo berg! His grandma is beautiful and wise. Love drom Ja 😊🇯🇲

  5. I just love all grandmas no matter who what or where they come from I'm what you would consider White but if anyone were to mess with her I would say who you messing with and they would say what's it to you and I would say that's my grandma that's what's it to me I just love that Grandma big hugs and kisses from Texas ❤️🐴

  6. TN thank you for sharing your life, background, culture and most of all the gem aka your grandmother. Her wit, charm, mannerisms and mind are phenomenal! She knows well (at 91 years and 9 months) what matters most- ZERO of which includes materialism! Her sentiments and lifestyle resonate with me. To live simply, humbly- with all of ones faculties, great memories surrounded by arts and culture; while having a legacy through you is SPOT ON!

  7. Escape America with Travel Escapers. True happiness is not materialistic, it is when you help the one in need. Scientifically proven for you morons, hypocrites, and atheists.

  8. Trevor this is the first time (of what I know will be many) I watch this interview with your nana and please allow me to tell you how remarkable similar your growing neighborhood/home is to mine back in Cuba (I actually got really emotional). From the kids playing in the streets, the broken pieces of bottles as protection, the magnets (same magnets!) on the fridge, the blackouts… the strong nana that educates with slippers meeting your bottom and love, so much love. I have always admired you but now I love you for giving me all these memories back from home. Thanks

  9. Grandma's from third world countries be the real O.G's 😂 they be roasting tf out of you and not be giving a fuck 😩😂 My grandma in mexico be looking at some of my makeup and be like "no not that, you look like the clown from mcdonald's. 'Hellooooo, puedo agarrar unas papas fritas?'" 😂😩 gotta love them tho 😂🙄❤️

  10. My heart might be very broken if my grandma didn't watch my show (even once) or show any interest in it; if my grandma wasn't curious at ALL about my life. Cultural differences?

  11. I noticed someone saying, "let her come out", like bruh thats his grandma. Don't ruin his moment…its not a documentary

  12. The way she said …..Madiba!. Wow. Earnest and sincere. …then say they were not allowed . God knows people like her are heavens gift to us

  13. Road Joy now that's cool!
    I have often wonder what type of reception would I receive,if I visited Africa.
    I look a lot like this guy,but I'm an American.
    I did not know how traveling in different parts if Africa how some people would react to me?
    This helped yet I'm still not sure.
    SA would not be at the top of my list,frankly because it reminds me to a degree of the States.
    You rarely see any black males throughout Africa that look like Trevor I know they are there.
    Seeing that SA is slightly ahead of the rest of the continent .
    They make it a point not to show light complexion blacks.

  14. The most audacity white history thing was for Europeans to move to Africa to then pass laws saying native people of their land can not go to that part of the land they were native to. This should have been the case of "if you don't like it here than move back to Europe!"

  15. I feel like he’s speaking his native language with a British accent 😂😂….And Gogo is full of character wisdom and love

  16. Trevor I love you’re grandma! And my grandma in Cali had those sane fruit magnets on her fridge when I was little!

  17. Trevor I love your grandma (Koko) and the way you laugh! You guys are Blessed You make my morning beautiful!

  18. Was a Fan of Trevor before Jon Stewart put him as a replecement. Honestly thought he was talking about another Trevor. So glad I was wrong Jon Stewart always ahead of the curve.

  19. Comedy is cheap, it's not funny and it is not a job. Just to be on TV running your mouth in US? Mmh! All for TV, notice me. He was like our god, worshiped, idolized, and majority still do that in America, looking up to certain group of people, worshipping everything, they stand for, misleading, brainwashing & controlling minds of the youth plus violence movies & video games with guns. Instead of worshipping the True God. The interview is lame, not funny. All for TV & money. Please stay in Soweto and Make It Great Again OR go fly a plane period!

  20. Her kind voice and her warmth are hypnotizing , she melted my heart , Trevor you are so lucky for having her as your Grandma , thank you sooo much for sharing these magical moments with us ! God bless your beautiful Gogo 💟

  21. My grandfather lived in a house built with boards and zinc and have lived there since the 1970s. He is still refusing to move to the modern houses my mother and aunts built. He told us that house reminds him of our late grandmother and it has become a part of him now so he won't leave that house till death.

  22. I can’t believe there was no hugs and kissing and no family and friend family gather there to welcome you ?co cold and un friendly 😢

  23. Haha jokes aside , South Africa is gearing up for genocide of every non black native. Its happening everyday on a small DELIBERATE scale.

  24. 😘❤️🇱🇦….u r like my big brother from another mother….in my lowest time in life in listen to u….

  25. That was beautiful. Your Grandmother is beautiful. She has a great sense of humor. Is this where you learned your sense of humor? Or is it shared culturally? I hope she is watching your show now. She will get it even without all of the context.

  26. I think Trevor needs to move Coco to a better house dnt just fix elec cable let her live her last yrs in better condition enjoy what time is left if she wnt fly why dsnt he take her to a nice place for vacay im sure there us hotel or estate he can rent give her some good life

  27. Just imagine what I go through because I'm mixed and I really look whiteI have been through hell my whole life because of that

  28. I certainly hope that shehas not really went without a generator all this time and Trevor not doing something about it 😢

  29. Young white children will one day have the same legacy. Talking about affirmative action and how they were killed by blacks in retaliation for “history,” how their land was taken without comp, how they were excluded from health care etc. so history repeats itself. You dumb mofos will get what you deserve.

  30. I really enjoyed the chat between Trevor and his grandmother. I loved the fact that she is "grounded" and "frank". The interaction between the two is wonderful. This setting reminds me of what's called the "old-en" days when I was growing up here in the U.S.

  31. Lived in South Africa for 5 years, lived the best life I could ever live, I travelled all around South Africa. It’s the most beautiful country I’ve ever been to. People are so friendly and cheerful their

  32. I love this. I love your grandma, Trevor. I love you. Thank you for sharing this small window over to that place where you grew up. Thank you for the work you do; and for the work you grandma did (and everything after that.) How else could any of this be possible?

  33. Trevor, we love you and your grandma!!! Holy Cow! this was like a grand trip through the memory lanes for me!! I know you have a famous show in the US (that I watch often) but NEVER EVER forget your roots…. what you showed us in this video is what makes us human. Trump trying to buy Greenland pales in comparison to the beauty and grandeur I see in this video…. I don't know about others but I def. need more of this simplicity, this magnificience, in todays Trumpian world. Thanks for the inspiration!! I love the fact that she's clueless about how famous you are!! Heck! I want her to be my grandma!! She, for sure knows what's important in life.

  34. Treveor please make a full documentary with GOGO assomblief, it seems like there is more we could learn from her.

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