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Transition Mission: Boots to Business Graduate Makes Products and Jobs

Transition Mission:  Boots to Business Graduate Makes Products and Jobs

# My name is Michelle Taylor.
I’m the owner of Logo Wearhaus. We do on-site embroidery
and screen printing. Anything you can imagine
in the world that you can get your logo on,
we can do it. I worked eight years
prior to starting my business in the industry
for two other companies, and one day looked at my husband
and said, “I want to be able to do more
for my community” because working
for somebody else, it’s easier for them
to tell you, “No,” but working for yourself, if someone comes in and asks you
can you help, you can say, “Yes.” So I looked at him and said, “How much equity is in the house
and could I have it?” He said, “Sure,” so I took the $120,000
and away we went. So, when I decided to make this
big move into my own business, I knew that I would need
resources, so I reached out
to our local Chamber who actually connected me with the Small Business
Development Center and SCORE, which is retired business men
and women that want to help
other businesses that are starting out. So, what they helped me do
is comprise a list of items I needed
to start my business with: what kind of certifications
I needed, what kind of permits I needed,
insurance, funding, any of those startup
kind of things. AMY AMOROSO: I think Michelle
is a fantastic business owner. She has a huge, huge outreach
into the community, which I think any business owner should have
that opportunity to do, to give back a little bit
to your community. Again, that’s a twofold: So, you’re reaching out,
and also they’re reaching back, so you’re getting
business contacts, you’re reaching out
into the communities, and giving back to the Veterans. I’m very passionate
about Veterans and helping Veterans coming back
from war right now. We’ve got a lot of Veterans
that are displaced, so I’m a peer-to-peer mentor in the Saratoga County
Veterans Program, and I sit on
the Saratoga County Chamber Veterans Business Council. This is for your next event… I think Veterans are suited
to be entrepreneurs because of how we’re trained
in the military. You get stripped of everything
from basic training and then they build you up to have this incredible amount
of pride and responsibility. So, I feel that inner strength
that you pull out as a Veteran helps you to really get
your business going. #

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