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Training for the Javelin

Training for the Javelin

[instructor] If you have any variations of
these right here… [T. Sproles] In a continuing effort to increase
and sustain their mission capabilities, soldiers of the 76th Infantry Brigade Combat
Team recently took part in a Javelin training course
held at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center.
The 76th, who is the first Indiana unit to be fielding the Javelin Weapon System,
were trained in both gunnery skills and instructor certification.
[male speaker] At the beginning of the class, for the most part they have no idea what it
is, what it does, what it looks like,
anything of that nature. By the end of the course, these guys are able
to take a Javelin Weapon System, put it together, and actually engage a target
with no problems at all. I know for a fact at the end of the course
they’re able to go out and apply everything that they’ve learned
in the course and actually engage targets. But not only that, but actually to instruct
other gunners to be efficient as they are. [male speaker] These instructors that came
down here are great instructors. They have knowledge, and they passed every
bit of knowledge to these soldiers. Every question that they had they answered
without one pause in it. Not only is it a vital weapon system
that we now have, but it’s also a vital imagery piece and a target recognition
piece for seeing things that you wouldn’t be able
to see with the naked eye. So it’s a very, very useful piece of gear
that we now have throughout the 76th Brigade. Reporting from Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver
Training Center, I’m Tim Sproles. [♪upbeat music♪] That’s the Army Today
from Soldiers Radio and Television.

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