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Tour Of Our Home Why Minimalism Is NOT For Me

Tour Of Our Home  Why Minimalism Is NOT For Me

hi everybody and welcome to Thursday and
this is thrifty Thursday I’m going to share with you a full tour of the inside
of my house then I’m going to share with you what I got this week it’s a thrift
store and also I’m gonna share with you how you can go to the thrift store on a
weekly basis but not bring home a lot of clutter kitchen it is original in 1963 Ridgway
mobile home everything inside my house is original original little island here now 90% of the things that you see in my
home or castaways things that people didn’t want was gifts and was family
heirlooms so I’ll show you into the main living room now this is the one side of
my living room so I have one big room and this is the one side of it you
normally don’t see this side of it too often and then I’ll show you the other
side either wood pieces that you see like back in the corner there that is
all heirlooms that came from my husband’s side of the family all of
these pictures that you will see on the walls are puzzles that my mom and dad
put together for me and they’re all Kinkaid puzzles and there’s something I
will cherish the rest of my life so now we have the other side of my living room
and there is my office desk and this that’s where all of my videos are made
as you know I have lots and lots and lots of books I love books and here’s
our bedroom all of these pieces of furniture came from my grandma Fanny and
that course is my husband’s grandma but I claim her as my very own so all the
furniture that you see here is from her family and basically it’s just the
bedroom and of course you’ve seen this before as well so it’s just very simple on the other side of me is my husband’s
work desk and I leave that as private but I just wanted to share with you our
bedroom is our tiny bathroom it is so tiny but it serves its purpose and it’s
very plain as well nothing too spectacular in my house that’s for sure
we’re going into the pantry one of my pantries
this pantry does appear to be cluttered but everything is organized and I know
what I have and everything and this room is a room where I basically call it my
grocery store and as you know in many many many videos I share with you about
my pantry this is the favorite room of my house and actually this is not part
of my house this is an out porch but I really enjoy this room now this room is
not heated nor it doesn’t have any coolness into it this is a very warm
house this is a very warm room then this is where all of my old-fashioned things
are kept like my baskets as you know I love collecting baskets but everything
has a place and that’s really important especially if you’re like me and love
doing thrift shopping and over here I have some garlic sitting and ready to I
need to work on that but even though there’s a lot of things in this room
everything is organized I think I got was 50% off this week and I got a whole
box full so I’m gonna share with you how I go to the thrift store and how I don’t
usually get things that are gonna make a lot of clutter now some of you will be
looking at my house tour and think well that is kind of cluttered
some people find clutter in a few things some people find clutter and a lot of
things it’s just depending on your frame of mind I don’t see my houses being
cluttered because everything I have there’s a reason and it’s things that I
enjoy I don’t have powers of things in the corners of my house or I don’t have
things shoved in closets and things like that I really worked on trying to
minimize things that I don’t need or don’t have any sentimental value there’s
so much of the hype of minimalism and while minimalism is great I also believe
a lot of things are lost in that lifestyle and let me explain to you why
being a memo list is great and I have nothing against it but you know
sometimes in life it’s good to have things that you cherish there’s always a
fine line between hoarding and not but there’s things in our
that we cherish there’s memories that we have and getting rid of everything that
meant something to you I find that very sad being a member list can give peace
of mind but yet somehow I feel like there’s so much being lost in being am
Emily I feel like you’re not having your memories you know the things of your
mother and your father and your as a child we can hold on to a few of those
things but not hold on to everything so I really believe it can go either way I
think you can be too much of a hoarder and I think you can be too much of a
minimalist I really do because your home reflects you and just flex your what you
cherish and your memories and your life and so I really believe in keeping
things that mean something to me everything you see behind me everything
you’ve seen in my home I can point to and tell you what it means to me why I
have it and it’s useful yes so I’ll get started and show you what I got I got
everything for under $5 I can’t believe it everything was hand off other store
sale but I got bored I’m gonna give you the half off price it’s just easier that
way so for a dollar 25 I got this shredder and I’m real excited for it
because I needed it this is something I need this is something I can use this is
something I have a place for I know right where I’m gonna put it and I’m
going to be using it yet today to make my zucchini relish another thing I got
for $0.50 was pipe wrap insulation kit this is for when you want to winterize
your home this is really expensive when you go to the Home Depot or the Lowe’s
but I got it for 50 cents brand-new now yes it is very old but it’s brand new
I’m going to use this and I need it so that’s going out and a part of the
garage where all of our tools are kept I got this little wire frame and it was
only twelve cents twelve cents I’m gonna make a wreath with it which I’m gonna
make a video showing you how to do it and I have a place for this out in my
canning garage I know exactly where I’m going
with it got these these are little coffee filters for making coffee I don’t
use it for that I will be using this when I make my infused oil I use these
as a way to strain it everything I’m yet at the thrift store a
lot of it is what you would call consumable items I get this for 12 cents
it was 25 cents so it’s like 12 or 13 cents I got that and that’s something
that I can use it’s consumable it’s not a knick-knack to sit around my house I
did invest in some baskets for a quarter I got this one for $0.50 I got this one for a quarter I got this one the place
where I can hang all of my baskets and I can use these baskets this is perfect
for the things that I need it for can you ever get too much of it sure you can
but as long as I have place for it I’m gonna be getting them because you never
know and things like this it’s amazing I can do all of my herbs in one of these I
just love it because it’s very deep it’s an also deep basket so when you’re going
to the thrift store just have in mind when you pick that item up look at it
and say okay do I really need this or can I really use this because a lot of
times if you pick up knickknacks and things like that that’s when you get
into a lot of clutter but if you buy things that you can use and they’re
useful that’s not considered clutter not in my opinion so I got all of these jars
for twelve cents each these are mason jars that spaghetti sauce came and at
the store now twelve cents it’s cheap I have a
place to go with it I use it the same as regular canning jars it’s a great thing
useful item I know where I can put it and it’s gonna save me money see I have
a theme going on here then my theme is okay I can use this I
need this and I know where it’s going and then I got to mix it up cookbook for
half-off 75 sets there’s a couple recipes in here I want to try and I will
make a video with them and I will pass it on if I see I’m not going to keep
using it one thing with my books I will buy books very cheap I will keep them
quite awhile if I see I’m not using them then I will do it Nate them to my local
library and so the money just goes around and around because I’m helping
someone else out and that’s but not least for 50 Cent’s I’ve got all these
paper bags now these paper bags are hard to find this size if you go in eBay
you’re spending quite a bit of money but I’ve got these for 50 Cent’s I know
exactly where they’re going and I’ll be able to use these probably for the next
two years there’s my box full of items oh I see a nail I can put the basket
right on the nail perfect since it goes to the thrift store a lot I always have
a paper bag right at my door for if I find things that I no longer need so I
can do it in back to the thrift store so now what we gotta do is put our jars
away there’s plenty of room here I’ll probably even use them next week yep
and last but not least is the box and I’ll use that for all of my recyclables

Reader Comments

  1. I think you have a very nice home. Sure, if you compare it to more expensive homes, then its easy to say in different videos how your home is simple, plain, whatever…but your little place would be a dream to some people.Also I was in a bathroom smaller than yours in someones house. Some people don't even have a nice piece of land like you do..
    I really like your videos, but I wish you would mention more how God has blessed you, then how poor you are. I think you are very blessed. I hope this does not sound mean, or hurt your feelings. It is not meant to,but I hope you see my point.

  2. Tessie your home is really got some great buys this week, love the baskets and the jars are great for canning, I use mine to can soup .have a great day friend.

  3. Your house is homey and clean, I love it! It’s not clutter, when you have a small space and you still do all the things like canning, dehydrating, cooking and caring for animals you end up having lots of stuff in order to do those things. It just makes us become more organized to make due with the space we have while still doing all of those duties that we love. Organized doesn’t mean not having anything…otherwise you would have nothing to organize! I love my uncluttered house but we definitely have stuff! We are committed to not collecting stuff that isn’t used, but we still have lots of things that DO get used. You just have to be very clean and work hard to keep it all in it’s place. Have a wonderful day Tessie!

  4. That huge basket was a great score. I immediately envisioned you filling it with herbs. I know you will enjoy everything you purchased. What a great price on those filters!!!

  5. I would love to see a video on how you use your baskets. What basket shapes work best for what. Love the idea of baskets hanging from the roof looks great!!

  6. Those baskets!😍
    I echo what everyone has already said about your home. It's lovely. Thank you for sharing your tips and encouragement. God bless you ❤🙏

  7. Tessie, I love your home! It is so cozy and decorated so beautifully! Your kitchen is my favorite room because it is the original to the home. ❤

  8. Thank you for sharing your home, not only is it lovely, but feels very warm and peaceful. Good thrift store haul. There is indeed a fine line between minimalism and keeping items that bring pleasant memories when used or viewed, like it's okay to not ditch everything.

  9. Your home is inviting and beautiful. Great thrift store haul! As far as I'm concerned, I agree that the minimalism thing has gone too far, as mentioned by someone else. I am still downsizing and decluttering but I'm not getting rid of heirlooms and things that mean something to me. All of the "experts" say to ask if something gives you joy….if so, keep it. Well, then that means you should keep your heirlooms and sentimental items. People who keep a bare minimum of things, if they're more comfortable living that way that's fine. I don't like clutter but I also don't like things bare looking. Great video and good points. 💜

  10. Very good attitude about keeping a balance between thrifting needs vs. wants. I have to do the same myself. We have limited space, so I only buy what I know I need and will use. You have the best prices at your thrift store! In my area of Southern NH, stores like Good Will and even Salvation Army have such inflated prices! But I still go, because they are so much less than retail. Love your cozy home : )

  11. Thank you for showing your home; it looks very comfortable and loved. It is so nice to hear someone else question the minimalism craze. It isn't me, either. Carried to the extremes some people advocate, it seems rather soulless. I can't imagine a place feeling like home without the pieces of heirloom furniture and heirloom dishes I cherish, my books, art collected on day trips together, a well stocked pantry, etc. One well known "expert" suggested keeping the number of books in your home to 30. I nearly fainted. Like you, I'm a book lover. My home is always full of books, despite having donated tons to libraries. Do minimalists not have hobbies? I'm a greeting card maker and my husband is a photographer. Hobbies require equipment and space. Sometimes they require some time allowing an area to be messy while art is in progress.

  12. Thank you for the tour, it is very spacious, I am amazed of how the kitchen has hold up for so long, built with quality! And and island in the kitchen from the 60´s? Didn´t know it was invented yet! One thing that is spectacular is your pantry, and the amount of food you have canned. That is such a big job. I had plans this summer, but everydaylife and work came in the way.

  13. i want to let all of my brothers and sisters know how i feel today.i have this loving feeling so strong today for all of you all.i want each and everyone to feel what iam feeling matter what you are going through today hope you all know you all have a brother that loves you all and cares about your well being everyone have a good day and a blessed day love you all

  14. Very good advice and common sense!! Love that!! We all do need a reminder! I was just at a thrift store today and I found a very big oval shaped mirror that weighs about 10 lbs with a beautiful ornate gold tone frame. It will be perfect in our new home in my sewing room! It was only $9. I have seen big mirrors at Homegoods for $75….so this was a steal!

  15. I have the same picture in your bedroom in mine also. The one with the seat in the garden. It was an anniversary present from my husband

  16. Great video. I love your organization!
    At one time I to was organized these days I struggle with it thanks for the inspiration!

  17. See Tessie we all loved your video of your special little place on this earth. I really love watching your shopping "sprees" on Thursdays. Your home is a place where if were to walk into it I would have to say AHH this is such a treat to walk into and see you and all your treasures. Those Thomas Kincaide puzzles that your parents made really caught my eye. Do you know how they mounted them, did they glue them on a board as they went along ? I can't figure out how they secured them when they were completed. He has some wonderful paintings but way beyond the average person acquiring them. Big, big dollars! Your a smart lady and know what will be used when it comes home. Enjoy always your treasure hunts, I sure do enjoy them!

  18. Pretty home Tessie you look happy and prideful. I love thrift stores just want to one today I got an old wooden octagon shape end table for $1.00 looks new . Had fun also got books for my grandchild she helped pick them out. I hope books don't lose there values to computer. Sad to say that. I live in my mom and dads trailer. It's old but so am I. Lol hope you have a Blessed weekend. 🦋

  19. I love your little place. I could NOT be a minimalist, although I wish I could…..NOT… I like all my craft stuff and don't know what I would do without it. You always have good finds. God bless you sis. You are awesome.

  20. Yay. You have Kincaid art. Love your well organized and welcoming home. The Lord's blessings and love reside there. Plus, in a comfy home there's no echo when you talk. Your Ridgeway home was well made and well maintained over the decades. 🙂

  21. Tessie, I really enjoyed seeing everything you got from the thrift store and at 50% off! I happened upon a thrift store with my child, today. We picked up some things for our home and some things for each of us. Mine is a Metal basket. Well, wire and beads. I love it and the fact that it was 50% so I got it for 29 cent. It makes me happy to see it because it is pretty, but also because It reminds me of your happiness! Have a wonderful day!

  22. I think being a prioritist is best. Define your priorities, and allow others to define there's. Get rid of the things that hamper you accomplishing your priorities. My priorities are God, my husband, and children. Anything that hampers me from spending time bonding with them goes. I came to this conclusion after it came to be a pattern that my strapping boys were requested to declutter their grandma's stuff for days each and every vacation. Time would have been better spent making memories. I promised my kids I would never burden them or my kids with my stuff. So far minimizing those things that take me away from the priority of being available for them has been hugely successful. Btw, I like the coziness of your home. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I just love your home and would feel so much more comfortable visiting with you than some people I know where I'm afraid to touch anything. Also great finds! I'm always on the lookout for things that are cheap but thing I will really use. You keep up the good work!!! God bless you!!

  24. Tessie, I love the way you are able to share your heart (faith) with others. You don't push your ways on others; you simply explain your reasons for doing things the way you do them. I think being humble is a virtue. My mother used to say: you can catch more flies with honey, than vinegar. (I loved all her old sayings, even as a kid, lol) Blessings to all. ;-D

  25. You have a very nice home Tessie and you keep it up well. I love the country look. That is how I try to decorate ours to some extent. I do the same as you when I shop (which isn't often). I go for things I need mostly..whether clothes, or household items or yard stuff. Once in a great while we will splurge and buy something "just because"…but that isn't often. Through the years I have learned how to be selective and wait for something I really want or need. Also every year, I try to go through closets, drawers, cabinets etc and sort through things to see what I don't want or need anymore and donate them. I love that it gets "reused" by someone else who needs it. It goes full circle.

  26. I loved your home tour. I try to think about things the way you do when I'm wanting to buy at thrift stores or rummage sales. Can I really use it? Do I have a place in mind for it? A lot of times I put stuff back. 😛

  27. Your house is very nice. I loved the heirloom furniture. Those Classico jars are handy, I use them in the water bath canner for fruits. And the baskets! You had a nice haul, thank you for sharing with us.

  28. Tessie thank you for all you do. You have no idea truly. I had an AWFUL day today and watching your channel just really helped me put the badness behind me for awhile. I look forward to seeing your videos and really enjoyed today's! You are one special lady. Thank you thank you thank you. You have no idea the blessing you are.

  29. I buy that brand of spaghetti sauce and of course I don't can, but I have country decor and I use them for drinking glasses. ☝😊🙏💖

  30. Your home is not cluttered and I see it as a beautiful well kept house. Your pantry actually both of them are simply full of hard work and love. You should be so proud of all your hard work and you are a blessing to your family.. Great video my friend…

  31. I think the positive thing brought about by the "minimalist " debate is that we all can become more mindful of our habits (spending , consuming, waste, etc.) Have an awesome day 💜😃🌻👍

  32. I went to the Project Blessing thrift shop in town today. I found some canning jars for .30 each. A bag of brand new cloth napkins( I only use cloth napkins, saves lots of money) for $2.00, and my greatest find was fine mesh plastic for chatting, but I use then in my dehydrator, only .20 each, for the super large size, woot woot!!!!! Thanks for sharing thrifty Thursday!!! God Bless!!

  33. Hoot Hoot 114 new subscribers today😄😄😄😄😄. Loved your post today. Awesome pantry. Do you post daily? If so, I will be one happy lady.

  34. I totally agree. Of course, messy hoarding and useless clutter can be a great burden. But after watching some (not all) minimalist videos I think that can be a burden also, that sucks the joy out of life, bringing constant worry and guilt about the tiniest sticker or piece of plastic. We are called to be good stewards, but using practical items to save money and waste can be a great form of stewardship. Things that are organized, clean, useful, and lovely aren't clutter, they're tools. I love your home, Tessie, it's very cozy and practical!

  35. Miss Tess, I could tour your house, inside and out, on a daily bases…it’s so peaceful, and comfy❤️❤️your finds at the thrift store are great👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻blessings sweet lady🥰🙏🏻🥰😇🥰

  36. I thrift for myself the same as you do…although soon I am going to start thrifting and reselling on Ebay. I also have a thing for baskets…lol You have made a lovely home…thanks for the tour. I would love to find a food shredder while thrifting. I never go to a store to buy new kitchen housewares…always from thrift stores or yardsales.

  37. Good morning Tessie. I enjoy your thrift store finds and you sharing how you intend to use them. Some of the items are straight forward, but others can be multi purposed or repurposed. Those are the ones that give me ideas or serve as reminders. We learn by example and you are doing a good job of reminding folks to check out thrift stores and yard sales and how to make use of your finds. I'm semi-retired and watching the stock market plunge. Our modest investments may disappear at this rate, so keep sharing your cost saving ideas 🙂

  38. So sensible! You, Mornings with Granny and Prepper Princess are what I call wise and practical. Thank you for sharing Tessie.

  39. Nice! I love your cozy home and the pantry with the baskets hanging is so nice! I seldom thrift shop, but when I do I try to only buy things I can use. I never buy trinkets because I don't like dusting "stuff".

  40. Love your home…think the bathroom in my 1942 house is smaller…no extra room in there lol. We love thrifting and yes you need to know where everything is going…even if it might be for a spare! (we just had a Brita refrigerator pitcher that I was putting in in the fridge…had just filled 2 gal and dropped it busted both the top and bottom! But a couple months ago we had got one at the thrift for just a dollar…was able to go to the downstairs pantry and get it put a filter in it and keep going…after I mopped up all the water) I go about once a week, yesterday was my day out….got one basket, a flower pot, the garden primer book .69, couple hanging dish towels, a quilted pillow sham (going to take off the back and use that material to make a couple cotton bags and the quilted part for when I'm taking out filled canning to use instead of a towel), found a metal garlic press and a lemon zester, and a lawn spreader($7)for the hubby….all under $15. No cookbooks this week 😊

  41. Love all the items & I see you as a minimalist, per se. You don't have wasteful things.. but I agree, my pics of family are my favorite things!!Your house is definitely a warm, love filled house!✌💟
    Q of the day: who doesn't have that one drawer that's a sort of catch all? I do!!!

  42. I like the bedroom best as it is fairly consistent in style with the colonial furniture, e. g. the dresser with the mirror and the fourposter bed with the traditional quilt bedthrow. And of course the paraffin lamps add that little extra of old world charm and cosiness.

  43. I don't consider your pantry cluttered. It is organized and well stocked. I love your home. It is pretty and very inviting.

  44. Oh, Tess!! I think your home is soooo beautiful! It's cozy, warm, welcoming and clutter free. There are no words to tell you how much I love your bedroom and the quilt on your bed.The heirloom furniture is breath taking and your pantry leaves me weak! I wish you could come and decorate my walls for me. I have years' worth of wall decor (going back decades) and it's all stored in the garage because I don't know how to arrange things on the walls. Sad but true.

  45. the chairs in the bedroom must be Pennsylvania Dutch pattern. My mom had 6 just like those except hers had cane seats.

  46. Tessie, great haul! I have been very ill this week. Trying to catch up on your videos! Have a blessed day!!💖💖💖xxx

  47. I do the same thing with books. Buy them at yard sales and thrift stores and give them away when I'm done. I have a kindle but still like reading from a regular book!

  48. I think your home is very nice it's very orderly and it is very inviting cozy and comfortable and I can tell you put a lot of thought in your home by the way you take care of it everything in your home means something to you it's your surroundings and all the special things in it that is the way it should be. Seems to be a lot of love and peace there where you live and this is an important lifestyle for everyone I think a lot of people could learn a lot of things from you how true love and a lifestyle that you don't just go out and spend money everywhere you put a lot of thought in your life and in your home and in your family that is a blessing that you do these things God bless you always and forever

  49. Beautiful home, so cozy I love ur country cottage style, wow u would never know this is a mobile home, 10 outta 10 girl thumbs up ❤

  50. Your house is cozy and inviting. To me canned vegetables are pretty to look at. It represents security, hard work and Blessings from the Lord.

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