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Total War: WARHAMMER 2 – Curse of the Vampire Coast Trailer

Total War: WARHAMMER 2 – Curse of the Vampire Coast Trailer

You wouldn’t believe us… The tales we could tell… Though Truth be told It started very poorly I was one But now we are many We all agree on one thing To sail the coast And down those Lizard trinkets And we will find them One piece at a time We will put ourselves back together Fortune favours the infamous

Reader Comments

  1. Let no joyful voice be heard!
    Let no man look up to the sky with hope!
    And let this day be cursed by we who ready to wake…
    the Necrofex!

  2. So, Empire has colonies in the New World? And these are confirmed to be Warhammer Pirates of the Caribbean? Cool.


    Why the hell am I the only one to not hear "And down those lizard trinkets?" What the hell does that even mean?! They're not grog. You don't 'down' them.

  4. Yo whats that big creature in the background at the end? There be krakens? Can't afford the DLC atm so would appreciate a spoiler…Lol

  5. Total war market research team: " Ok folks, according to this pop culture research we've find that boys like pirates and girls like vampires. "
    Total war game design team: " Then that'll be our newest faction! Vampire pirates! Quick question: when was this research conducted? "
    market research team: " 2011 "

  6. Train your entire life to be a great sword of the empire with infinite prestige and respect, and the enemy send a giant enemy crab.

    But hey, you were a good meal for it’s rotting corpse

  7. Probably the thing I like least of all about the VC is that I have to kill Lizardmen when I play as them. Lizardbois are my favorite

  8. – Well well… Lord Harkon, right?
    – Captain Lord Harkon, if you will…
    – I don't see your ship… Captain.
    – It got an upgrade


  9. "ok team we need a name for our new faction that are like the vampire counts except pirates. Something like vampire coast except not that stupid"….

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  11. its beeter than the Pirates of the Caribean
    i hope that i can be the one of the soilders in that battle like the raid in WOW

  12. It just occurred to me, Luthor Harkon is a more accurate Euron Greyjoy than the actual Euron Greyjoy on Game of Thrones

  13. Literally my new favorite faction simply because they have guns on their guns.

    I only wish they were more pirate and less vampire.

  14. 1. Does anyone else get reminded of Shrek when that one guard gets shot?
    2. A pirate themed dlc where they say One Piece in the trailer and no one reacts? For shame internet.

  15. Зашел сюда почитать комменты. Посмотрите на этих уебанов им не хватает тронов британии и троецарствия, они ноют, что нет исторического тотал вар (говна с одинаковыми юнитами и пятью видами бойцов(лучниками, копейщиками, артиллеристамм, мечниками и конницей)). Настоящие фаны не ноют, ибо исторические тв и так выходят.

  16. Please make Total War : Game Of Thrones.

    I wanna play as Targaryen, Starks, Lannister or even Dothraki and Night King Army. Imagine there's the Night Wall, there's dragons and so much more!

    Please make Total War : Game Of Thrones!

    Valar Morghulis.

  17. This trailer is so brilliantly over the top and campy that I immediately bought the dlc on total impulse

  18. I still have a thing I need cleared tho, wasn't there something about Vampires being unable to stand in sunlight? Or did games workshop scrap that idea for Vampirates?

  19. Ah, how I _hate these guys showing up on my shores and ravaging my cities while I'm at war with skavens ! x)

    That being said, I'd love to see an actual naval battle between Luthor Harkon and Lohkir Fellheart ! 🙂

  20. I love how a white dwarf article on converting zombies into pirates became part of a video game. White Dwarf issue 305 if anyone is interested in seeing where the idea for this dlc came from.

  21. (deep breath)

  22. They should have had all the Dreadfleet heroes in this DLC. Even add the Grand Allience heroes to the other armies. Imagine Roth as an Empire missle buffing Lord, or Red Bokk as a full on engineer Lord. Amanhotep for Tomb Kings, even adding his famous misery in campaigns would be cool. Also it's kinda odd that Aranesa is on the side of the Vampire Coast.

  23. Best trailer i have aber seen! So great. Why no more factions like araby or kislev? And what is with part 3?

  24. lets get this straight, 2 factions that imply to have a compinent navy, the dwarves with awesome looking ships, then pirates that heavily imply naval and a kraken, well atleast there are giant crabs that use the skulls of bigger animals as shells, but if there was actual naval combat I wouldn't mind a skaven warlord that is mostly focus on naval warfare (because shiprats)

  25. Don't know whose life sucked worse, the guy eaten the giant undead crab or the guy stuck on night guard duty with a torch and short spear for protection?

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