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Top Ten Watches To Buy In 2019 Part 1

Top Ten Watches To Buy In 2019 Part 1

– Hi guys, welcome to the video
and welcome to the channel. My name is Lee Scott, I’m the Founder of Vulcan Watch Straps and today I’m gonna be looking at the top 10 luxury watches that you can buy in 2019
for under 10,000 pounds. So, let’s get straight
to it, roll the intro. (rock music) Okay, guys, just to start off, I’m gonna have to start with an apology. I meant to post some videos over the last two or three weeks, but I spent Christmas and New Year in the Caribbean and had no wifi, I couldn’t access any of
my Adobe Cloud software, so it was a bit of a nightmare, and I decided to just take it easy for a couple of weeks rather
than trying to edit videos while I was traveling with the family. So, apologies for that, but we’re back into the
swing of things now. Welcome 2019, a happy new year, I know it’s a few days too late, probably fed up with hearing it by now, but happy new year to all our subscribers, our non-subscribers,
welcome to the channel. Like I said, my name is Lee Scott, I’m the Founder of Vulcan Watch Straps. We can be found at and just wanna do a
quick wristwatch check. So, today I’m wearing
the Rolex Explorer II, with the white dial, red
hand, its 2003 version, I’ve got that in the crimson
red Vulcan watch strap. Like I said, those can
be found at our website, but let’s get into the 10
watches under 10,000 pounds that I believe are great watches for 2019. Okay, guys, so the first watch
that I want to talk about is a watch that I actually owned myself, that is the Tudor Black Bear Heritage. Now, this is an absolutely amazing watch and I was guilty of being
a bit of a watch snob and believing that this
was a poor man’s Rolex. Since buying this watch, I have totally reversed
my opinion and now I think this watch is an absolutely
amazing value for money. For those of you who don’t know, Tudor is actually manufactured by Rolex, they’re sort of lesser range,
and the brand ambassador for this watch is actually
David Beckham himself. So, I’m sure you’ve seen the advertisements around everywhere, but this is a 41 millimeter dive watch, it is absolutely brilliant. I mean, the bezel and
everything just feels so, can you hear that (clicking)? Bezel just feels so great. I mean, the design is actually based on, very similar to the Submariner. There is a black dial with
gold number indicators and a luminosity, a luminescent
coating on the numbers. This has a black aluminum
bezel and it’s unidirectional, obviously, for the diving, so you can monitor your oxygen levels and your decompression stats. It’s an out-and-out dive watch. I mean, this, the strap is very similar to a Ice-to-Bracelet strap, the only I don’t like
with the Tudor Black Bear is that these rivets show on the actual metal strap. I wouldn’t have put those showing, but I guess it gives it a
bit of an industrial look. I know a lot of people are asking so we will be supplying
rubber watch straps for the Tudor Black Bear Heritage. In-house movement,
Tudor in-house movement, COSC certified and
waterproof to 200 meters. Like I said, 41 millimeters. Looked great on the wrist. Out-and-out, absolutely great watch. Feels good, feels heavy in the hand and retailing at around 2,600 pound, I think this is an absolute steal. As usual, I normally
tend to buy the watches secondhand as new, save the VAT on them, so I’m coming in at around
2,200 pounds, secondhand. This is a great buy and well
off the 10,000 pound mark. A great watch for people to start with. If you’re just starting your collection, I mean, this is an amazing watch and I think the Tudor Black Bear Heritage will be in my collection
for a long time to come. Let’s take a look a the next watch as we run down our top 10
watches to buy in 2019. Okay, so the next watch that I’m looking to discuss now then is the
Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 111, as shown in the corner here. This watch is absolutely
being discontinued for retail, but it’s available on
the secondhand market for around 3 1/2 to 4,000
pounds, with box and papers. Having previously owned a
Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 111, I can highly recommend this watch. Another watch that I
wish I never got rid of, but, you know, when
you trade in at watches and you’re trying to
buy your grill pieces, I’ve been buying and
selling and trading watches to try and level up to
the next watch that I want to increase my collection. But one thing I am gonna
be doing in the future is actually buying back
every previous watch I’ve ever owned in my collection to bring my collection up to every
single watch I’ve ever owned. That’s an ambition of mine. Whether I’m ever gonna
achieve that, I don’t know? The Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 111 is a 44 millimeter manually wound watch. By manually wound, we mean
there’s no kinetic movement in there, so there’s no automatic movement that when you’re moving your wrist it doesn’t wind up the watch. You have to manually
wind it after a few days. So the PAM 111 is 300
meters water resistant, and usually comes on a rubber
strap or a leather strap, but you can actually buy the metallic strap for that, as well. That’s one watch that I don’t think the metallic strap looks great on, I think the Panerai
look absolutely awesome with rubber straps or with leather straps. I think they come with a leather straps are on the PAM 111. So these watches usually
come with a black dial or a white dial and have
Arabic-style numeral markers, usually at the 12, three and six mark. This one shows a power
reserve at nine o’clock. That shows you how much
wind is left in the watch which is quite a useful feature. Panerai also have the
crown protection device, as well, which is an arm that actually comes across and unclips. Looks quite neat, actually
unclips so you can wind it up, click that back up just so that you sort of protect the crown. Overall a great watch, I
think you probably need a little bit of a bigger
wrist to carry this off. But, absolutely beautiful watch, sort of military inspired. The Panerai are actually
an Italian company, but they do have their
headquarters in Switzerland where they make all their own in-house movements for the watches. I personally love all the marketing and branding around the Panerai. I think it really stands out, I think, above a lot of the other brands the way that they do the marketing around the Panerai Luminor Marina. Yeah, all-in-all, a great watch. Another great starter watch. Easing up a little bit in the
price, so a mid-range price. A really good watch, I
love it, do you love it? Let us know in the comments below. Let’s move on to the next watch. So the next watch I want to talk about then is the Omega
Speedmaster Moonwatch. This is a 42 millimeter chronograph and it’s got a big, big accolade. This watch was the first watch on the moon used by the
Apollo 11 astronauts and a great, great achievement for Omega. I’ve said it before, I think Rolex should’ve been
the first watch in space, but Omega beat them to it with the Omega Speedmaster
Chronograph Moonwatch and it’s an absolutely awesome timepiece. Would you believe this is one that I’ve not actually owned in the past? I know it seems I have owned
every watch on this list that I’m going through,
but the Omega Speedmaster is a watch that I’d really
like to get in my collection. At retail price of around
3,500 pounds, it’s a great buy. The Omegas that I’ve owned previously, the bracelet on them is
really, really comfortable. You know, it doesn’t grab
the hairs on your arms or never traps ya, it’s
really, really smooth. I have owned the Omega
Seamaster Planet Ocean, and that was a great watch. But the Speedmaster is
a watch that I’ve wanted to get into my collection
for along time now, and I will be adding it at
some point in the near future. Omega have done a lot of
different specialist editions of the Speedmaster, including this one which is the 40th Anniversary, which I think just
looks absolutely amazing with the chronograph change there to mark the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landings. Just an absolutely amazing watch. I mean, it looks great. It just looks like your
classic sports watch and I think an absolutely
brilliantly reasonable price. I mean, it’s a really nice watch, and again, under 5,000 pounds, it’s a good beginner’s watch for some people just
starting out their collection or somebody who just wants a nice watch. And they hold their retail
value reasonably well, but you probably will lose money on a Speedmaster if you bought it, but, you don’t want to
be just buying watches for the investment value, you know, buy a watch, wear it. I wear all of my watches daily, I wear ’em for swimming,
I wear ’em at the beach. These watches are meant to be worn and if you can wear ’em for a few years and sell ’em for the same price
you bought ’em for, great. If you lose a little bit,
no worries, you know? Does it really matter? You’ve had all them years
of enjoyment out of it. But, I don’t plan on
selling any of my watches. But, all I’m saying is don’t buy a watch for an investment, really. Or don’t buy it with the view of it just being an investment. You know, these watches
are meant to be worn and shown off, so you need
the Speedmaster Moonwatch. Absolutely amazing watch,
I highly recommend it. And, let’s take a look at the next watch. Okay, so the next watch
we’re gonna look at in our Top 10 list is
the Rolex Submariner. This is a 116610LV,
also known as the Hulk, and these retail at 6, 9, 5, 0 in the UK, but, trying to get any
stainless steel sports’ version from any authorized dealer in
the UK is now an impossible, but you can pick up Rolex Submariners for sub 10,000 pound,
probably not this one. You’d be looking at the black
bezel, black dial version. So, yep, Rolex Submariner, it’s gotta be in everybody’s collection. So, I always wear mine obviously with the emerald green Vulcan watch strap, sometimes I change it
out for the ice white, it goes great with the
Rolex Submariner Hulk, the green really matches there. Take off the oyster bracelet
when you’re at the beach and things like that, it’s
just a lot more sporty, a lot more comfortable
when you’re out in the sun, you’re swimming at the beach, at the sea. Yeah, so, I wear mine with the emerald green Vulcan watch strap. Dive down to 300 meters with this watch, 300 meter water resistant,
14 millimeter body, luminescent markers. I mean, I’ve gone through
the Rolex Submariner on another video which
I’ll link at the end, so I’m not gonna go
into it in great detail. But, another great watch for under 10,000 pound that is available in 2019 and a great watch
to add to your collection and I believe every watch collector should at least have one
Rolex with Mariner in there, be it the black-on-black version or the green version like this. Personally, this is my favorite. So glad I bought this watch
and it’s gone up tremendously in value since I actually
bought this watch, so really happy with that. Let’s look at the next
watch in the collection that I think you should buy in 2019. So this leads us on to another
one of my favorite watches, that is a Breitling Navitimer 1 GMT. This is a 46 millimeter steel watch and I think that it
just looks so individual that it’s just one for the collection. Again, I previously owned
one of these watches. I am gonna buy it back at
some point in the future, I really, really love this watch. It really stands out on the wrist and it’s going to be really carried off by people with big wrists such as myself because it is, like I said,
it’s a 46 millimeter watch. It incorporates a Breitling 24 movement, it’s water resistant to 30 meters, it’s not really a dive watch, it’s more of a traveler’s watch, so it’s got the GMT function on there. The GMT hand functions in the, in the same way as a
Rolex GMT Master, really, in that you can have the
second time zone on there. It comes on the black leather watch strap which I think looks really good, Breitling have a really
good range of watch straps to fit all their watches. I used to own the diving strap for the Navitimer on the black rubber, as well as the black alligator strap and the brown alligator strap, as well. They’ve got loads of different
straps for these watches and I think Breitlings look
great on the leather straps with the deployment clasps. Presently Navitimer retails
at around 5,000 pounds and in the UK, so it’s about mid-range in what we’re talking about today. But, a really great watch, and again, a good sort of entry level watch, or maybe just above entry level. Really nice, help you stand out. So the Navitimer really
is a great tool watch. You’ve got the time on
the their, obviously, your GMT time, your chronometers, the date window as well
as the tachymeter bezel on the outside, so it really
is a great tool watch, can be used for all different things. Like I said, a traveler’s
watch, great for traveling. It gives you everything
that you need there. So guys, as this video’s
getting past 10 minutes, I’ve just decided to split
this video into two parts, this will be part one,
covering the first five, I’m gonna cover the second
five in next week’s video, so that the videos don’t end
up more than 20 minutes long. So, we’ve got another five
great watches coming for you to complete the collection of 10 watches that I think you should buy in
2019 for under 10,000 pounds. So, we’ll take a look at
them other five next week. Hope you’ve enjoyed the five
that you’ve seen so far. So guys, that’s it for this week. Thank you for watching the video. If you don’t already,
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hit that Like button if you found the video useful and also hit the notification icon if you’d like to be made aware of whenever we upload a new video. We upload videos weekly on all things to do with watches from interviews to reviews to guides just like this one. We’ve got plenty of other
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they’ll be some links at the end. Again, thanks for joining us. My name’s Lee Scott from
Vulcan Watch Straps, have a great day. (rock music)

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