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  1. Feel free to post up your suggestions! This would be a "top 100" if I had the time to do that video.

  2. Why you should never use surplus pistols that are curios & relics for self-defense or CCW:
    1. The are usually worn out i.e. metal fatigue & could break at anytime.
    2. The gun's springs are usually weak and replacement springs are either not made anymore or very expensive.
    3. The problem with almost all curios & relics was that they jammed and were unreliable for many reasons.
    4. New, modern reliable and more effective weapons are available and the same price or cheaper.

    Note: For collecting/investment no problem but I recommend investing in precious metals for much better return.

  3. Typical response from a dumbass that doesn't know anything about guns that goes for you to a Jones only a dumbass like you would pay that amount of money for all old piece of junk

  4. This gun is junk and it is almost impossible to find ammo for it if idiots like you stop paying hi prices for these old guns the real prices would be much lower

  5. Now this one here shoots 9mm, now to me that's an inexpensive round, but then I'm rich. I realize that you peasants out there can barely afford to shoot spit wads through a straw, maybe someday you'll have a bb gun, then you can pretend to be like me.

  6. I have an S42 (1936 date) Luger all matching # except the barrell, and it was re-barrelled during the war with an 8xxx serial number barrel. Both magazines are matching numbers to the gun and has the original holster marked 1936 Berlin. A vender at a gun show told me it wasn't worth more than 600 bucks and that he would buy it off me for that amount. I walked away laughing.

  7. Agree with the line up. I too don't understand why the Maks are so under valued, I have a 1964 East German and without doubt it is one of the finest pistols I have ever owned. Have 2 shooting buddies with Bulgarian Maks and we all brag about how good they are

  8. i have a 1979 Bulgarian and an East German 1960 Makarov, both in really pristine condition. Actually just crated this video tonight to show them off here, hope you don't mind me posting it!

  9. Sir after this I bought a genuine p38 for 1400 was carried during ww2 and the guy dubbed it a *spirit*? Gun he said it has been used to take lives back in the day I fire it every other day of the week and clean it with honor knowing the bold fact a German carried this at one point in history and it could tell a damn fine tall tale the shit its done and seen lol honored greatly

    And yes it has genuine documentation it's in fact vintage.

  10. I have a P-1 Portugese assembly that shoots quite well. Good deal on the P-38.. My P-1 is West German milsurp with the holster, extra mag and even the range proof sheet.

  11. I have a Makarov, although the caliber is .380 Automatic, it came with an extra magazine, a cleaning rod, and a case/holster, I paid $130.00 in May of 1995.

  12. The parabellum the beautiful parabellum . Why do we say and wrongly say “ if it’s not made in the states it’s crap “

  13. Back in the early 60's a friend's father had a P38 all greased up hanging in his garage. It looked new with holster. He had liberated it himself and told me I could have it for $25.00. I was just a kid and couldn't find the money.

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