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Top 5 M1 Garand Tips and Tricks

Top 5 M1 Garand Tips and Tricks

hey guys so what I have here today is the u.s. rifle caliber 30 and one also known as the m1 garand this rifle was made by a John garand a canadian-born American a pretty amazing story I definitely suggest you look up the history of the rifle and its development pretty much it's it's you know normal what we're used to seeing now is not anything would it look like in the beginning when you first started designing it so I suggest you look up the history that's pretty interesting so with a lot of my rifles if I'm gonna be say putting it in my truck or so a lot of times when I just put them off on my safe I like to keep the magazines loaded that way if I ever need to say grab a gun because I need to shoot a shoot a hog or something you know I have the I have the magazine loaded I don't have to go from bling around with with bullets but I keep the Chamber's you know empty for safety reasons now within one grande that's a little bit more tricky to do because when you load in the eight it strips off the top one and you see the m1 garand it's internal magazine only holds seven rounds and it just you know the way it works is the top one gets stripped off into the chamber and then the remaining seven are held in there so now the way to get around that if you want to keep the magazine loaded and not one in the chamber is you put seven on the clip and you know it holds the seven pretty well it's not you know as firm as with eight but it's it's good enough so what you want to do is just load in this seven like normal and you want to keep pushing on that top round so that the bolt will travel over that top round so you can see right now you have runs in the magazine but it's not pushing one of the chamber so now you'll have seven the magazine and the chamber is empty so I like to store it like this and if ever you need to use it all you have to do is so here's a tip about loading the em1 clips there's a billion videos about how to actually load them I'm not going to show that but I will tell you that when you load them it's a good idea to try to load them like the one on my right hand here you'll see the one on my right hand has the top round on the right side and the one on my left hand has the top round on the left side and it's the same thing on both sides now the reason why you want to load this on the right side is because and when you go to load this into your rifle you want to use your right hand and so with me I find myself sort of putting my thumb around here and I put a lot of that weight and pressure is just on a thin little piece of clip because that's just sort of where my where my thumb kind of goes in so I find it much easier if you use a if you load your clips with the top round on the right because that gives me that full round that I'm pushing on now I'm not just pushing on a little piece of steel here I'm actually pushing on this top round and for me just loading these guns a whole lot I just found this to be much easier and I encourage you to try this and see if you like it okay so this is the thing that you need to remember when you're going to load a clip you know the old infamous hurting your thumb thing so when you load a clip into the m1 you need to maintain pressure you see right now I'm maintaining pressure on the round and it's not doing anything because I'm holding it down that's designed to stay down now when I release my thumb it will go forward but as long as you maintain that downward pressure you're fine so just remember downward pressure on it and hold that until you're ready to move your hand out of the way these guns were made for men so don't be afraid and just push it in there and load your rifle so now I'm going to show you a way of counting the rounds of that are left in your clip you know there's no way to see it or anything so that you want to do is you want to pull back the bolt and if you had a round chambered it'd probably fly out of there and now you need to press the release here on the left side of the receiver and put your hand over this to catch it and so now you have your clip just popped out of your gun now release the bolt handle and that bolt handle will put pressure on the clip and hold that in there for you so now you can just look in see how many rounds you have left and then if you need to load an extra round you simply just press the round into the top of the clip just like that after you load the round in there however many you want then you just go ahead and push it and and so that's how you check your round count and reload ammo into the clip while it's in the gun alright lastly here this would be a no-brainer if you want a way to carry an extra clip on your rifle this is the way gi's did it it's just a really handy way of doing it you simply just put the clip on the sling so you'll just hold the sling tight push the clip on your sling and there you go now I like to make my rounds face the left side so if I need to reload this I can describe the clip and reload right there so I hope you found that information useful I hope it comes to handy one day with you I appreciate you watching the video if you would please subscribe or whatever that it really helps me out and if you have any more ideas for me or you just like me to talk about something just feel free to send me a message or a comment on the video and so thanks a lot guys appreciate your watching

Reader Comments

  1. I once heard this little trick about it.
    If you remove the gas plug near the muzzle, you can turn it into a bolt-action rifle.

  2. Do NOT sling-carry your extra clips. It might look cool to the weekend warrior's, & hollywood actor's, but it's not practical.
    1) Try doing it with the sling on your shoulder. They ALWAYS fall off. Usually with cartridges going everywhere. Time wasted finding them, cleaning them, & getting them back in the clip.
    2) If you did have to dive into a ditch to avoid enemy fire, they would be covered in mud. While the M1 is very forgiving, it does NOT like mud in the receiver!
    If you want to play G.I., you can get a cartridge belt. They hold 10 en bloc clips. The problem is, if it's cold, & you're wearing a heavy coat, the belt will be under the coat, & out of reach.
    OR buy some 6 pocket bandoleers. But they have a bad habit of getting caught on EVERYTHING.
    OR do as the dogfaces did; get a canteen pouch, & fill it with loaded clips. Keeps them clean, handy, etc.

    The #1 Garand Tip;
    Use the knife edge of your right hand to hold back the charging rod, while you push the clip down with your right thumb. This prevents "M1 Thumb", & all the heartache that go with it. Your left hand should be on the rifle, about mid-barrel. And the stock planted on your left thigh.

    You're completely CORRECT about top round on the right side of the clip! Gives your thumb a firm anchor point. Good job! Most people don't get it.

    I've owned & shot M1's since 1982. Learned all kinds of good tips from my Grandfather's & Great Uncle's who used them in battle. Their #1 rule….
    "Don't believe any of that hollywood bullsh*t."

  3. In your video, the bolt immediately loads the round. The round doesn’t get stuck going in to the chamber. With my M1, every since time I load a clip, I have to manual push the bolt and force the round in to the chamber. How can I fix this?

  4. if you keep chambers empty youre douchebag because you dont trust yourself that has anything to do with safety 🙂 you got mechanical safety on the weapon (glock has 2 stage trigger so no way of fire if you dont depress it) your weapon license should be withdrawn from your property

  5. Not many soldiers carried the clips on there slings in WWII. The main reason was because of how running around and all the fox holes they jumped in too

  6. How do you load 7 rds with the top one to the right? He removed his 8th rd which was top right. Sooo…?

  7. Clip on the sling… bloody ridiculous!, in use it will fall off, land in the dirt and become unusable, ammo is like your own blood in combat , you dont do stupid things to loose it or damage it….next it will be hanging handgrenades from belts by their levers….
    Cowboy techniques dreamt up by Hollywood.

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