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Top 5 iconic watches for men: Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Panerai

Top 5 iconic watches for men: Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Panerai

If you’re after a watch, whose looks speak volumes. Then here’s my selection of those, who have stood the test of time, and become true icons, of the watch world. Cartier may be one of the world’s grandest jewellery houses, but it has also produced some of the most iconic watches
of the 20 century. Louis Cartier became fascinated by the boxey profile of the Renault battle tanks, and he modelled the, Cartier Tank on its clean rectilinear
designs in 1917. It has since become one of Cartier’s most popular watches. The Rolex Submariner was one of the first professional dive watches that arrived in 1953, just as recreational scuba diving was taking off. The newfangled Submariner, could descend to depths of 100 metres, with its functional good looks, and it meant that it was perfect for secret agent 007, played by Sean Connery. Collectors today still refer to it as the James Bond Submariner. Ever since that, epic day in 1969 when Apollo 11 touched down on the moon, with a Speedmaster chronograph, on Buzz Aldrin’s wrist, the iconic Omega, has been the Moon Watch. Good looks last, and its still the only watch to ever been on the moon. The original Panerai, Radiomir watches of 1936 , were used in the second world war, during the Italian Navy’s underwater
stealth operations, putting extra large watches back on style radar. Panerai remains faithful to the original and functional design of its watches. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak first
appeared, in 1972, and is one of the most recognisable watches that I know. With its striking octagonal face and angular case. First presented in stainless steel, with a price far above that of a similar gold model. The Royal Oak turned on its head the
concept of luxury. Today Audemars Piguet, reverses the equation and presents the Royal Oak in yellow gold. So if you’re looking to buy a watch, that will be instantly recognizable, and look good, for decades to come. Then consider, one of these watches, because so little of the design has changed since they were first created. You can buy all these products by
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  1. The Omega was not the only watch worn on the moon. DaveScott wore a Waltham on Apollo 15, and you can easily find several pics of mission commanders and LM pilots wearing Rolex GMTs during the suiting up process.

  2. what do we got ova here, Haters? a coupa of Haters? No Hublot, no Patek, no Grand Seiko, jewelry editor why you leaving out certain brands?

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