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Top 5 Benefits Of The Navy

Top 5 Benefits Of The Navy

what's going on everyone it's Johnny Five coming to you with the brand new Navy video and today I'm going to be going over my perspective of the top five benefits of the Navy and getting right into it guys I'm gonna say besides these top five benefits you're getting the opportunity to serve your country and really make a difference slash impact so number one on my list is finding your passion and the reason I say that is because me personally the Navy the time I've spent serving my country and working as a BM I've been able to find my passion and really figure out what I want to do in life obviously that's gonna be different for every single person in the military or in the Navy I figured out early on that my passion is being an entrepreneur running my own business and helping people in that way you know living on my own terms running my own business being able to run my business from my smartphone laptop anywhere in the world travel and live the life that I want but also making and making an impact changing and saving lives with whatever I'm doing that's number one for me number two would be saving money others may have a different perspective on this because all from experience not a lot of people would say that's a benefit of the Navy per se but for me I've been able to save a lot of money and I've been able to take that invested into other things invest it into other ventures that have them you bit more money in that process so really when it comes down to it it's not that hard to save money guys it's just a lot of people have spending problems just like anyone in the civilian world people want to buy things they want things and they go paycheck to paycheck buying random junk that they don't need when they can really save all that money invest it and compound that over time and that's what I've been able to do personally because literally if you're living on the ship per se you can save almost every dollar no joke because you're you can eat every meal on the ship you don't have rent you're not paying for anything you're really not the Navy is whatever you have to be for its are automatically coming out of your account so you don't notice it you're still getting your base pay and that's it you can save all that money if you want to you don't have to live like that like you can take some money obviously go out and you don't want to just live secluded on the ship like going to sleep right after work and not doing anything I'm not saying don't do that but if you wanted to you can save 50 percent of your paycheck 60% 40% and that adds up over time especially when you're doing even if you're doing one contract four years out of how much you're gonna save and it's it's quite a bit it's quite a big guys you can't do that in the civilian world you just can't it's almost impossible because your expenses are not covered like that they're just not so I believe that's a very big benefit to being in the Navy and then moving on to number three guys free schooling what I want other people to realize about this is there's different paths that you can take so you can actually use a program aside from the free college you can go into a program that gives you technical skills [Applause] you can use half of your schooling time for that and you can use so you can basically cut it in half so you're using the technical side and then you can go to school for half of that as well and you're basically put in a position where you're getting everything you need for your job all the training all the like if you're going for a specific thing you know what you want you know all the training you have to get done you you know all the supplies you need they will cover everything as long it's in within those parameters that they give you and then that's sometimes that's all you need so that's something cool they don't just offer they give so many tools guys so many tools for the for the Navy in the military and I don't think that's what a lot of people don't realize you only really understand it when you're on your way out you're going through all these classes and you're getting all this information all these packages pamphlets all these booklets that list tons of information and tons of benefits for you so make sure that you guys pay attention and ask questions and really get all of the benefits that you are entitled to so free schooling obviously I'm not going to be going to college after I get out it to me it's just a waste of time for me personally because I don't want to have to be put in a box per se and what I mean by that is I if I go to school then that's just another thing like oh I gotta be at school at this day at this time I have to wake up at this time there's just no point I'm already making money with my business I'm already doing well with that and I want to keep that momentum going and I want to just go straight into ultimate grind mode for my business for my hustles and everything that I plan on doing so to me it's just gonna be taking focus away from me and kind of push me off track so as of right now I'm not gonna be utilizing that but the good thing I can save it for my family more down the line and that's so either way whether you use it or you save it you're still that's gonna be a benefit that you can use whether it's an hour in the future and number four would be the unlimited tools so what I mean by that is you get so many resources of as I said before and there's just really no reason anyone should fail in the Navy whether you're staying in or you're getting out you get every single tool that you could possibly need to set yourself up for success so if you're staying in you're gonna get constant support you have your division you have your ship you have your command there for you to either reach out for help they're gonna point you in the right direction you have just every area covered all you have to do is ask for help if you're saying it if you're getting out you're getting all this knowledge all these tools all these benefits that are there for you to take advantage of and a lot of people don't just because it might be because there's too many tools there's too many resources that people just they get bombarded with everything once we're getting out and it's it's kind of fast-paced when you're starting that process so you can be overwhelmed but that doesn't mean like you should take notes and pinpoint like hey I want to use this for sure I'm gonna use this benefit and you know take notes on your way out because there's just like I said there's just so many tools that are given to us and just so many benefits that we need to take advantage of you guys will realize that more when you're on your way out or if you start researching like hey what am i entitled to when I get out or did one of my giving you could ask questions that's your command ask people that are out already there was just so many things guys so don't let that pass over your head and really whether you decide to stay in or get out make sure you guys take advantage of those resources and number five guys that would be traveling and networking so at first you're not gonna be doing too much traveling depending on your rate but if you go on deployment you're gonna be going to a multiple of places during that time yes you are under the command of the CEO and he determines like can you go here what is the time limit here how much Liberty do you get do you have to sleep on the ship can you get a place out in town yes you have to follow those rules but you're traveling for free almost and you're getting paid while doing it so that's something to keep in perspective depending like what your rate is you can travel more than the average sailor I guess you could say and that just determines on what job you do end up picking and going throughout your career with and the networking side you're gonna mean so many people you're gonna meet a multiple of so many different people from all walks of life and that's your opportunity to really make friends and expand your network so when I say expand your network I mean really meet people and see you could bring them value whether it's with military or not you can save those connections so you may stay connected with them when you eventually get out the military and create a long-term friendship that can be both beneficial to that person in you and that's what I really really people don't want some people don't understand what networking means or when I say network they don't know what it means it just simply means connecting with someone else and trying to add as much value as you can to that person and vice versa you know so when you're going throughout your career don't burn bridges don't try your best to not get upset at people and just try try to spread as much positivity in the military in and the Navy specifically as much as possible guys like really cut the negativity spread positivity a hundred percent of the time because the I mean the world in general needs more positivity than and just I hate negativity guys but those are my five top benefits let me know what you guys think and I really hope this video brought some perspective and some value to you so if you enjoyed the video please your blank please drop a comment please subscribe if you're new and it's been Johnny

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  1. I'm glad that your generation has the option to go to school online, and take whatever classes you want, whenever you want. What's up with that Litecoin man?? Stock up while its affordable!!

  2. Yep, I pay half my paycheck to rent. Then there's food and car payment. This is one reason I'm considering the Navy. I'm sure when I traveled to a different place, I would be tempted to get off the ship. I would have to have the discipline to limit my spending.

  3. I was wondering why most big companies form LLC for there business. Even Amazon is LLC, but i thought LLC puts the money thru the individuals taxes, so wouldn't forming Amazon as LLC mess up Jeff Bezos taxes. It never made sense to me that the big companies form as LLC. Thoughts?

  4. I leave for Navy BootCamp April 5th is a BM I had a few jobs lined up including Aviation jobs and Seabee jobs but I failed my depth perception test. What is shore duty like for a BM? After A school do you immediately go on a ship, shore duty, or do you go home for a little?

  5. What is your take on AO? Ive come to only a small choice of rate when it comes to my test score. Nervous of the moment where I go to meps and have to make a spot on decision.. ':S

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