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Top 15 Paranormal Events That Police Witnessed

Top 15 Paranormal Events That Police Witnessed

#15 The Twin Tower Soul Collector
2,996 souls were lost the day the Twin Towers fell. And one soul returned to help light the way. As he delved into the World Trade Center rubble
on that fateful day of September 11th, 2001, now-retired Lt. Frank Marra was met with a
paranormal entity. This entity was a black woman in a Red Cross
uniform, holding a sandwich tray. During his long shifts at ground zero, the
veteran cop of 17 years recalls that each time he squinted to catch a good look at the
spirited helper, she would disappear. He recounts this tale after hearing a detective
mention the woman during a 2013 interview for a book entitled Hallowed Ground, which
details events surrounding 9/11. The detective had heard about this mysterious
Red Cross worker who was serving sandwiches and coffee, like some sort of WWII aid. When he heard the detective’s notes, Marra
claimed to have also seen her on several occasions. Marra had sifted through the World Trade Center
remnants from September 2001 to February 2002. Here, he and other volunteers identified the
remains of those who perished in the attacks and also found around 54,000 personal objects
in the landfill on Staten Island, which was termed “The Hill.” Other officers who assisted in the aftermath
of the terrorist attacks also recalled seeing “black masses” and enormous shadows amidst
the debris. Marra wondered what this could all mean, so
he visited a medium to help him interpret the vision of the Red Cross worker. The medium suggested he’d come into contact
with a “soul collector” who was gathering up the lost souls of this horrifying terrorist
attack and guiding them into the beyond. Marra has come to agree with this interpretation
of his paranormal vision: he had seen a “soul collector”. #14 A UFO in Rendlesham Forest
Aliens exist in Rendlesham Forest. At least, that’s what a paranormal event
led James Pennison to believe. In 1980, the week after Christmas, Senior
Security Officer James Pennison was head of RAF Woodbridge, while stationed at RAF Bentwaters,
when reports of a crash in the forest sent him and a police team to Rendlesham. At first, just Pennison and two other officers
arrived to find lights flashing through the trees of the forest. The official report of this event, described
by Pennison, detailed a curious triangular aircraft, landed on three legs, with lights
a-blazing, unique to anything those on the crew had ever known. Pennison describes how the crew’s radios
began to malfunction when they started to approach the vehicle. Electricity cracked and fizzled in the air. The crew could tangibly feel this strangely
intense ambiance. Around 80 other officers showed up to examine
the mysterious aircraft, noting the strange symbols on its side and measuring it. Once they had finished examining the UFO,
the glow of the lights on the aircraft’s side began to brighten, as if it had waited
for the crew to examine it and was now ready for lift-off. It rose silently from the forest floor before
darting away like lightning. In astonishment, Pennison and his team watched
it vanish. After experiencing this paranormal event,
those of the investigative team were all told not to tell anyone about what had happened. Only eye-witness statements exist; no documentation. The investigation was classified and was never
permitted to be open to the public. #13 A Voice from the Beyond
An automobile accident is said to have killed Utah mother, Jennifer Groesbeck, as she drove
her and her daughter, Lily, home on March 5th, 2015, at around 10:30PM. The car slammed through the guardrail of a
bridge and rolled, landing upside down in an icy river near Spanish Forks, Utah. It wasn’t discovered until 14 hours later,
when a fisherman spotted the incident. By then, Jennifer had long been dead. The medical examiner sited blunt force trauma
to the head which certainly would have killed her. But who, then, called out for help? After being alerted, the police rushed to
the scene and examined the wreck. That’s when they heard a voice cry out to
them from the vehicle. The voice of an adult female. They raced over to the partly submerged car
to save the survivor. But they discovered that Jennifer had long
been dead. In fact, an autopsy revealed that she’d
been high on a deadly combination of heroin and prescription drugs and had been dead for
several hours by the time officers arrived. But not Lily, Jennifer’s 18-month-old baby. Lily was miraculously suspended above the
chilly water. She had passed out and was hanging upside
down, but she was alive. EMTs rushed Lily to the hospital, where she
recovered in full. And yet, her mother, Jennifer, long dead,
may have been calling out to rescue workers from beyond the grave. The police don’t understand where else this
voice could have come from. They suspect Jennifer wanted to save her daughter’s
life. #12 The Vanishing Frenchy at Devil’s Peak
Maurice “Frenchy” Theriault had a terrible upbringing. He was abused by his father and had played
witness to a horrifying incident in his family’s barn as a child. While this incident has never been fully uncovered,
what we do know is that Frenchy was forced to be involved in terrible and depraved acts. As he aged, Frenchy found that he had supernatural
powers. He had a rare ability to know things he’d
never studied, and he was incredibly strong without ever having strength trained. His father pressed him not to join the army,
so Frenchy left home and moved to Warren, Massachusetts. He married in 1985, and the couple lived on
a farm. That’s where the paranormal activity started
to happen. Random spots of blood began appearing across
the house. Neither Frenchy nor his wife could explain
where they came from. But that wasn’t even the strangest thing;
they also began to witness things vanish before their very eyes and hear eerie voices throughout
the home. Fires broke out all over the farm, never explained. Frenchy started to worry that something more
ominous might happen to him and his wife, so he brought his guns down to the sheriff’s
department and asked them to hold onto the weapons for safe-keeping. Frenchy was right. More ominous things did start to happen. In fact, they began to happen to Frenchy,
himself. His being became transitory. He started to appear and disappear, moving
seamlessly from one room to appear to his wife in another. His wife would attempt to follow or talk to
him, and he would again vanish. When she’d find him in a completely other
room, he’d say he had been there the entire time. Local police officers were called out to the
farm, and they witnessed this phenomenon as well. Finally, famed paranormal investigators, Ed
and Lorraine Warren, were sent for to help. They turned to Bishop Robert McKenna, asking
the bishop to perform an exorcism. The exorcism was performed, and Ed Warren
nearly died in the process. But in the end, it was deemed a success. Things didn’t end on a positive note for
Frenchy, however. On a completely different charge, he was later
arrested for sexually abusing a minor. #11 The Glasgow Poltergeist
This paranormal activity was witnessed by police as recently as August of this year,
2016. On August 8th and 9th, the police in Glasgow,
Scotland were called to a house in Rutherglen. Once they arrived, they witnessed flickering
lights, flying clothes, an oven that opened and closed on its own, and a lampshade placed
upside down. Even more curious, a Chihuahua that was running
around the garden suddenly flew up atop a 7 foot hedge. No evidence of criminality was found. The family of the property was in a complete
panic when officers arrived. The paranormal activity lasted for two days
and was witnessed by Police Scotland on both. The family went to stay with relatives during
this episode, and a Catholic priest was called in to bless the house. The incidents were not easy to explain away. In fact, the officers on the call had anticipated
a mental health issue, but when they arrived and witnessed the goings-on for themselves,
they simply could not understand it. The officers then phoned their superior officers,
who thought they were exaggerating, but the incident was put on ‘active inquiry.’ The police also turned to social services
and doctors to provide the house’s inhabitants support. Demonologist, Jason Love, believes the paranormal
poltergeist may have been thriving off of the energy of young teens in the house. #10 The Hung Military Man
Have you ever seen the ghost of a suicide victim? Well, a young man, tripping on drugs, did. A first-hand account from a police officer
involved a delusional 20-year-old and a military uniform. The officer received a “5150,” which is
a call to a home for a mental evaluation. When he arrived, the owner of the home, a
woman around 50 years old, said that her young son had been doing drugs and was hallucinating
that an old man had hung himself in his room. She told the police that she was afraid to
go into her son’s room herself, because she feared that one of his drug addict friends
had hung himself. The police officer went to speak to her son,
who was on a stimulant of some kind. The young man said that a female spirit told
him not to go into his bedroom, because her father had hung himself in there, attired
in his “Class A” military uniform. The officer then went and checked out the
room, only to find no body hanging there. He was informing the mother and consoling
her, when a veteran police officer arrived to help assist. The veteran officer took the first officer
aside and told him that he’d responded to this residence earlier in his career. An older male had hung himself in that very
bedroom. The veteran officer couldn’t remember any
further details. The first officer searched in the patrol car’s
report management system and found that the man who’d committed suicide was a World
War II veteran. He’d been wearing his military uniform when
he killed himself. #9 The Station Ghost
Officers often spend long hours watching surveillance video at their stations. And that’s just what Officer Karl Romero
was doing on a Saturday night in 2014 at the Espanola police station in New Mexico. Everything was quiet. Calm. Peaceful. Until he spied an odd visual on the entryway
cameras, directed at the station. At first, Romero suspected the hazy white
figure he noticed on the video was a bug. Until he saw that this “bug” had legs. He blinked and looked closer. The figure was bright and white, like a ghost. Romero knew the figure wasn’t a random living,
breathing person, because the police station had a gate securing it, along with an alarm
system. He relayed this information to his superiors
the following day. Surprisingly, many introduced their own uncanny
stories into the mix. Some said they’d spotted strange visuals
in the lobby, and others had heard creepy noises in the station, which they couldn’t
uncover. Romero reiterated his experience to KOAT TV. He believes in ghosts and believes the figure
is somehow related to a string of unsolved murders in the area over the years. #8 The “Demon House”
If you joke around about your children being “possessed,” think again. The “Demon House” in Gary, Indiana put
true evil in the children that lived there. Latoya Ammons and Rosa Campbell – the mother
and grandmother, respectively, of three children – said that the Ammons’ children were
possessed be dark entities that forced them to walk up walls backward and levitate in
midair. Unexplainable footprints had also appeared
throughout the home. It wasn’t until a photograph was taken,
with a “figure” standing in the window of the home’s porch that local police got
involved. The photograph was passed around the police
department, alongside a note that claimed no one was in the house when the photo was
taken. However, though the picture was later proven
to be a hoax, produced via an app, many people still believed the house was haunted, even
priests, social workers, and Police Captain Charles Austin, who paid witness to the 2014
paranormal events that occurred in the Demon House. He stated that he believed the house truly
held something evil. He told journalists he thought Ammons was
lying at first, but once he’d visited her home, he was “a believer.” The Department of Child Services was called
in, as was a registered nurse, to assess the children. The case manager, Valerie Washington, and
the nurse, Willie Lee Walker, both claimed they’d witnessed the 9-year-old boy walk
backwards up the wall to the ceiling before landing on the floor on his feet. Washington said the boy had a “weird grin”
on his face. Washington also heard the 7-year-old speak
in a demonic voice. He bore his teeth and growled. His eyes then rolled into the back of his
head before he passed out. It was time to call in those with an eye for
demons. The house was investigated by psychics, who
determined that more than 200 demons haunted this house, and they were possessing the Ammons’
children. When the children were possessed, their voices
deepened, eerie smiles crept across their lips, and their eyes started to bulge from
their sockets. The Ammon family doctor didn’t believe in
this possession nonsense, and stated that their mother was inciting the children to
display this crazy behavior, all to gain attention. The Ammons’ children were taken from their
mother for a time, but the family has since been brought back together. No further paranormal events have been reported
by the family. Zak Bagans, the executive producer of Ghost
Adventures, purchased the house and, in early 2016, the “Demon House” was demolished. #7 The Devil Possesses Don Decker
Don Decker was imprisoned for receiving stolen property and, in 1983, he was provided compassionate
leave in order to attend his grandpa’s funeral. During his leave, he stayed with friends of
his family in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. He was upstairs washing his hands in a bathroom,
when he suddenly grew dizzy and collapsed on the ground. Once he returned to consciousness, he headed
downstairs, where Bob Kieffer inquired about some deep scratch marks on his wrist. Decker replied that he’d collapsed and had
a vision of an elderly man whose head was adorned with a crown. A few moments later, dripping water leaked
from the walls and ceiling of the house. Kieffer assumed a pipe had burst, so he called
his landlord to report the leak. But they then realized that the pipes weren’t
broken and were positioned on the opposite side of the house. The water started to fall more heavily, like
raindrops, and it even began soaking up from the floor. Kieffer and another male guest looked at Decker,
who appeared to be in a trance. Shortly later, they phoned the police. But this mystery didn’t end with rainfall. Once they got off the phone, Decker began
levitating from the floor, and his body was launched across the room, slamming into walls,
and producing new scratches all over him. When police officers, Richard Wolbert and
John Baujan, arrived on the scene, they were torn. Wolbert thought it was a hoax, while Baujan
trusted in the paranormal. Wolbert decided not to file a report, but
the following day, two new officers chose to go investigate the paranormal event for
themselves. John Rundle and William Davies later reported
that they’d seen Decker’s skin burning from a gold cross he wore. They also witnessed the levitation as Decker
was flung around the room again. Shortly later, Decker returned to prison. Some of the prison’s duty officers claim
to have seen drips of water moving upwards on Decker’s cell walls. When a plumber was called to fix this, the
man grew disturbed after investigating Decker’s cell and left straight away. Many of the prison’s officers believe that
the prisoner had become possessed by the devil and was endowed with paranormal powers. #6 The Call Is Coming from Inside the House
A call was made to the police in St. Louis on November 28, 2006. Officer Sean Haefeli answered the call, heading
over to investigate a family at the 200 block of Runyon Avenue who hadn’t been seen in
days. Haefeli was shot by one of the residents of
the home, Tony Lynn. Lynn then faced a five-hour standoff with
police and was eventually shot and killed by a police sniper. What the police failed to find during the
first inspection of the residence was the bodies of Tony Lynn’s grandmother and two
of his siblings. They were found by relatives of the Lynns’
three days later. Several months later, Haefeli was back on
the field after recovering from his wounds. He was told by other officers that they’d
received a number of 911 calls from the Lynn residence, despite the fact that the phone
was disconnected. Each time, the caller would hang up. Haefeli decided to investigate this oddity
for himself. When he arrived back at the Lynn residence,
his skin started to crawl. The electricity had been shut off, the windows
boarded up, and four crosses – representing the four that were killed on site – had
been planted in the lawn. “It looked like a house from Nightmare on
Elm Street,” Haefeli said. He didn’t go into the home that day. But a few days later, he bucked up the courage
to investigate. It was late in the evening when Haefeli entered
with his flashlight. He said this is when “things got weird.” He noticed a Ouija board was set out, and
the marker had landed over the letter U. Haefeli felt a sharp intake of breath, saying, “It
was like it was pointing to me.” The stench of tear gas lingered in the basement. A bar was set with wine glasses. Haefeli walked slowly across the room, nearing
the closet where they’d found the bodies. A frigid breath of air rushed past him, sending
shivers up his spine. “It made the hairs on my neck and arms stand
up,” he recalled. “I said what I wanted to say to the victims
and then just ran out of there. It felt like something was constricting me. I felt like somebody was there watching me
the whole time.” Interestingly enough, after Haefeli’s visit
to the home, the 911 calls ceased, as if Lynn’s victims had been waiting for him to say a
final goodbye. #5 A
Police Captain Investigates His Past Life Robert Snow, a retired Indianapolis police
department captain, was placed on a paranormal case involving past lives. Snow was the commander of the homicide branch
and, at first, he was skeptical about the supernatural elements of this case. Snow didn’t believe in this nonsense. Reincarnation, past lives – it all sounded
absurd to him. But he did find the concept interesting, and
he opened his mind enough to investigate. He even began reading a book on past life
regression hypnosis. He decided to try it out for himself. During his hypnosis, he described in great
detail the history of an unrenowned painter, named Carroll Beckwith. While he was under, he even saw quite clearly
one of the works of this painter. He wrote in his book, Looking for Carroll
Beckwith: “The evidence I uncovered in this two-year investigation is so overwhelming
that if it had been a criminal case, there would be no plea bargaining. A conviction would be assured.” As he continued to delve into the paranormal
and investigate what he’d discovered during his regression hypnosis sessions, he came
face-to-face with one of the two paintings his visions had produced so vividly to him
while on vacation. The spontaneous viewing in a tiny art gallery
of this piece by Carroll Beckwith astounded him. He began to correlate the painter’s life
with that of what he’d expressed in his hypnoses. Beckwith had kept a daily diary during his
final 46 years of life that numbered more than 15,000 pages, so this served as a source
of data to check the facts. He found that nearly all the information he’d
provided during the hypnosis proved true to life. In the end, the skeptical man became a believer. #4 Capitol Theatre Haunting
Salt Lake City’s Capitol Theatre is haunted. That’s what many people who’ve worked
in the building claim. Haunted by what? Ghouls. Goblins. Dark forces. Perhaps a long-deceased teenage usher, crying
out for some attention. Salt Lake County sheriff’s deputy, Dave
Murphy, suggested the theatre was haunted by a “load of crap”…that is, until he,
himself, saw dark shadows reverberating through the theatre walls. Murphy was a security guard for the building
and spent nights alone by himself in the haunted theatre. He heard doors bang shut, leaving the windows
vibrating, and even saw a ghostly woman clothed in early 20th century garb. “She walked right past me, as I sat in the
control room,” Murphy claimed. “My jaw dropped.” A Syfy episode of “Paranormal Witness”
recounts Murphy’s claims, as well as those from theatre staff and police officers. Mark Lewis, the show’s producer, said that
they look for credible sources, like law enforcement witnesses, as opposed to random head-cases. Along with three police officer interviewees,
Blair Fuller, the administrative manager of the Salt Lake County Center for the Arts,
was also asked to speak on the haunting. He said he’d first witnessed paranormal
activity in the building around 1997, when he was working at night in the theatre and
discovered the elevator was operating by itself, while file doors flew open and then were forcefully
flung closed. Fuller said he never felt uncomfortable with
the activity. “In my experience,” he said, “it’s
almost like a teenager trying to get some attention. And once you acknowledge that, it stops.” In fact, a fire broke out in the theatre back
in 1947, killing a 17-year-old usher. This is who some suspect to be haunting the
theatre. Others were made uncomfortable by the paranormal
encounters, however. Murphy suggested, “Toward the end, they
wanted me out of that building for whatever reason.” He claims the black shadows he saw permeating
throughout the building once “attacked” him. “It felt just like I got a punch in the
chest. Literally, I could not talk. Whatever it was, it had the power to shut
me up.” And still more credible sources have also
claimed to have met with supernatural activity within the building. Some have said the men’s room is particularly
haunted, as are the basement and the elevators. Murphy recalls his days working in the theatre. “Some nights I would be shaking so bad,
it would take me hours before I would unwind. A lot of people think I’m crazy, but I know
what I saw.” #3 Evil Resides in Enfield
Enfield was rarely ever newsworthy, but when an evil entity rolled into town in 1977, the
story hit the papers. The owner of the haunted home in question,
Peggy Hodgson, said that a dark force had entered her home, causing her sons’ beds
to shake uncontrollably. This paranormal activity was first reported
to her by her daughter, Janet, after which Peggy was on high alert. The following evening, a loud bang exploded
from her children’s bedroom. She flew to the room and found a chest of
drawers shaking uncontrollably. She tried to move it back in place with the
help of her children, but it wouldn’t budge. Throughout the house, a bizarre knocking sound
could be heard. Not only that, but Janet started to levitate
over her bed. Most people in town were skeptical about this
story, believing Peggy and her children were fabricating the entire thing. But Ed and Lorraine Warren, two famous paranormal
investigators, came to take a look, as did Police Officer Carolyn Heeps, who confirmed
that she’d witnessed paranormal activity by signing an affidavit after she’d been
called to the house. What did she witness? She saw a chair levitating above the floor
and flying about 4 feet across the room. The police left the Hodgson’s home, stating
that they couldn’t help the family, as no law had been broken. Although no one can prove this event true,
the levitating chair reached fame. It was featured in the horror movie, The Conjuring
2. #2 The Ghostly Reporter
The sheriff of a small New Mexico town had to eat his words when he was met with this
paranormal event. The town news was covered by a local reporter,
Bob D., who would listen to the police scanner to find the action. Whether it was fires, terrible car crashes,
homicides, or any other major event, Bob was there. Everyone on the police force was familiar
with Bob and liked him, as he always showed up at the scene and was a bit of a jokester. He would stand behind people and flick their
ears and, when they batted the imaginary insect away, they’d turn around to find it was
just Bob, the joker. But Bob was to meet an unfunny end when he
died fairly quickly from lung cancer. Although he wanted to be cremated, his wife
had him buried. After his funeral, a number of folks claimed
to have seen Bob at crime scenes. In fact, more than 20 reports from both police
officers and civilians, alike, were made, detailing these visions of Bob. However, the straight-laced sheriff of this
small town remained skeptical. But one night, he showed up with his wife
at a relative’s house, pale as a ghost and with his gun drawn. After calming down, he explained what he’d
just experienced. The sheriff and his wife were at home on the
couch, watching TV, when the sheriff felt an itch on his ear. He scratched it repeatedly until his wife
asked him what was wrong. The sheriff turned around and saw their bedroom
door open. Who was standing in the doorway, but Bob D.,
himself. The sheriff launched to his feet, swore, hollered
at his wife, and she turned to see Bob smile at the pair. He made eye contact with each of them and
crossed the living room, leaving out their front door and shutting the door behind him. The sheriff raced to the door with his gun
drawn, but Bob had vanished. Bob D. continued to show up to police scenes
for another 2-3 months, and the sheriff saw him on two additional occasions. Never again did he denounce the paranormal. #1 Silbury Hill Sighting
Tall beings. A formation. A crop inspection. Paranormal activity from extraterrestrial
beings was witnessed by an unnamed off-duty police officer near a crop circle at Silbury
Hill in July, 2009. At first, the officer in question thought
these beings were forensic scientists, as they were dressed all in white and seemed
to be examining the area. But then he saw they were all identical, with
blond hair and standing more than 6 feet tall. He also felt some surge of static electricity
throughout the field. It was then that he knew this wasn’t normal. The officer claimed that one of these beings
stood at the edge of the hill, another stood several yards further along the tramline,
and yet another stood halfway down the hill. The officer said he “knew” they were inspecting
the crop and, when asked how he knew, he replied, “You know what day of the week it is, but
no one has told you. You haven’t seen a calendar, you just know.” Andrew Russell and Colin Andrews, two crop
circle researchers, investigated this incident. As they spoke to the officer, they began to
wonder if he had an unknown psychic awareness. The officer said that the figures began to
race away at top speed, as though he were watching “fast-forward mode” on a videotape. They raced away and then vanished. During the interview, the hairs stood up on
the officer’s arms, as he told the tale and relived it. Russell, who is also a clinical hypnotherapist,
ran through the experience with the officer a number of times. He even drove and timed the route. According to Russell, there is a discrepancy
of five minutes between the time accounted for by the officer and the actual time it
took to run the route. Following the event, the officer was confronted
with several “poltergeist experiences.” Knocks were heard at his front door, but no
one would be there when he answered. Electrical items began to break down. And, even worse, the officer felt a strange
presence in his home. When he would turn a corner from his kitchen,
he’d see a sudden flash of an 8-foot black figure looming in front of him. The officer began to have flashes of “knowing.” He understood that the figures had been clone-like,
identical, and with a common intelligence. He doesn’t believe they created the crop
circle, but he does believe that the beings communicated to him that he shouldn’t have
witnessed this event. The officer has no idea where these ideas
generate from; he just feels they are absolute truth. The officer also noticed a strange orange
globe in the sky above his house. He awoke from sleep one night and went outside
to smoke a cigarette when he spotted this strange floating orb hanging above, a few
hundred yards from his garden. Like the beings, the globe stayed for a bit,
hovering and swaying back and forth, before shooting off at lightning speed. To this day, these paranormal events remain
a mystery.

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  16. I liked this Vid. Narration was good but for one thing, "buildink, slammink, seeink? Where did he grow up? Found it funnink!πŸ€”πŸ˜

  17. Who's watching this while reading the comments I'll tell you everyone that left a comment IDIOT no originality

  18. I like the voice a kind of creepy voice awesome.

    Greetings from mg menes graffiti YouTube Channel

    Rotterdam//Maassluis The Netherlands πŸ‘ŠπŸΌβœŠπŸΏπŸ‘ŠπŸ½INT

  19. I saw the actual footage of the cops saving Jennifer.
    In the video, you can here the woman calling for help.

  20. u just had to do frenchie dirty like that in the end ..and sneak in that last fact about him…..shame in you…jk

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