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Top 10 Needlessly Sexualized Female Movie Characters

Top 10 Needlessly Sexualized Female Movie Characters

sometimes a sexy character can add an important element to a film but sometimes we just have to ask is it really necessary [Music] welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten needlessly sexualized female movie characters for this list we’re looking at those big screen characters that were sexualized really for no reason we’re limiting our list to females as the male’s deserve their own lists if that’s a transform they’re from the Battle of Chicago I need to know how it works we’re excluding those characters that assume the classic femme fatale role as well as those characters that were intended to be extremely sexy come on Roger let’s go for a big carrot cake [Applause] number 10 Leeloo the fifth element the you sure if we were building a woman we may choose to model it after Milla Jovovich – but this isn’t weird science in this sci-fi action flick Jovovich plays Lilu one of the supreme beings in the universe may 5th Supreme Being her main two outfits consist of a series of bandages that reveals more skin than they cover up and a crop top with tight pants and suspenders that wrap around the crotch we get that you need a sexy female lead to play alongside Bruce Willis but did her character really need to strip naked in front of everyone like to take a few pictures number 9 ginger Knowles swordfish this entry makes our list for one main reason Halle Berry’s topless scene morning commute afternoon sure we’re assuming audiences weren’t complaining that they got to see Halle Berry topless but was this really the movie that she should have done it in the scene seems out of place with the rest of the film an action crime thriller about a computer hacker and critics complained that the moment was only added to give swordfish more buzz pretty shitty day so far it looks like it just got worse at least she was paid an extra five hundred grand you don’t like the situation number eight Christmas Jones the world is not enough I pulled the plutonium out of the one inside you can detonate the triggers now Bond girls are supposed to be sexy and are often overly sexualized we get that but the world is not enough goes too far with Christmas Jones don’t bother not in the rest of the event take my word for it she’s a nuclear physicist who is tasked with assisting bond on his mission to prevent a nuclear meltdown always wanted to have Christmas in tacky this character certainly could have provided more depth to the film than Bond girls of the past that is if she hadn’t been played by Denise Richards Christmas only comes once in yeah Richards who won a Razzie for her performance claimed that she liked the role because the character was brainy so isn’t it time I wrapped her present maybe they should have chosen an actress who actually fit that description and isn’t more known for being a wild thing instead [Music] number seven Luana 1 million years BC this adventure fantasy film had no intention of being historically accurate as it portrayed dinosaurs living alongside humans that may be more believable than the appearance and attire of lalana however played by the stunning Raquel Welch Luana’s raggedy clothes barely held her breasts in place and her beautiful hair and long legs make her look less like a cave woman and more like a Victoria’s Secret model if you asked today barely anyone would remember the plot of the film but the majority of people would be able to recognize the iconic pinup poster we know Andy Dufresne would by 1966 write about the time time it was getting ready to take his exams it was lovely Raquel number 6 Princess Leia Organa Star Wars Episode six Return of the Jedi I don’t know what you’re talking about Princess Leia was without a doubt everyone’s fantasy girl when the original Star Wars trilogy hit the theaters but for the first two films George Lucas focused more on developing her character than exploiting her feminine image of course he couldn’t hold out forever and we were given the famous gold bikini outfit in Return of the Jedi well this answered the prayers of every fanboy it felt like a cheap exploit of a strong female character won the film really didn’t need number five Natasha Romanov Black Widow The Avengers who are you Natasha Romanov female characters and comic books are often exploited for their sexuality and depicted with large breasts that are barely held in by skin tight leather outfits well I made a name for myself this is no different with Black Widow also known as Natasha Romanov while the Avengers did seem like they toned down her sexuality a bit from the comics they still gave her a tight leather number that seemed quite impractical for fighting aliens we also couldn’t help but notice that there are several shots throughout the film that seemed to pause on her character just a bit too long I’m in the middle of an interrogation this moron is giving me everything number four Tinkerbell Peter Pan and hook it seems like fairies have always been depicted as gorgeous females but we think that may have started with Disney’s Peter Pan sure like many of Disney’s female characters Tinkerbell has an exaggerated hourglass figure and that’s accentuated with big blue eyes and bright blond hair [Music] we draw the line at her skimpy green dress however in that it barely covers anything while they may have slightly changed the look and hook Julia Roberts still reveals a ton of leg for what’s supposed to be an innocent fairy number three Lara Croft Lara Croft Tomb Raider how woke up this morning and I just hated everything we place more of the blame on the video game industry and the filmmakers for this entry but that doesn’t make them any less guilty the lady should be modest a lady should be modest they had a chance to focus more on the intelligent and athletic side of the English archaeologist adventurer but instead cast Angelina Jolie and made her wear a skin-tight top and short shorts Jolie certainly has the acting chops to pull off a female action hero but she was relegated to eye candy for this film number two Lola bunny spacejam hi my name is Lola bunny just cuz you don’t have an obvious female lead in a film doesn’t mean you have to turn a side character into an object of sexual desire especially if that character is a bunny I’d like to try out for the team we’re looking at you Space Jam don’t ever call me doll Lola bunny is sexualized for absolutely no reason in this flick as she wears incredibly short shorts and a crop top that hangs off her body surely that can’t meet the uniform standards in the basketball rulebook plus she’s a bunny what really makes it awkward is how everyone including Michael Jordan checks her out before we unveil our number one pick here are some honorable mentions I can open one up there but I will need some help look at that disgusting display yes sir [Music] number one mikaela banes transformers you anything I’m shallow we get it Megan Fox is hot she also plays a character that’s supposed to be in high school which makes her the definition of jailbait in this film it looks like you’re your distributor caps a little loose while Michael Bay similarly over sexualizes rosie huntington-whiteley in Transformers Dark of the Moon at least her character was of legal age look at them curves elegant beautiful did mikaela banes serve any purpose other than being illegal eye candy for the audience oh god I can’t even tell you how much I’m not your little bunny remember that next time you look at the poster on your wall of her leaning over the car hood got a high-rise double pump carburetor that’s pretty impressive Sam double pump it squirts the fuel in so you can go faster oh do you agree with our list it’s all just a business who do you think is the most needlessly sexualized movie character I’ll deal with you in a minute for more exciting top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to a new world to call [Music]

Reader Comments

  1. Why are you complaining about Lola Bunny's costume when the other characters are completely naked? I would ask why isn't Lola naked too?

  2. Seriously? Lara Croft IS supposed to be sexy…..

    It only adds to her character anyway, not jacking material.

  3. 1 Leelo was a clone or manufactured in a lab and like and they have to be naked or partially naked so the scientists can be sure everything went right
    2 Leia was dressed like that to show Jabba wanted to humiliate her and probably that he wanted her as a sex slave
    3 Black Widow is supposed to be hot she started as a Villian and seduction was her most powerful weapon + don't act like Captain America nearly every character in Marvel movies doesn't wear a impractical leather tight suit
    4 Lara croft was supposed to be the Female Bond /Indiana Jones and considering those characters are really attractive obviously Lara had to be sexy herself
    5 Ellen Ripley is one of the unsexiest female protagonists ever and I think the Directors did that in purpose and she is an amazing character but come on

  4. So, watchmojo, where is the male equivalent list??? The only results that came up were videos such as 'Sexiest Male TV characters.' Again, fucking double standards… 😂😂😂

  5. Wtf?! Leeloo wasn’t sexualized. She was created from a fucking hand. And her outfit is futuristic. You’ve lost whatever edge you ever had watchmojo.

  6. Where's Mystique from Fox's X-Men,Princess Jasmine from 1992 Aladdin? Aren't they themselves sexualized? Mystique is more sexualized than Black Widow as she was in her birthday suit instead of her signature white dress and Jasmine wears a more revealing outfit than Esmeralda.Moreover Jasmine is portrayed to have sex appeal

  7. Black Widow is a female comic book character….have they never seen drawings of comic book adult female characters bodies and what they wear?
    Basically PG-13 porn for boys 12-49 y/o.

  8. Ok i wanna say that i haven't seen any of these movies and i don't really know how accurate your list is but i have just one problem.
    Black widow.
    She's a russan spy and while i have't read the comics and i've only watched a few marvel movies as far as i know she was trained to seduce and assassinate her targets just like a lot of real Russian spies were READ BOTH MALE AND FEMALE SPIES WERE TRINED TO SEDUCE MEMBERS FROM THE OPPOSITE AND SAME GENDERS so i think that that's where the list falls apart she's supposed to be sexy.

  9. literally the first clip in this video was lara croft tomb raider and was used as an example for what you said, you said, "Sometimes a sexy character can add an important element to a film." and then that ends up being one on the list? goooooooooooood job.

  10. If those female movie characters were NEEDLESSLY sexualized, this video wouldn't have nearly 30 million views.
    It's commerce, all commerce.

  11. I'm really not sure what the point of this video is at all. To question the art of cinema is just wrong. I could not imagine any of those films being made any differently, they would not have the same edge or overall feel, it's all classic and yes completely necessary, it's human nature and what filmmaking is all about to show and feel almost anything, including sexuality, the real deal human condition and to have all these questions putting a guilt trip on everything I feel is just plain wrong and it's not going to change the future or anything, are we supposed to have a completely censored society? That isn't beneficial for anyone especially not the craft of cinema itself.

  12. The Avengers is where I discovered Scarlett Johansson. I was honestly looking at her butt half the time, and I wasn’t the only one

  13. I'm sorry to live in a world of feminists and political correctness, where I know lot of women who actually don't want to be "EQUAL" to men but superior to them (as they are, no offense to boys), using everything and anything the nature has given them … Judge me.

  14. Natasha Romanoff is fine. That's how she was in the comic and it was fine her character is kinda of like Jennifer Lawrence's character in red sparrow. They're supposed to make their body a weapon. Kinda seems like u might be a little jealous of black widow. Mikayla is supposed to be like that she's that hot girl in college that every guy wants. Megan fox even starred in the movie "Jennifer's body" where every guy wants her. badly

  15. This is a retarded video, all across the board…

    But really? Complaining about a skimpy outfit on a fairy?! You realize they're usually naked, right?

  16. Geez take the fun out of a tried and true movie staple. Sorry to say but since the invention of film T & A has been a very huge draw for audiences. Some of it can be stupid, but I'm picturing these movies with more "earthy" female look and I go WTF. Picture 1Million Years BC Raquel Welch, a big box office hit, with instead actual apes in some form of our evolution. Ya, that's way better entertainment. Lines can be argued about false sexualization and unrealistic characterizations from women, but get real about the entertainment industry. Or any of the arts for that matter, painting, sculpture. Did they picture the Mother Mary in the middle ages as some zit faced over weight slob, no. Instead the definition of motherly beauty. Art imagery and especially film was made for the visualization of the beautiful female form. And a hard hitting female character who knows she is female I feel gives a very feminine power impact to the feel of the film even more so then just seeing the T & A. If she just looks and acts like the rest of everyone else then… Oh well, ho hum… However, it's always been and always will be there, live with it. Much of the entertainment industry will fail without it.

  17. With regards to lola bunny and lara croft, being a sexy woman (or bunny woman) is not the same thing as being sexualized. Leah was certainly sexualized, but saying that Lola or Lara Croft were "sexualized" in the same way is borderline slutshaming if she. And Lola isn't even technically a slut since she's likely a virgin being a children's cartoon and whatnot. You guys need to take better care with your lists mojo. Also, regarding "uniform standards" with Lola's outfit, she still technically shows less skin than most of the guys on the show for the majority of the movie.

  18. Needlessly sexualized?! These were great examples of sexy women. Maybe you should redo this with examples such as batwoman.

  19. If I ever get to build a woman, I will 100% not model her after a woman that has absolutely no trace of titty whatsoever.

  20. Strange isn't it that the same people whining about female "sexualization in movies" turn a blind eye to male sexualization in movies. Open hetero stuff in movies is "bad" but homosexual and lesbian is somehow "good" even though its a customer loser (check the box office)
    These whining SJW turds revolt me

  21. 'Needlessy sexualized?!!' Such hypocrisy has become the norm today, uttered by the millions of brain-washed, uptight, frustrated and perverted feminist drones, with their skewed world view. …and that includes those hordes of limp-wristed, self-declared male feminists. Nudity is in fact needed badly and valued highly, it being a huge part of the normal and NATURAL sexuality and desires of both men and women. Censoring the display of nakedness is distorted, unnatural, perverted – a gross distortion of nature and violation of freedom of expression. Women have exploited their sexual attractiveness for enormous gain for thousands of years . The ones among them who object have bodies that they themselves believe no one would want to see nor desire, so they try to suppress others around them who rejoice in their beauty and enjoy the attention it gets from the opposite sex. Ugly, feminist drones can suffer their miserable, sexless lives til death do us part.

  22. If it wasn't for a little thing called pussy, nobody would give a shit about women. So fuck your "needlessly sexualized" bullshit.

  23. There's no such thing as a needlessly sexualized female character, unless your talking about a kid, like in tge Stacy's Mom music video.

  24. I have not seen any comments or have seen any video, but to think that these women in any of these films didn't make you want to see it, STOP LYING!…. Not even going to watch it now

  25. Sexy woman exists

    WatchMojo : "She’s oversexualized, does she really need to have boobs?"

    Yes i do overused memes from time to time

  26. All these videos have the tone of "men are doing this to us, and it's awful!" Black Widow's outfit shows zero cleavage, and it's basically the same as Cap, Spiderman, Black Panther, etc. Why does nobody think those three are offensive? Is it necessary for Thor to have no sleeves or Hulk to have no shirt?

    Also, several of these characters are portrayed as heroes. American stars in general tend to be good looking, so sexual thoughts are inevitable. If an unattractive fat lady played Black Widow, nobody would say–based on outfit and/or character–there was an attempt at sexualization.

  27. Tinker bell and black widow another video that’s proves how stupid watchmojo is and how they always overthinks stuff that involves women

  28. In transformers mikaela does play a whole she helps bumblebee, and save Sam stop over thinking watchmojo you guys always overthinks when the topic is about women

  29. I'm glad Esmeralda in Hunchback of Notre Dame was just an honorable mention. I thought the nature of her dancing was kind of a driving point of the villain's motivations.

  30. 10 reasons not to subscribe to this channel, basically it's all bullshit, some of them i can actually understand, but most of them were necessary

  31. I don a pair of little race car PJs on this hot bod and the ladies are totally sexualized by it. Pants come off easy, but the top has these giant buttons I have to undo one at a time. :))

  32. Terrible list is terrible. Welch and Tinkerbell are the only ones that I'll entertain as belonging. The others are core to the character and story.

  33. Lol, the whole drive of Hunchback of Notre Dame is Frollo's obsession with Esmerelda and how his attraction to her goes against his supposed religious beliefs.

  34. Ok…This seems like this lady is just a crybaby feminist….Come on….dissing on a LEGEND in Raquel Welch?? SMH…

  35. Don't they take the money and agree to do this kind of shit? I mean, when does personal responsibility play a role?

  36. it's enough someone whines about smth , like one mistake in an all correctly-mentioned list , just so everyone goes along with in comments you can see , that aside , I'd like to thank watchmojo , because not only do many and many Hollywood productions degrade viewers by focusing more on skin and sensual scenes instead of a rich and thought-provoking scrips , but they also tend to wrap up many of these actually worthless flicks by special effects some explosions and sex

  37. Watch mojo used to be good, this is absolutely ridiculous, how stupid, needlessly sexualized, they are for filling a role in the movie and they’re supposed to be sexy as part of their character

  38. Wait a minute, I just got to the part about the James Bond girl, is WatchMojo out of their mind? So stupid, I will from now on boycott WatchMojo, are used to watch all the time but they’re just being stupid at this point

  39. Includes Femme Fatales after saying they "excluded" Femme Fatales, and then goes on to complain about standard conventions in Pulp/Sci-Fi and James Bond, characters that aren't "needlessly" sexualized, but done so as part of the traditional conventions of the genres. Plus there is a LOT of slut shaming going on in this video. Who wrote this list?

  40. Bruh ur so butthurt these Beautiful women are played into movies. The point is to show them off because they cast girls like Jennifer Aniston into a movie or instead of she girls that look like shit like the red hair girl. It’s because they will get more views and I hope u realize that the females in this movie are ok with these parts that’s one of the things they need to meet in order to play the role.

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