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Top 10 Most Populous City Ranking History (1950-2035)

Top 10 Most Populous City Ranking History (1950-2035)

Tokyo was 1063 thousand residents behind New York In 1955, alongside with Tokyo, Osaka both on top 3 Mexico City became the fastest rank climbing for 5 year Brazil became 2nd countries has top 10 cities in SA Except for USA,Japan,India became 3rd countries to have 2 cities in the top 10 since 1950(At the same time) Since 1980, Europes have been out of the game Since 1988,all top 10 cities have exceeded 10+ million resident Delhi and Shanghai became the fastest growing cities since Tokyo in the 50 to 70 Delhi and Shanghai basically growing the same speed China became the 5th countries to have 2 top 10 cities since 1950(At the same time) Osaka is the only cities in the top 10 is decreasing population Dhaka was projected to have the same growth speed as Delhi and Tokyo New York and Osaka(Used to be the top city) will completely fall out top 10 In 2029,all top 10 cities will exceed 20+ million residents Kinshasa is the 5th cities alongside with Tokyo,Delhi,Shanghai,Dhaka is having,used to or will have super fast growth speed Similar to Osaka,Tokyo will be the only cities in the top 10 is decreasing in population

Reader Comments

  1. I'm curious as to which source you used to create this video. I noticed for certain cities you are using the metropolitan city population (the city proper and the suburbs around the city, i.e. New York and Tokyo) vs the actual city proper (Seoul).

  2. In the top (11-19) Manila has less population than the most populated city in the Philippines which is Quezon . (11-19) is wrong

  3. India population growth rate right now is actually related to a pehenomena called population momentum. The growth rate was 40% till 2000 & is currently at 5.43% & it’ll keep declining that way untill peak is reached, like a wave. So though the overall population looks like increasing very fast, it’s not. Majority of population in India is between 25-30 years because of this. And it’s a good thing because the younger workforce is required for faster development of any nation.

  4. Why does Tokyo in the future continue to lose its population? Other cities are increasing. What data did you calculate based on?

  5. Compare the density then you will know how big is Delhi compare to Tokyo…India is big not like japan..but I must admit it's not a thing to be proud off

  6. it's all becoz Muslims have 8-10 childrens in one home.They beleive dat it's written in Quran to have more childrens😁

  7. I would appreciate more if you are making a video with density wise calculation and how much square kilometres it is taken …..

  8. As my first act I will immediately implement a plan to eliminate at least 50% of the you the planet cannot sustain the sheer numbers LET ME FINISH under your chairs is a multiple choice questionnaire if you did not bring a pencil YOU'RE ALREADY OUT!

  9. And this is why disasters today look worse. It's not that the rain got worse, the tsnumais etc… It's that we're packing 10-100x the people in the same place. Back in the day, a 100 or 1,000 people would die. Now it's 100,000, but it's still the same 'percentage' of the population. That won't drive headlines nor generate 'aid'…

  10. If you are more worried about Overpopulation than Overconsumption you probably just hate poor people. Earth has enough Ressources and Landmass to support all of us and even way more but the problem is Overconsumption and not Overpopulation. A few people consuming and wasting more Ressources than the Rest combined (A little exaggerated but you get the point).

  11. @WawamuStats

    Can you do one Video with Top 10 Most Populous City without their Metropol Region? Like just Cities themself and not including the whole surrounding Villages, Towns (Their Metropol-Region)

  12. russia is dying and even falsifying their numbers. russia will be under 100million in 25 years and of those, 47% will be angry muslims. russia will be in civil war, and soon after, the "new" sino-american alliance will strike and decapitate RUSSIA. after that only a few million ruskikes left over, in enclaves around the world.

  13. Pls modi ji take some steps against the illegal migrents who came from Pakistan and Bangladesh and growing their factory in India. Pls dethrown them to their places. I request you please take some action against this rascals. And we definitely needed population control act. Pls pls pls this is my humble request to all the members of politician of each party join hand to hand and just say it to pass the bill of population control act. Otherwise the chutiyas of illegal migrent from Pakistan and bangladeshi mollas will capture us again. Pls this is my humble request

  14. the United Nations projections are given in order of 5. Meaning 1950, 1955, 1960 etc. Where did you get the data for those years that are not there?

  15. 多くの人が力を持っていることが証明されましたAs it turns out, there are many people and great strength

  16. China: let’s try our best to make some new borns, 2 child policy now published, make more kids pls.
    Citizens: we are rich now, have fun, we don’t want kids, even marriage.

  17. Good grief.
    Look at the population increase of Dhaka , Bangladesh starting at 4.04 and overtaking major world cities like Beijing, Mumbai, Cairo, Mexico City and Sao Paulo.

  18. 1) bas kar bhai rulayega kya
    2) ek gubara (balloon) mai kitna hawa barega
    For our country India to take strict measure against rise in Population, the marriage age of boy should be 25 and girl should be 21. These age are very less currently 21 and 18 respectively. These might have been set in 1950's but the time has come to update this.
    Strict action should be taken against Marriages less than these age's.
    I know this is not the complete solution, but atleast one step to reduce the future growth in population.

  19. I was gonna tell what so loud aliens on mars could hear it, then I remember it’s counting in thousands.

  20. Top 15 Country Population by 2025 (in Thousands)

    1. India – 1,452,700
    2. China – 1,438,869
    3. United States – 343,419
    4. Indonesia – 284,905
    5. Nigeria – 234,124
    6. Pakistan – 227,017
    7. Brazil – 220,443
    8. Bangladesh – 178,367
    9. Russia – 142,577
    10. Mexico – 141,223
    11. Ethiopia – 126,313
    12. Japan – 124,271
    13. Philippines – 117,774
    14. Egypt – 111,589
    15. Congo – 104,152

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