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Top 10 Foods Banned In America

Top 10 Foods Banned In America

facts verse presents 10 foods surprisingly banned in America number 1 Mirabelle plums Mirabelle plums are first on the list of ten surprising foods that are banned in the USA these are small sweet and yellow plums that originated from Lorraine in France they are tasty on their own but can be incorporated into many main dishes and desserts these plums do not cause any harmful side effects but are still banned from the USA because of very strict import laws number two a key fruit a key fruit is considered Jamaica’s national fruit it is bright red when ripe and has about four sections of flesh with glossy black beads why has Jamaica’s national fruit been banned in the USA studies have shown that this fruit can cause dehydration severe vomiting seizures and even comas these severe symptoms are the reasons why it is considered illegal to bring a key fruit into the country that does not mean you will never get to sample Jamaica’s national fruit though if you want to get a key fruit it is available in can’t form in select shops these products have met strict FDA regulations and are considered safe for consumption number three queen conch otherwise known as livadas gigas this large sea snail comes from the Caribbean islands it is used in many Asian and Caribbean dishes this is a main ingredient for a wide variety of soups stews salads and even savages in these areas it is said to be quite succulent and adds a distinct flavor to dishes no the queen conch is not considered poisonous the reason it made this list is due to overfishing however this sea snail is not considered illegal food in all countries in fact it is still widely used in dishes in many Asian countries number four Tagus in case you have never tried this dish it is Scottish in origin this pudding is made of the liver heart and lungs of a sheep other ingredients include suet oatmeal and some spices these are mixed together stuffed into the sheep’s stomach and then boiled in case you weren’t aware sheep liver and heart are not the culprits sheep lungs on the other hand are illegal if you’re looking for a loophole you could make the dish without the lungs however according to food critics that would alter the taste and texture of the haggis number 5 swans swans are graceful creatures that are closely related to ducks and geese they live in temperate climates and are common in the USA these lovely birds are considered an endangered species so it is illegal to eat them in the UK they are protected by the monarchy as each one is considered property of the royal family number 6 pig’s blood cake this is a taiwanese street food that is made of pig’s blood and rice it is usually served on a popsicle stick making it resemble a licorice popsicle pig’s blood is used in many Asian dishes and adds texture and richness according to food up to seon-ah toes the FDA considers it unsafe as the method of preparing the dish is said to be unsanitary therefore if you wish to sample this taiwanese treat you’ll have to travel to taiwan to enjoy your pig’s blood on a stick number 7 wild beluga caviar caviar is considered one of the staple dishes in elite events and gatherings wild beluga caviar comes from the beluga sturgeon found mostly in the caspian sea their roe is considered the most prized caviar in the world beluga sturgeon take almost 20 years before they reach maturity therefore their Roe is quite rare and ridiculously expensive in fact the price of this type of Roe per kilogram falls into a four to five figure sum depending on quality the ROE of the centennial female goes for the highest sum this type of sturgeon is considered endangered species and explains why the u.s. decided to ban importation of this type of caviar in 2005 number eight the original four logo this is a flavored energy drink that contains alcohol it originated in the USA surprisingly it contains taurine guarana caffeine as well as a dose of alcohol gharana on its own can be quite deadly as it is considered a stimulant that is twice as potent as caffeine four loko had to change its drink formulation as the fda considered their drink a health risk at present the four loko only contains alcohol number nine Kazu Marzu this is a cheese that originated in Sardinia it makes the list of ten surprising foods banned in the USA because it contains live maggots it is made by fermenting pecorino cheese this process causes maggot infestation and a health alter the texture of this cheese surprisingly cheese enthusiasts state that it should be considered unsafe to eat if the maggots have died therefore one would have to eat it when the maggots are still alive and wriggling please note that the presence of maggots is the main reason why it is illegal in the USA number 10 Kinder Surprise eggs this is considered the most surprising food that is banned in the USA this used to be a popular treat in the country children loved kinder because what child can resist the delicious chocolate shell that houses a surprise toy within however despite being able to provide the two things that children love the treat was banned because it is considered a choking hazard please note that children can still enjoy Kinder Surprise eggs in other countries subscribe for more you

Reader Comments

  1. Ok, just because it's there doesn't mean you should eat it. Lol, crazy. I don't mean for the indigenous people who've been doing this forever!!!!

  2. The most expensive food in the world is ALMAS from Iranian caviar BLUGA FISH .
    1 kilo $ 35,000.00
    Each time when we eat a $1 cheeseburger in Mcdonald's we're saving $ 34,999.00 .

  3. Kinder Eggs are NO LONGER BANNED IN THE US. As of a year or so ago, the FDA changed its ban on them and I’ve tried them finally. They’re really quite good.

  4. Fort loko and kinder eggs are not banned in the USA I just bought a fort loko a week ago for a friend and I buy kinder eggs all the time for my so and yes they look like that. So please get your facts right

  5. I buy mirabelle plums at the asian market. Who the heck wants to eat sheep lungs, live or pigs blood stake, disgusting.

  6. They still selling kinder eggs it's not banned in the U.S. I live in NYC!! And the kinder egg is still in stores and supermarkets!

  7. Bullshit, kinder surprise u can buy in NY any groceries, same with beluga caviar. Author is liar probably paid by russian troll fabric.

  8. Kinder Surprise eggs are not banned because of a choking hazard. In fact, there are no cases of anyone choking on the egg part of a kinder egg.
    They are banned in the US because of an FDA based law saying that no foods should have any inedible parts contained within. I forget where this law originated and for what reason, but it really wasn’t intended for kinder surprise eggs.
    Things like popsicle sticks, etc are not completely surrounded by the food, so they are allowed.

  9. I’m so confused? Why is everyone so mean to America! I am American and I am not fat, and nobody I know is either! Other country also put sugar and a lot of things in their food. Why I said only America being bullied! The only fat people I see are in Burger King, no where else. I have no idea why everyone here is so rude and disgusting! Shame on all of you! disgraceful and nasty!

  10. in asia there are some kinder eggs that separated the toys and the chocolate they had some in thailand singapore malaysia and some asian countries they had so the US should just make a law that all people can only import kinder eggs that are separated the toys and chocolate

  11. That is freaking stupid for kinder to be a legal there are a lot of chocking hazards look on the back of a freaking toy that's messed up

  12. i hate when people talk about eating swans ik they probably just taste like duck, but still like Bruh

  13. Ackie fruit is poisonous especially if you doesn't know how to eat it. You can search the chanel 'Origin Explain/Explained' or the title '10 dangerous/deadly foods'.

  14. Ackee is safe. You have to wait til it opens then it's edible. It's not eaten on a daily basis, but usually for Sunday morning breakfast.

  15. Some food is only banned because they can't make money off from it and there will be cure to many diseases that they can't make money off from treating anymore.

  16. Its like some of yall saw the title and thought of it as a gateway to spread your stupid conspiracy crap before wven watching why these foods are banned in the first place.

  17. We have kinder surprises in Florida but they are different. You have wager balls covered in chocolate and s toy, but they have a cover you need to open to prevent the sad, emotional choke hazard. Rip the chocolate part from the old kinder’s

  18. Literally none of this is “banned” in America, just banned from importation. Nobody cares if you make, grow, or cook your own.

  19. a kinder suprises they mayed new ones it is no chocolat egg there are a plastic ball and a toy it it and on the other sid it is a treat'

  20. I knew about kinder toy eggs. I thought I got them from the Easter bunny once. It was a different egg candy but I forgot what it was called though.

  21. Of course kids can have KinderSurprise Eggs in other countries, their children aren't near as stupid as American children. Everything is a choking Hazzard if you're dumb as fuck.

  22. You have to love the US the land of the free the home of the brave. Should that be the land of the idiot and the home wimp?

  23. Kinder eggs have been recently repackaged to separate the toy from the candy. It is now available in the USA. If you can’t find it, Amazon has it. If you ask me though, both the candies and toys are crap.

  24. Americans love aborting babies but as soon as one gets past the coat hangers and vaccuums for nine months, god forbid you allow it to have a chocolate egg toy.

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