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Top 10 Facts – World War II

Top 10 Facts – World War II

During WWII, British Security Service or MI5
had a program called the Double XX system. It was a counter-espionage system that relied
on spies and double agents to spread disinformation. For example, agent Zigzag (or Eddie Chapman)
leaked falsified information to Germany by reporting that their bombs where hitting the
intended target, Central London. But in reality, they where undershooting by several kilometers
and missed every single time. Because of this, the Germans never corrected their aim and
continued to undershoot for the rest of the war. Another disinformation plan was Operation
Mincemeat. The British attached falsified top secret documents to a corpse and dumped
it outside the coast of Spain. When the German high command got a hold of the documents they
where fooled into believing that British forces planned to invade Greece and Sardinia and
quickly moved to intercept. In reality, the intended target was Sicily and the Allies
took on the Axis powers by surprise. And while the Nazis had trouble identifying these spies
and double agents, Britain’s Double XX system was extremely successful. In fact after the
war, it was discovered that every single agent that Germany sent to Britain had either been
apprehended or simply surrendered. The only exception was one agent who was never detected… because he committed suicide. An incredible amount of bombs where dropped
during WWII. It’s been estimated that the Allies dropped 3.4 million tons of explosives
across Europe and Asia. That’s 27,000 tons every month. What’s even scarier is that anywhere
between 5-15% never detonated. Which means that they are still buried beneath our feet,
waiting to explode at any given moment. In Germany alone over 5500 bombs are discovered
every year. During the final months of the war, the horrifying
Japanese unit called Unit 731 planned for a long-distance biological attack on the United
States. The attack had no military value but was seen as a final attempt to dissuade the
US from invading the Japanese mainland. They called it “Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night”.
Five submarines were to be sent across the Pacific Ocean, each carrying three aircrafts
loaded with plague-infected fleas. The submarines would then surface near the coast of San Diego
and launch several kamikaze attacks on the city. The plague would in turn infect people
in the area and slowly kill off the population. The operation was to be carried out on September
22nd, 1945. However, because the US used an equally devastating weapon (the atomic bomb)
only a month before, Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night never took place. At the end of the war, Japan and Russia never
signed a formal peace treaty ending hostilities. So between them, WWII is technically still
ongoing. The word Nazi originate from the German word
“Nationalsozialist”. However when Hitler became the leader of the group in 1920 the original
abbreviation for the National Socialist Party was Nasos or simply NSDAP. But the word Nazi
also derives from a Bavarian word meaning “simple minded” or “a foolish person”. It’s
believed that this lead opposers to instead favor the term Nazi and the word eventually
made its way back to Germany as well. The most successful German interrogator of
WWII was man named Hanns Scharff. What’s interesting is that despite all the horrible things that
occurred during WWII, he never once used any torture techniques to conduct his interrogations.
Instead, he treated prisoners with kindness and respect and pretended to be their friend.
Hanns was well known for taking his prisoners on a stroll through the nearby woods. But
he didn’t use these nature walks as a time to directly ask his prisoners obvious military-related
questions, but instead relied on the prisoners’ growing desire to speak to anyone outside
of their isolated captivity. In doing so prisoners often revealed bits and pieces of useful information
Hanns had been instructed to acquire. Frequently without them ever realizing they had done
so. His techniques where so successful that after the war, he held lectures around the
US including the Pentagon about his unusual interrogation strategies. In early 1940, the Nazis began their occupation
of Denmark to facilitate a planned invasion of the strategically more important target
Norway. As the Danish government was unprepared and heavily outnumbered, the invasion only
lasted a couple of hours until they where forced to surrender. Despite of this, Denmark
managed to save almost their entire Jewish population. In 1943 Hitler ordered all Danish
Jews to be arrested and deported. When the Danish resistance movement heard of this they
managed to secretly evacuate 7,220 of Denmarks’ 7,800 Jews to nearby neutral Sweden. During WWII it was difficult for the Coca-Cola
Co. in Germany to import the necessary syrup they needed to make Coca-Cola. To circumvent
this, the head of Coca-Cola decided to create a new product for the German market using
only ingredients available at the time. The new soda became “Fanta”. The name was taken
from the German word for imagination “Fantasie”. When Hitler visited Paris in 1940, the French
cut the lift cables on the Eiffel Tower so that if Hitler wanted to visit the summit,
he would have to climb all the 1,710 steps on his own. As a result of this, Hitler never
climbed the Eiffel Tower and it has been said that Hitler conquered France but never conquered
the Eiffel Tower. As the
war came to an end, The Red Army marched into
Nazi Germany and came across an horrific sight. During the four and a half years of its existence,
1.3 million people where sent to Auschwitz. 1.1 million of them would never leave. The
acts of inhumanity and cruelty conducted here can not be expressed through words. But for
many of those fortunate enough to be liberated, the nightmare had only just begun. Female
survivors fell victims of rape by their supposed saviors as they tried making their way back
home. Tens of thousands of women across Europe were plainly raped to death as The Red Army
marched on. It has infamously become known as The Rape of Europe. The ones who managed to return home in the hopes of continuing their normal lives where crushed to find their homes either destroyed or now owned by someone else. With no home, no belongings, no money,
and many without relatives or friends as they had all been killed in the war. Would find
themselves struggling to survive long after the war ended. Over the course of the war, Auschwitz was
staffed by roughly 7,000 members of the German SS. Only 15% of whom were either killed or
later convicted of war crimes. Such as the commander of Auschwitz who was captured in 1946 and then hanged in 1947. The ones who managed to escape could enjoy a fairly comfortable life in post-war Germany. Some even managed to escape Germany altogether using fake identities. Never facing the consequences of the crimes they had committed…

Reader Comments

  1. This is one of the saddest pieces of media I have ever laid my eyes on. I can’t watch this without sobbing.

    Even in the world we live in today, we can all say we are better than what the past ever was. Those who lived back then helped construct the proper foundation of what we live in today.

  2. My Grandpa has an Imperial Japanese Flag (with blood and bullet holes on it) that his father took in the Pacific during WWII. He still has it

  3. So do u hate the danish bcuz of the jewish refugees or what?

    Btw i dont have anything against jews im just asking

  4. sees WWII map with Germany labeled “Germany”

    takes pen and crosses out “Germany”

    writes on “assholes”

  5. If there was no world war 2, we wouldn't have advanced so rapidly as we did during the 20th century,
    that means, we wouldn't have our computers, smartphones, internet, wireless communication, safer flights and vehicles, roads and highways, etc…
    The war led to huge innovations in research and development of better technology, so one country with better technology can defeat the other country.
    It's sad, that millions of people died, but, on the contrary, world war 2 led to the modern world with all the cool technology and electronics we have today.

  6. Lmao , After war entire europe "Thank you ussr for liberating us of Nazi's '' 20 years later when ussr became enemy's and cold war started they randomly say Russian soldiers raped them all , While Russia din't even visit west Europe . And East was under communist regime . My Father's grandma was raped and killed by a German soldier . Anybody talking about that ? 12 milloen civillians killed by germans bombing and slauther and send of to work and killed if not obeyed . Yeah no that is nothing , There where more killed people then soldiers it was not a political war they wanted to kill all Soviet's .

  7. Japan:were gonna kill off your population with plague
    USA:nahh man here’s an atomic bomb
    Should’ve never attacked Pearl Harbor
    Also japan: 😮

  8. This is sad so many deaths. Being killed by bombers planes, being killed on your religion, being killed by a solider and or die as a solider. This world as be through two of these wars, I fear the worst is yet to come, I hope it is just a nightmare. I’m scared because this world has nuclear weapons in this world I hope you never have to use them again

  9. @2:00 "…they are still buried beneath our feet." Beneath YOUR feet maybe… (laughs in American)

    (I know, I hate Americans too)

  10. Fantasie also means fantasy in Dutch, and the picture you showed was Dutch, and said: “no new nazi army”

  11. I live in Germany and every now and then we get an announcement on the radio that some construction workers discovered a world war 2 bomb while working. Honestly I've never really thought about how scary this must sound because I'm so used to it.

  12. Let me just re-clarify: not all Germans were nazis but they all turned a blind eye to what was really happening to the jews because they were living in a lavish economy

  13. When someone talks about WWII it feels like an ancient event, but do y'all realize we have actual footage of this mf

  14. Somehow it is quite Strange that we here in germany habe become so used to bombs being found in our cities. We just ignore it mostly, even though its absurd that these things still lie around everywhere after 75 years.

  15. The japanese were sadistic psychos and they deserved to get nuked, would've went for a 3rd nuke if i could.

  16. Did you know: that instant noodles was made after the second world war because there was a food crisis after they ran out of food
    Did you know: my country opened their door to let most of the european jews into my country as a jewish haven

  17. Fact 4 also applies to North and south Korea. When the Korea war 'ended' it didn't really end. It was only a cease-fire. Because there was no formal or agreed end to the war, its technically still going on.

  18. What's truly sad is that I told one of my old cancerous friends about the last fact ((Here's a huge Commiefag btw)) and he said "they lie" I brought up videos and testimonials he said some conspiracy theory shit it was just ridiculous

  19. Here’s another fact Hitlar was in world war 1 and he got shot in one of his balls also he was blinded for six months because of a gas attack

  20. During one of the wars, I believe it was WWII, where Japan sent balloons covered in explosives to land on American soil, and a lot of times they were successful.

  21. 0:33 ha they suck at aiming. Well I guess that the reason do many people are alive today. On the island and the whole word. Thx to there bad aiming. But feel bad for the animal in the water, that were it point at i think. Well that were I saw I think to.

  22. if you somehow got to the bottom congrats
    Lithuainian fact:
    during WW2 the nazis made posters that pretty much said that the jews were working with the soviets, so Lithuainians believed in this and proscripted to kill jews the reasons were that since the soviets took away lithuainian independence, the people were pretty mad so when they saw the propaganda leflet, they would work. another reason was because they paid well and a final one is that when people proscripted to be policemen, they were forced to do it, even though they said they wouldn't. its tragic as even if Lithuainia was freed, the soviets would have captured it anyways and would have kept it until the late 1990's when the soviet union fell.

  23. I think it would be a good idea for every piece of media that explains Nazi came from National Socialist to also remind people that the Nazis were not actually socialists. I mean it should be blatantly obvious but that one lie is hugely distorting politics around the world. Hitler hated socialists and persecuted them. People need to realise that political parties sometimes use inaccurate names in order to hide their their true intentions. Another example is the communist party of China. Absolutely nothing communist about them. Please people, dig a little deeper and don't judge books by their covers!

  24. Never forget that the red army killed it's enemies then ex allies. They were also killing their own people and they were killing the people that they were saving. Basically, the red army is strong but it kills everything and brings chaos.

  25. The German spies got to the UK and were either captured, surrendered or killed themselves. I mean, it's a bleak country, but it's not that bad. Was it the beer or the sausages?

  26. People glorify Great Britain by standing against Germany for so long, but people over look the fact that they were far worse then Germany for a long time before and even during WW2. They killed as many as 35 million Indians, was still occupying it during WW2, not leaving till 1947. Also Churchill didn't want to give up India. Luckily he got replaced and his replacement favored Indian independence. And that's just India… they were still doing this all around the world for hundreds of years.

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