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Top 10 Best of the Best G-Shock watch in 2018

Top 10 Best of the Best G-Shock watch in 2018

I’m going to start this video by giving
out some disclaimers first of all I believe most of you guys are it knows
about this EVERY G Shock it doesn’t matter which series which name which
price range all of them has their ups and their downs so.. keep that in mind
second of all all of this just from my opinions after unboxing and reviewing
literally hundreds of G Shock watches you know what I believe all this 10
model they’ll be listing after this will be best of the best out of all of them
that was released up to date that is still in production only and third of all,
I picked all of this model based from their category and are separately based on their category as well and I choose based on the style, fit, popularity,
price..I need to considered all of this factor and of course I need to add in my
personal pick as well in here so here it is guys Top 10 best ever g-shock watch. best of the best from each category that you
could get right now in 2018 so number ten will be best analog
g-shock Watch that you could get right now and that is the MTG B 1000 . I
really considered to add in the Mr G G 2000 instead but that model is too expensive so let’s step down to the MTG B 1000, it has the best feature, the best appearance,
the best fit, the best popularity and also for the price it’s really fits to
the style so MTG B 1000 best full analog G-Shock watch right now. Number 9 is the
best pilot style G Shock watch there aren’t a lot of options that still
release up to date I know that a lot of model that was released before but up to
now the best of the best will be the GRB 100 series I know there are a lot of model
they have sensors in them and there’s also the gpw 2000 as well but that is
too expensive in my opinion so this GRB 100 is best of the best you could check
watch geek video he already reviewed that model as well check this video off
to learn more and lets proceed to the next one the best analog-digital g-shock.. so
this part is really hard there are literally hundreds of models to pick
from at this price range. At this lower end side and you know what if I have to pick just
one it’s gonna be from the GBA 800 series the step tracker bluetooth equipped series G Shock watch in my opinion it has the best fit the best looking the
best price the best functions the best usability it’s just overall really
really good watch although they have some downside I know that but if I have
to pick one the GBA 800 series is the best right now next model is the best G
Shock watch for business style for casual for smart casual that sleek
looking and I’m considering to add in the GST B 100 I mean Casio also keep
promoting the Bluetooth G Steel a lot lately but you know what in my opinion
the GST S not W but GST solar(S) 3 3 0 is best of the best right now
you don’t have to get anything else just get this model and it will be enough for
your lifestyle if you’re into this business style sleek looking casual
looking watching all those this is it 3 3 0 not 200 series not 100 series not
3 0 0 but 3 3 0. Alright. next model on the list is the best G
Shock watch right now for survival you guys already know what I want to say I
mean I don’t have to explain it it’s gotta be the GPR b1000 the rRangeman GPS model that is the first ever GPS equipped watch in the world they came in
solar-powered I mean Casio made it first and you
know it is best of the best I’m really conflicting and I want to add my quad
sensor gulf-master on the list but I gotta give it to the Rangeman. Alright
next model on the list is a G Shock watch that has the best appearance
well I know a lot of you guys will recommend arrangement gw 9 4 0 0 but in my opinion I believe the Mud Master in my heart gwg 1000 is the best G Shock watch for appearance not just that, it has a lot of function, easy to use, great fit, great
price, very very popular compared to the Range man I mean of course Rangeman
good as well but the Mud master man just looks much better it looks much
more professional as well at the same time so best appearance the best G Shock watch in appearance category Mud Master 1000 series but if you are on the budget
you could get the neon illuminator or the uhm,, twin sensor model as well, they’ll still looks really really good at number four G Shock watch with the
best pricing ever I mean I still have to compare to other function fit style
others but you know after a few considerations I gotta give this to the
G – 9 1 0 0 the Gulfman the titanium Gulfman has the best
construction, best fitting, not as popular but it has the best function for
the price and it is overall best of the best in my opinion and you can check the
unboxing and full review video as well I did consider the square model obviously it
is a classic and of course this 9 0 5 2 model as well but you know what the
Gulfman has the best function for the price totally versatile my opinion you
can ask anyone to own the watch they will recommend that for you as well next is the best ever
DIver G-Shock watch to pick from and that is the G W F 1000 series not the
triple sensor version but the usual version the one that I’m wearing right
now this guy you just have a look at it you’ll know right away that is a 1000
series and I mean there are a lot of choice to pick from anyway, just the triple
sensor or this so I’m gonna pick this because for the price wise this guy wins
but if you aren’t a fan of this if you are considering about g-shock frogmen
models they already be in dead stock then the best one will be the g w 2 00
series, full stop. Next list is the best G Shock watch with screw down
backplate I’m gonna add a frog man but I already
add this model on the diver category so I’m going to remove this and add the
square I know the MRG series also came and screw back but I already a disregard those because they are too expensive so a square model, specifically
the GW 5000 series model..only. I know there is the Bluetooth version the GMWB
5000 but that is too expensive so GW 5000 still wins in this category Last but not least on the list is the
best of the best G Shock watch out of all of the model that I already listed
just now, if you have to pick just one.. I’ve been considering a lot of squares
there is the G W M 5 6 1 0 and there is the G W X 5 6 0 0..
you can check other people’s top ten best G Shock watch and they are gonna
say the best one will be the GWM 5 6 1 0, however.. not for me no
no no guys no no no, I did considered these two model but I have to
disregard them because there is one more model that could beat every G Shock and
that is the G W – B 5 6 0 0 that will be released in October
upcoming just a few days from now so there’s the best unless Casio G-Shock released another awesome model but you know what this is the best. Alright. so which one will be your favorite in my
opinion out of all 10 models if I could get a square I will grab it but I still
gonna go with my favorite G-Shock of all time the G W N Q 1000 the quad sensor
gulf master specifically the marine blue series out somehow I really really love
the green and gray I mean it matched very well with my logo, my theme, the overall
channel was based on that colorway so Gulf master marine blue deep in my heart. I guess that’s it that will be my favorite pick out of all model you guys
could list down your favorite as well OR if you have you own opinion of top
10 best G Shock watch that you think should be on the list, you know what, leave them down below I probably gonna make a part two of this you know what to get me
very helpful to most of you guys out there who are looking to get the best G
Shock watch bang per buck g-shock watch but for now that’s all I hope you guys
found this video a little bit useful informative and entertaining thank you
very very much for watching this is g-shock high fashion channel and I’m…………….out

Reader Comments

  1. Huge thanks for mentioning my video 😁👍.
    Excellent video and idea, the funny thing is I am going to be doing a series where I compare different models within certain lineups to explain everything in one place, something like your square differences video.

  2. It's great you mentioned GR-B100. I bought 1A2 version and I'm very positively surprised about its shape, quality, functions and – let's call it – wearability. And the Bluetooth features just make this watch even better. The only con is lack of Wave Ceptor, but unfortunately this seems to be an ongoing trend in current and future models of G family.

    You're doing a great job, congratulations. 👍

  3. Hahahaha nice video. Seems you're still working on the US accent because first time I heard you talk I was like "He sounds Romanian or something" then "Wait, no he's Vietnamese" but if I remember correctly you're from Malaysia? You can slow down a bit when speaking in the US accent. This will make you sound more natural and your message can be heard more clearly. I like your reviews btw, very detailed and you tend to include many factors and your opinion on the watches. Hope to see more. ^^

  4. So many to choose from🤔 & thanks for sharing your knowledge with us👍🍻
    Ps: it was your review on your quad sensor Marine Blue GM that made up my mind😉 “so thanks again 🙏” it is my daily wear & still looks as good as the day I got it!👍🍻

  5. It would have been alot better if you didn't show us the damn commercial s but instead more time on the watch face. I get like 1.5 seconds to just see the watch.

  6. as always your channel never bored me and it is worth waiting for. my favorite for all time is gws5600… really love the design and lightweight. really hope casio will make the reissue for that model. thank you again for this great video. keep it up sir. cheers. 🙂

  7. Nice video.. My 1st square G-shock is the GX-56BB-1 I know it's too cheap compare to those you mentioned but I love the way it looks for me, anyway new subscribers here from the Philippines 😀

  8. what about the gwn-q100.. you can get it for roughly the same price as the mudmaster. if youre not talking about msrp

  9. Simple, DW-5600E is the best. it's all g-shock stands for, at the lowest price point. And it's their most iconic watch. (which has been in space as well)

  10. I own the Mudmaster gg1000 and it is a complete package for my needs. No doubt about the toughness and definitely an eye catcher.

  11. I have the Casio JDM G-Shock G-Lite GWX-5600-1JF, and I love it. (when I buy Japanese watches, I usually buy JDM market pieces)

  12. I'm thinking of getting the Casio G-shock gba 800. But is there a better watch you recommend for the same prince-class?

  13. Great vid man. If you had $500 to spend, what would you chose the frogman or mudmaster? It’s hard. I have had both but want a new one. Thank you

  14. looking for a watch with water&mud resistance, solar powered, digital, time syncing functions… (has to tell military time)

  15. Just got my Black-Blue GW-B5600, I love it and really bargain for this specs. Then saw your video and happy that both of us picked same watch as "The Best", thanks for good analysis…

  16. Dont agree at all with this list. And you pick a nr1 with a negative display, wich are famous for being hard to read.
    No no no no.

  17. Thank you for recommendation.
    GW-B5600BC-1ER – I have it for 7 days,I love how comfortable and light it is with a combi bracelet.

  18. My Fav G-shock would be the Frogman 1000 series. I really hope Casio will add the bluetooth features in Frogman series in the near future.

  19. I think best gshock is gd350 ,,, its under rated,, it has vibe alarm that can actually wake you up every time, even when we are on headphones you get notified.,it has daily alarm, 1 time alarm and snz alarm, upto 5 seconds light, 100 cities all spelled fully,1 press timer adjustable upto 1 seconds.has best negative display..

  20. Until I get a Frogman, Rangeman, Gravitymaster, or Mudmaster, the GW-S5600 and S5600B are my all around best watches.

  21. I was going to ask what your favourite G-Shock was and just found out by watching!! I totally agree with you, the GWNQ1000 is my favourite G-Shock as well. Problem is it is such a stunning watch I am afraid to scratch it up so it stays in the cabinet so I can gaze upon it and admire it for its technical accomplishments!

  22. Im gonna have the G-5600E-1D for my birthday, then im gonna buy myself a Mudman or, Gravitymaster 😉

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