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Top 10 Best Casio Watch Reviews – Tough G-Shock Black Watches for Men

Top 10 Best Casio Watch Reviews – Tough G-Shock Black Watches for Men

Top 10 Best Casio Watch Reviews G Shock Black Watches for Men #12 Casio Men’s GW6900-1 “G-Shock” Atomic Digital Sport Watch B00284ADAI Great features of solar power, Tough and accurate black watches Love the solar battery and automatic time setting The design is pretty basic. The numbers on the display are small a little. Simple circular dials Rugged and easy to own everday watch at a good price. Awesome watch and great price #11 G-Shock X-Large Combination Watch–Military Black Casio B007RU5B46 Comfortable and rugged, good solid watches as daily casual wear. Perfect black looks and design. The backlight seems not bright enough, the analogue hands light up pretty clearly in the dark. Affordable good, moderately priced G Shock watches. Suitable gift to lovely son. Settings not too savvy. The size of the watch is perfect. #10 Men’s Black G-Shock Digital Anti-Magnetic Gold Tone Analog [Watch] Casio B0058W9128 Very masculine look and rugged. I get a lot of compliments on this watch. The digital numbers are hard to read. This watch has a very nice face. The light system is not very bright. Suitable as daily casual watches. Durable watch for outdoor style. Looks better in person than see in the pictures. The good thing is it can be dressed up or down. Looks good every way in any style. #9 Casio Men’s GA100-1A4 G-Shock X-Large Analog-Digital Black Dial Sports Watch B003DZDYG6 Light is enough to see the hands in the dark. Great macho watches, fits very comfortably. Very classy, nice looking watch. I’m a big guy with a large wrist and am only two notches to the end of the strap And for such a big watch, it’s very light. Glossy band. This watch is massive, and it is extremely comfortable and beautifully crafted #8 Casio Men’s G100-1BV G-Shock Classic Ana-Digi Watch B000AR7S3A Great watch, comfortable to the max. Some experienced a little hard to read digital display. It is slight, goodlooking, everwearing watch. Superior watch, but not for everybody Elegant in a Tux or Jeans rugged-looking watch but very light weight The screen can be backlit in a cool (really) blue light for night viewing #7 Casio Men’s GW7900B-1 G-Shock Solar Atomic Black Digital Sport Watch B00309HQPK Solar powered: No batteries to mess with. Very good looking watch, very comfortable to wear. Time display is easy to read in all lighting. A great do just about everything watch. The watch is all black, and the digital face is inverted so that it is black with light gray for the numbers Not too shabby Great watch, can’t stop wearing it. Good watch but very large Very masculine watch. #6 Casio Men’s DW6900-1V G-Shock Classic Digital Watch B000GAYQL8 High durable watch and holds up very well. Very nice looking watch and it also looks tough. Excellent black watches for the money. Macho watch with large faces excellent design watch. Great for mountain biking. Great for outdoor jobs. Bigger and bulkier than Timex Expedition. #5 G-Shock Metallic 6900 Watch – Black [Watch] Casio B004RXHOXC The watch feels great and very smooth. This watch works well for both formal occasions and casual ones. I get a lot of compliments when I go out and wear this watch. great looking watch. some celeb’s have been wearing this new model. Numbers are easy to read. Hard to read time in sunlight. Very durable watch. It looks great and adds to the “military” theme of the watch #4 Casio Men’s G-SHOCK – The GA 100-1A1 Military Series Watch in Black B003CJC6UI Great looking and comfortable watch. Some faces the illumination issues on digital time/date. Recommended for daily watches and special occasion or casual style. Black watches for macho men. Not too bright to light up (good thing) and its light-weight. flawless and durable. Time has been accurate Good watch #3 Casio Men’s DW9052-1V G-Shock Black Stainless Steel and Resin Digital Watch B000GAYQLI I wear this watch to work everyday. It looks nice and its very well built like all G-shock watches I’ve had before. A very comfortable and practical watch for exercise. It was a good buy without hesitation. Great rugged look. #2 Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR Master of G Digital Display Quartz Black Watch B00GFYYKLA The watch has a very solid, hefty feel. It’s definitely a big watch – bigger than the GWM5610-1 but not quite as large as the King of G-Shock. Exceptional, Great Casio Watch The look, feel and functionality are fantastic Great for hiking or running around town. it is solidly built and the buttons are super easy to push relative my Mudman. The display is clear and not too cluttered The compass setting is really easy to use, but the altitude and barometric pressure take a little getting used to. Exclusive savvy macho watches. #1 Casio G-SHOCK MASTER OF G RANGEMAN Triple Sensor Ver.3 Multiband 6 Solar B00EYSOSH0 the father of all g shocks! Cool carbon fiber band. the compass-ring is made of metal and looks super cool. An exceptionally built watch Feel the extraordinary confident while involves in any outdoor activities or hard work. Exclusive macho savvy timepieces from Casio. it is durable and easy to operate A solid build and clear legible dial

Reader Comments

  1. I fucking hate #3 I have one of that Then after 1/2 years it broke up
    And its not a Fake I'm planning getting better than that

  2. Got the #4: GA-100 1A1 matte black with white analogue hands and I love it! Goes with everything, lightweight, very comfortable and tough as ever. I've read some reviews about people not being able to see the mini lcd displays, but I've not had any such trouble.

  3. Mine is number 10 I got it for my 13th birthday yesterday and my mom said the same thing about all the compliments and the wearing it up and down

  4. I have enjoyed your video, but there is one detail, the 2nd and 1st place of your list are the same watch, the difference is only the carbon fibre. the 2nd place is also a rangeman, you just don't mention. I agree, it's an amazing watch. One very important detail? where is the Frogman GWF1000-1?? and the Gravity Master? these are great watches that should be on the list? Thanks

  5. Thanks for putting your favorites list together….I will put a shout out for my favorite, the Gulfmaster GWN1000B-1B

  6. I have the '3rd' best watch on this list, tge exact same model (DE9052) but in the last year of buying and owning it, boths straps have come off and been repaired and the protective grey rubber around had to get fixed because it kept falling off!!!

  7. What's hilarious is that number 1 isn't even a number 1 lol of course the GWG Mudmaster came out and that's the Master G of all G shocks!!! Best one yet, and finally a G shock that doesn't look like a vending machine watch for 6 year olds hahaha! Also the MTG is a higher end of G shock and there is another one even higher but I forgot the name of it.

  8. For those that are confused, #2 in this list and #1 in this list are the EXACT same watches in terms of functions and versions of the Triple sensors. The only difference between the #1 watch is the 9400 "J" stamped on the back plate which normally indicates that it has a carbon fiber wrist band. If you can, get the cheaper version of this beast !

  9. want a waterproof, shock proof,digital sports watch then have a look on this -:

  10. I have the gw-7900b with negative display and it is awesome. Your video while really cool I couldn't read the last lines of any of what you said cos they faded off to quickly..

  11. Sadly range man spoilt easily. I gotten mine straight from Japan. In 6 month time 2 of the sensor stop working! G shock are build to last. The QC over the years drop a lot

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