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Tons of Military Ammo Burried in Nebraska

Tons of Military Ammo Burried in Nebraska

this is the road and the McCook Army Air Base Road it does exist and it's headed this way this macaques mr. bill one of the very first videos I ever did was a video clip of the conspiracy that after world war ii the air base twelve miles north of McCook had tons and tons and tons of ammunition and so what they did to dispose of it was to take it out into the different canyons in the area about a 20-mile radius I suspect and they would bury it in the different canyons now I got my information firsthand from a state patrolman at the time that was a state patrolman in World War two and then retired when I knew him and his name was Jana Shack here out of McCook and he said that he and another another police officer would go out and they would block the roads so that nobody could see what was going on and the convoys that have caterpillars and they would bury the different ammunition a truckload after truckload after truckload of ammunition 20 millimeter ammunition he said you can't imagine how much 50 caliber ammunition there was married and even 30 caliber now I've had the government including the military contact me and tell me that it didn't happen and which tells me as soon as the government says it didn't happen it probably did instead of an ignore that I would have you know there might have been some question but soon as they say it didn't happen look out with that in mind I've had other people say just couldn't be that way they wouldn't throw that kind of money around but this is the military and the government waste means nothing to them they're not paying for it you did and your relatives of that age the since that time I've had a number of people contact me though that reinforced it not just here but around the country that after World War two they thought the a-bomb meant there never be another war and so why worry about it let's get rid of this stuff we don't need it anymore there will never be a conventional war again again most of the buildings have been tore down but there's a whole bunch of these hangars still around that house the b-17 and the training centers these are monster buildings I kid you not no trespassing signs all over the place no hunting signs never give a cop the privilege of busting you so stay off of posted land I always tell people that never dig without permission either not only abusing the landowner but you're breaking the law and again mr. bill never promotes anything like that there's too many good farmers and good landowners that will allow you if you only use a little bit of intelligence to have to be able to go on their land and John here to either arrowheads or even ammunition and weapons supplies goes down the road we only need that and if nothing else it would be a cash cow for anybody that would spend the time to find it you

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  1. I get to be lucky enough to service the pivots along the old air strips. It’s very cool to be able to drive around in there

  2. Mr. Bill my father retired from the Air ore in 1973, he was stationed a Mather AFB in Sacramento Ca, Right after the Vietnam war. several years latter this base was shut down due to budget cuts. after a wile for some reason the government started allowing houses to be built on the base property. all of sudden the building stopped and no one was allowed to move into any of the houses that were build. The reason this happened was because of all of the bombs the construction company was digging up. after the war was over they brought back tons of unused bombs an ammo and buried it out in the fields the Air  Force never used. This was on the news several years ago, and as far as I know the bombs and ammo is still buried out there. I believe you are correct in saying  there is tons of ammo buried around your area. keep safe and keep the great videos coming.

  3. When I was younger, a friend of mines' father was from McCook. And he used to tell us this story that his uncle would sit there and tell him about how they had a farm, and one day the US Government leased a plot 10' wide, and half way across the entire property. He said they came out a dug a huge hole, and buried a number of train cars stacked floor to roof with brand new 12 gauge shot guns, and 1911 service pistols. Then they covered it up, pulled the tracks, and told them that it would be treason to dig it up again. No idea if it was true, or even how to find the uncle's old farm. But it makes for good story telling

  4. your wisdom is powerful but I would assume that new ammo sealed in metal container below the frost line would not be abused by moisture and still be safe.

  5. if this is true I would advice you stay away from looking for it ,, most ammo unexploded could explode when your trying to dig up so its not worth it to try.

  6. EPA farmers tell me they fear would demand a clean up and charge it to the farmer.
    G men are not our friend at the best of times and can be your worst enemy at the drop of a hat or even singing to loud in Church:

  7. real problem is land owners fear EPA
    and possible fines for having hassardous waste clean up costs
    if ammo dumps are found:
    thanks for watching
    you might like my short film
    (Never talk to cops)

  8. It could be that they were caches, rather than simply dumping the stuff, although you'd probably want weather/water protection on the things. Getting a high power metal detector would probably solve it though, only so many canyons out there.

  9. He said in canyons, told that the cover story to farmers was it was training exersize, bull dozers making pits or filling in washouts.
    Retired state patrolman's name was JaniShack (not sure of spelling)
    since then other tell around the country of local bases being closed would just dump and bury stuff as common practice.
    thanks for interest

  10. thanks for watching, and your imput
    as for law suits, the sins of the father will be the sins of the son.
    so it is our government fathers through no mercy fines has taught
    the people (children of this country) well, so people sue without mercy.
    all sin starts with G men. fines are an easy dirty way to get taxes, as law suits are an easy dirty way to get rich. there will be tax fine war crimes to set things right after the war.

  11. no one does nor will land owners allow, fear Feds will make land owners pay for clean up of ammo stock piles. perhaps weapons also

  12. Interesting observation, aint sure.
    never been allowed in there, do remember back in the 19050's when still many building and housing was still there,. very little remains.
    keep safe

  13. Hey Mr Bill ! You know I like all your videos,and can not wait for the next new one ! So please don't think strange of me ,but at 2:30 the brown patches on the side of the building , look like an M-16 or other type of machine gun !!! Do you see what I am talking about! Maybe my old eyes are playing tricks !! Thanks and please don't stop your great videos !! Just an observation !!

  14. reminds me of the time I was in Walmart, I asked the check out lady to
    wait till I could watch the scanner as she scanned my products, she with shock said YOU DONT TRUST WALMART?
    I said back "look at all the cameras aimed at me, you dont trust me, why in HELL should I trust you!"

  15. thanks for watching, they now have a sign showing the way,
    but (no treaspasing signs every where)
    the video was done by me, to open the door, from what the state patrolman told me
    so many years ago. and now many other speak of old miltary bases also putting ammo under ground after WWII
    you might also like my video
    (Twilight Zone S/W Nebraska)

  16. Cool video. Back in the early 80's I used to go out to the McCook Airbase. It was an awesome place then because there were so much of the original runways still in place. We once climbed to the top of the old water tower and the view was tremendous! We never went in to any of the hangers because we knew they were being used by the farmer for his equipment, but we did spend a lot of time on the runways. Back then, if you didn't know where it was or how to get there, you'd never find it. Thanks!

  17. This is hardly a conspiracy.

    At the end of World War 2 the U.S. had a massive arsenal… that it no longer needed.

    Not only did they bury ammo but they buried entire fleets of planes, tanks, trucks, and jeeps.

    I worked with a guy who served in the Pacific. He said he worked on an airbase in Guam and they disposed of HUNDREDS of planes per day buy digging big holes in the ground and dropping the planes in, then put the dirt back on top.

  18. @darkpokemonfreak2000 truck loads if the story is real
    and so many tell of other old military bases have same type of stories
    get permission before entering private property and to dig.
    dont get in trouble.
    be safe

  19. @JulietBravoZulu
    owners would not speak with me, on or off camera. since then other said that
    lots of military stuff was dump on sight as well but who knows.
    only rumors. but the cop was first hand to me.
    thanks for your imput

  20. @waswestkan
    All I did was tell the story, if anyone finds it, I dont want to know.
    now it was told to me, by the state patrolaman– that it was all in sealed cans so if under frost line
    it could last for centuries. even poorly made black powder found over 100 years old
    explodes when tested. the story is of the evil of war, the waste of war, and the secrets of war.
    thanks for your imput

  21. Not sure what good it would do for anyone to find it, if it really exists. Probably still considered the property of the US government. Particularly if it where buried in a manner, if where it would still usable after all these years.

  22. @MrYoungPrepper
    Nebraska, land is privately owned now, and they do not, I repeat
    do not allow anyone on it. to many abused that right over the years
    a massive run way still is there.
    have a safe winter

  23. @pajiad191
    in the old days, that would be fine, but today our nation is not so free.
    so it is best I hear nothing, no nothing, ever.
    but good luck

  24. @jayden940
    The world does not call America the Great Satan for nothing
    but many of us on the bottom of the dollar pile and on the bottom of the power Box
    are trying to turn our nation around
    thanks for imput

  25. @disclosurenow9 Wow I wonder what the tax payer would think if they knew the military wasted millions of dollars worth of ammo just because they couldn't be arsed to write up an inventory.

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