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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: The Gunner Specialization Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: The Gunner Specialization Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[ Intense Music ] Gunner – Signature Weapon: Minigun
Unlock specialization #4 instantly with the Year One Pass Riot Foam – Grenade P320 Compact
Handgun Banshee – Pulse Skill Mod

Reader Comments

  1. My only complaints remain: sometimes the turret works, sometimes it just sits there , sometimes the hive works , sometimes it just sits there. Sometimes the guns fire, sometimes in a tight jam it seems like there are no rounds loaded

  2. Good lord who made the video? Lame and unexciting. That model is tiny. Looks like she has trouble holding her backpack and clothes. Then is all hunched over barely keeping that gun up. Then some weak under hand toss 2 ft. away. Stop pushing lame agendas

  3. Wow, we get a new pistol. But you still have to get a M60, P416, Nemesis… Done! What about making the other guns more effective?

  4. Huh that foam grenade looks very much like Thatchers emp granade in rainbow six siege. Fooking no laser sights.

  5. I originally didn't know if the minigun would be viable compared to Demo's nade launcher but with the riot foam grenade and that new AOE disorient for the Pulse, it seems pretty badass to combo the crowd control with the minigun.

    I haven't played the game since April, was waiting for a few months of content to build up and I think I'll be back when they add the new 4th class.

  6. this specialization is awesome but is there a outfit that comes with it?! What is up with Division 2's lack of cosmetics, especially the free ones!!!!! First game had literally hundreds of options and you kept finding them for a long time after release. D2 you find everythign you cant buy or get from those loot crates in about a couple hours. I really hope you all read these, please give us a huge cosmetic pool, the free kind! And of course the paid kind too, we dont mind paying if its a good price and the outfit set is awesome!

  7. Ubisoft deserves praise for this game. All the things we wanted changed were. As a very critical gamer owning all the Ubisoft games aside from the last 2 Far Cry, I applaud

  8. is it a BUG? Play on PS4 and have activated the gunner and already earned 28 points. The Specializations: Destruction Expert, Survival Artist and Precision Gunner I upgraded to MAX before the new specialization "gunner". With activation of the gunner all specializations were reset to 0. Is it a BUG ???

  9. Foam grenade radius is so small you might as well NOT use it at all , at least make the radius a bit bigger or something.

  10. Massive did have a good game when it started this game is pure trash! Pay-to-win? And you don't pay you have to do a bunch of b***** tasks that are extremely tedious to get with everybody else simply paid for. I can go pay for it too but I don't do pay to win. So I will now cancel my pre-order for the new ghost recon game that's coming out

  11. Need more ammo drop for specialisation. If not players always end up getting kill just to save signature weapon ammo. Cos it so rare and no one wants to use it. And sharp shooter need a serious buff in the damage.

  12. Kinda stupid, I mean how the fk is she holding that, it weights 4 times more than she/he. And where dafaq in GLOCK?

  13. Yo the Amor is stupid tanky, wait till everyone running in the DZ finds out about how much amor you get. What a joke of a class lmao….

  14. I quit The Division 1 once it became clear to me that Massive was unable/unwilling to fix the glaring issues with the game (e.g., lag, bugs, glitches, etc.).
    I refused to purchase The Division 2, because I felt that it would be more of the same. I advised a "wait-and-see" approach, especially for newcomers to The Division, wherein one should hold off buying the game upon initial release; because I didn't think Massive would have the game in a good state…

    Have I been proven wrong? What is the game like? Any issues? Is there sufficient content?

    I used to LOOOOVE this game… should I come back?

  15. Some people think they can out smart me. Maybe… sniff maybe…

    I've yet to meet one who can outsmart bullet.

  16. This specialist should be free, not money cost. God damnit the division 2 ur not Call of Duty or rainbow six sage, plz stop the microtransactions, this is bullshit now! BULLSHIT!!!

  17. This is a terrible weapon. Weak, goes thru ammo like a fat kid eats cake and the armor gain from being out of cover doesn't do anything.

  18. How fucking absurdly looks like a thin female character with a huge six-barreled gun. Fucked up !!! What could not even a man for the trailer to take?
    I am not against female characters, but after showing in the frame a healthy colossus in armor and with a machine gun, we are shown a skinny woman with the same mashingan – this is just some fucking!
    Asiatic or who she is, so is a dark skinny woman with a huge wunder wafer in her hands against the backdrop of Kligan from the world of the Division in heavy armor – C-C-C-COBMO for down-and-out stupid supporters of tolerance

  19. When you are so woke you believe a woman could wield a minigun. So, you put her in a trailer doing just that.
    Specialization looks cool, cannot wait to buy the year pass for a reduced price so I can use it.

  20. Can't get down elite black tusk mini-gunner 1 vs 1 on open field. And this is supposed to be 7.62 caliber mini-gun.

  21. Just finished the field research and I can tell you that this pile of garbage ubisoft calls a specialization is not in the slightest worth any of the time and effort you put into it,hell the only reason ubisoft put the research in there was for people to buy their bullshit season pass

  22. Just want to say to the developers of this game why would you guys even put out a game that you never played yourself or even play tested? Why would you put out a game knowing that it was going to fall apart after a month of being released? This game is s**. I understand you guys tried to fix things the best that you can but not good enough you guys did a s** job the last straw for me with this latest update you added an exotic holster and a gunner specialization which is damn near impossible to get unless you have the season pass or you buy it! So my honest opinion is this game is simply pay to win! Till once again I would like to thank you be soft and the developers of this game for wasting my $60 yet again because I bought their last s*** division game also. But I will be canceling my pre-order for the new ghost recon Game and Watch Dogs! Never again will I ever play or buy a Ubisoft product

  23. I regret ever buying this game cause it caters the the few and not the many i waste 160.00 buck on a game that is only thinking about pc players only when you put content out it should be to the masses..i am so disappointed in ubisoft in every aspect i know you don't care cause you got paid and we got played thanks for nothing again😒😒😞

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