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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Special Operation 2 Update | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Special Operation 2 Update | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[MOTOR RUMBLING] [EXPLOSION] NARRATOR: Hey, Ghosts. Following the announcement
of the second year of content for Ghost
Recon Wildlands and the release of
Special Operation 1 focusing on the theme
of Splinter Cell, it is now time to
reveal more information about Special Operation 2. Special Operation 2
will release on July 24 and will include a new theme and
PVE experience, a new Ghost War update, as well as a very
special feature requested by the community– Ghost Mode. Ghost Mode is a new PVE mode
designed for the best Ghosts out there. In this mode, you’ll be able
to create a new character to take down the Santa
Blanca cartel under thrilling conditions. First of all, you will
only be able to carry one primary weapon at a time. Also, you will only be able to
switch weapons at ammo boxes or by looting them off enemies. Remaining ammunition
and magazines will be lost when reloading. And full friendly fire is
enabled with your teammates. -Ugh! NARRATOR: But most
importantly, this mode features permanent death. If a downed player is not
revived in Ghost Mode, the character and its
progression are lost. Like in the main
game, Ghost Mode will allow players to
select a difficulty setting or Tier 1 mode so
that everyone can experience the intensity of
this new mode at their own pace. Ghost Mode will feature
exclusive new rewards to unlock and will truly put your
skills to the test– especially in solo,
as you will now be able to deactivate your
AI teammates in both Ghost Mode and the main
campaign of the game. In Ghost War we’ll be
releasing a new set of maps, including a snow
map that was much requested by the community. Along with these new maps, we
are releasing a new victory screen in which the
winning team will now be able to display
its customization and unique victory poses. Players will also be able to
use the brand new Observer Mode to both watch and
showcase Ghost War custom games more efficiently. Finally, new daily challenges
will be available in Ghost War. They’ll allow players to
earn prestige credits. Which leads to
another improvement of Special Operation 2– the entire economy of prestige
credits has been improved. You will now be able
to earn prestige credits via main campaign,
Ghost Mode, and Ghost War. And thanks to an update
of the in-game store, you will not only be able to
use these prestige credits for ghost war classes, but
also for prestige crates, which includes items from the
store and new armory packs. Finally, more than 100
new exclusive items have been added to
our battle crates, including new emotes, voice
lines, weapons, vehicles, and more customization items. We’ve also updated
our Year 2 pass so that Year 2 pass owners will
get seven days of early access to Ghost Mode
starting on July 24, on top of the rest of
the existing content. All of this is only a
portion of the content of Special Operation 2. This update will also include
an exclusive new theme, new PVE missions, as well as
two new PVP classes. Stay tuned in the next
days for more information. We cannot wait to show you
more about Special Operation 2. In the meantime, we’ll see you
on the battlefield, Ghosts. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Reader Comments

  1. SOO, if you by the 30$ season 2 pass i get to play every thing, on july 24. but wait there is more! if you have already bought the season 2 pass, you get 7 days early access to everything, starting on july 24… um that stupid lol. 2:50….faceplam.

  2. Can you please stop doing updates for ghost war because no one plays it. just concentrate on the campaign and side missions

  3. Things I would like to see:
    1. A.I. Gun Customization
    2. If you get on a bike (or a two seater vehicle), the rest of your A.I. teammates get in another available vehicle, or on available bikes
    2.5: If you get in the passenger seat of a car, your A.I. teammates drive to the location marked on the map.
    3: Standard Crates are given through completing things in the campaign, or maybe introduce a new thing where you have to steal a crate or two (like a convoy), or add a credit that is similar to gas, meds, comms, and food that can be gained and spent

    These are huge things, but hopefully they can be added further down the road.

  4. Update very relevant but with bugs related to the gameplay, some weapon accessories have been unlocked become blocked again … Unable to reacquire them …

  5. Great! I've been waiting for new items in loot boxes! It totally makes sense for you to do that and not fix the bugs or optimize the game on PC! THANK YOU UBISOFT FOR BEING THE BEST COMPANY EVER!

  6. Ubisoft….for the love of God, can we please have Valkyries crye jpc and some other crye gear, please……you gave us the 416 thank you, now you have the crye license….use it

  7. So I bought the Year 2 pass when it came out and still have no idea what it gives? Literally just logged in to find out that all the Operation 2 stuff is also paid for. In Operation 1 it at least came with the new helmets, cosmetics, packs, and icons. Do I really have to pay for the Operation 2 stuff when I literally bought a 'year' pass???

    I never play Ghost Recon. I play Siege. I hope that the players don't do it on purpose because of oh I killed him/her is not skilled. Just let them have a good experience.

  9. When are we gonna be able to customize the weapon load outs of the AI teammates. And when are ghillie suits and camo gonna actually work

  10. Super hyped for ghost mode. My goal in life is to beat that on extreme difficulty. You will find me dead within the month btw.

  11. Has anyone else discovered that a lot of accessory’s that you’d already unlocked are now locked again? For me, it’s my compensators, some stocks as well as some mags… This is really pissing me off, Ubisoft. PLEASE fix this!! I don’t know if it’s unique to me, or something that happened to just the people who own the digital copy of the game, or what… But this needs fixing NOW

  12. Schlechtestes Update überhaupt. Muss man sich jetzt wirklich alles für Echtgeld kaufen? Selbst bereits freigeschaltete Items muss man sich jetzt kaufen. Sehr nett Ubisoft…

  13. Thank you … Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you ..Thank you .. for the much wanted features

  14. See, this is why i love ubisoft, rather the games is good or bad, they stick to it and fix the game with features that the community asks for. Unlike some publishers cough EA, activision *cough*. The point is that ubisoft is better than most publishers and i really hope that future games like the division 2 and maybe the next farcry games will become successful in the future.

  15. This game would be so much better if they had just copy pasted the controls from Splinter Cell Blacklist! That would have been the dream.

  16. I just deleted this game for GTA V and I deeply regret and I'm now redownloading and now deleting GTA V…

  17. so…year 2 is supposed to be how the game SHOULD have been, minus the Perma Death…

    why are developers fixing their games years after they release?

  18. I died from falling out of the world in ghost mode. Why am I still playing it if this bullshit is going to happen?

  19. Awesome stuff. Now can we add anti-missle flares, flashlights, acknowledge tier 1 is just turning on video game hard mode, and maybe more players per lobby?? That'd be fantastic

  20. U guys should work on a performance and Graphic Update. The game is Dope but god damn it looks horrible. ( it dont looks like in this Videos / Trailers). The Division and rainbow six are like 1000 years Older but looks alot better while GR look like 2010

  21. hey Ubisoft! great job with 416 rifle, please for spec ops 3, we would like add bulledproff vest like Valkyrie and blackbear, anda crye combat shirt with rolled-up sleeves. !!!!

  22. I was playing this mode,I was in a chopper and then I jump off the chopper ,then without no reason I died in that moment and I was like wtf.UBIsoft you owe me a character.i mean it.

  23. any one? i played d el sueno mission and now d road to narco and fallen dlc showed up.. but about the new mission.. how to activate this? ( rainbow six siege ) or this something i have to load again.. pls any guide

  24. hey for the next event they should put the hunters outfits but like different one's like the first one when we all first saw one with the division agent ring and his mask and can be different ones so yea that will be a cool idea right?

  25. My wishes for grw in future:
    1. Ability to unequip weapons and backpack
    2. More camos for clothes
    3. Ability to customize AI teammates weapons
    4. More melee weapons

    If they ever add these i wouldnt ever ask anything else

  26. I feel like im the only one in this planet who wants this but I WANT THE EXTENTED STOCK ON M4A1!!!! It just looks dumb when the stock is on the minimal lenght all the goddamn time

  27. Instead of this, wouldnt it be better to just focus on making Wildlands 2, like whole proper game? Instead of forcing people to play the same thing over and over again….

  28. Is the update gonna be include with 2 new enemy type to both the cartel and unidad such as technician and jammers

  29. I know many grown up people who played actively GR Adv. War. 2 but dont know anyone who played GR Wil. This is kiddy game along with Far Cry 3, 4 and 5. When you take a look at the game it looks like 18+ but when you play it for a month you realize its like Halo or something. Developers choosed intended audience to be kids. So, we have a kiddy game with a serious (grown up) agenda like killing people and planting evidence so someone else kill them. Wow! How did they get permission/clearance from law agencies to publish this game? Military and political propaganda by the USA government. Remember JSOC squad? Try to find a movie Dirty Wars by Jeremy Scahill and David Riker.

  30. 3gb for steam, 18gb for ps4. Bugisoft you did it again. Next we are gonna see is another 20gb patch wich Will fix This 20 gb bugged patch (like the Last one). Oh but wait, we could add some skins and voilá, nobody would notice.

  31. Friendly Fire is stupid. People are going to troll.

    Please allow the ability to either disable friendly fire playing with random players, or making it so if you are killed by friendly fire you are not permanently dead.

    Not doing so makes it impossible to play with randoms.

  32. @ubisoft I’ve been playing ghost mode after I completed the campaign at first I thought it was going to be the same thing but this time i was wrong I just started playing ghost mode a couple weeks now and was so close the the exo suit pieces but after 12 tries and playing countless hours with sleep I’m pretty much done although my question is well there be a way to buy the exo suit armor.

  33. They have to fix the slight latency in the controls on ps4.

    Had this since preorder pick up day! Still just as hard to be accurate, play any other game for 20 minutes and you go back to this one and the difference is ridiculous 🙁

    Other than that I love this game and really need to find 3 awesome folks to form a squad and take down Bolivia with me in ghost mode! 1st rules 1st, REVIVE IS TOP PRIORITY. Lol

  34. Ghost War is more of a drone convention and they’re an overkill to the mode.

    How to fix?

    Don’t give drones to any of the other classes expect for the Scout Class.

    Classes like the Guerrilla, Artillery, etc should be like the Sentinel class with a (LoS) line of sight when calling in their abilities. (mortars, smoke, gas, etc.)

    Medic class should be either taken out since we technically have another decent medic (Surgeon class) or have the Medic class ability changed. I honestly don’t see how a drone can revive someone.

    I don’t mind the medic drone being a feature in the game’s campaign, but being able to spam it out for a multitude of times in PvP is very annoying due to the effort in putting in more work to downed players that have been revived.

    Ability suggestions:

    The medic risks his/her life to revive downed players and is able to bring them back to full health.

    Or a limitation to how many drone we can deploy per match.

    This is long but is very easy to implement to the mode, to allow it to remain the same and more enjoyable rather teeth grinding.
    I spend most of my time having to be the Disruptor class due to this issue with drones being deployed every second of a match.

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