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so a smaller book all for this week boss some really good bits and pieces I'll check a look what we got here this one is u.s. army technical manual just here by the War Department in Washington 1943 standard military motor vehicles basically it's a record of all American vehicles that they had and then you 43 quite a nice book I believe you can buy a reprint for between 12 and 20 quid really hungry publication this one cost me it was five pound five pounds that's quite nice this one is a Canadian book it's vehicle disabled Canadian Army overseas armored truck vehicles armored wheeled vehicles practice transports be vehicles and trailers and it was produced clearly an army overseas is basically the Canadian Armed Forces in England at the time it was produced in March 1944 prior to d-day and assured the type of vehicles at the Canadian Army had it that he spoiled in England and one of the man connealy multi-platinum come to vehicles put a lot of them are British and there's quite a fair smattering of American vehicles in here as well and again it's a hundy really handy publication but all the CMP popping with some other unusual bodies on them some of British vehicles with unusual bodies like the Biddeford QL with the mobile operations room white there's also quite a lot of diamond T related items military motorcycles there's a good bit on lubricants used on btob vehicles ear vehicles standard vehicle tools military pattern tires vehicle chords and chord plates there's War Department numbers in how the placed there's a really handy bit on vehicle marking signs just trailers really nice publication see there's lots of lots of diamond T usually bodies this pontoon machinery machinery machinery again Laurie bridge equipment Korean there's one there with an unusual Korean from the normally market on the back of the Aria recovery Thorneycroft got a calls Korean on the buggery quite unusual modification so that's so a kind of for tour record compiled by the Canadian military in London of all the Canadian really active military vehicles available March 1944 lock costing me it was to power 50% American half trucks of World War two by Chris Ellison Peter shambling this is one of those bologna prints that came out in the 1970s and it's a series of magazines originally consisting of 148 or on 7600 plans available to models in the 70s but this one's like a compilation it's got all the variations it goes up to the arab-israeli sixty of war so there's World War two items plus some post-war modifications in there a lot of exploited diagrams again that was to 150 this one cost me 399 the vintage lorry album she's Winkies glory album number 3 came out in about 1984 there's quite a nice article in here about the GM CCC kid the wheel if I can find it I know a GM CCC kW that's a post-war one which is modified in the 50s for the Austrian favor year and also for 1984 the some items seen and heard around the classic truck scene in England in them in the 1980s there's a bit about here an ex War Department Biddeford road sweeper of 1942 is being offered for around 240 pounds by de-orbit of Julian Bracken field a be here when somebody has for sale possibly still available for around three and a half grand is a 1946 American f4 for glory and then we have seen in a lab I in Oxfordshire with these two opponent Lee X German army lorries perhaps bombed for a filming role to the rear is a 4×4 board but unless all Paul used identical prisoners in their GM cousins at Luton we would say that the Opel blitz is in fact a Bedford with revised frontal treatment that's a Bedford or series truck that's been modified to look like an old booklet quite a lot of stuff about for sale in England in 1984 and there's all sorts of odd little bits and pieces transport in Warrington various German vehicle companies one little book this is quite a cost publication this was about 30 pound when it came out Hitler's armies the history of the German war machine anything that fortified by Chris McNab just cost me to pile 99 and it came out in 2011 we cannot now it's published by Osprey publishing and this will become evident in the illustrations really lots of pages but it has lots of Osprey illustrations in the enemies fantasti lots of good or spring related pictures just retake from all the publications incorporate into the book quite a lot of good publications have come this way the past dears or so that's the sum total on the fine within the past couple days not many but quite a little bit

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  1. Great to see the WW2 that people don't even think about they think way to much about the tanks the trucks of WW2 i.e the Bedford OYD was the troops life line….

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