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Tips For Safe Ammo Storage- Places to Hide Ammunition Supply Stockpile- DIY Ammo Safe

Tips For Safe Ammo Storage- Places to Hide Ammunition Supply Stockpile- DIY Ammo Safe

tips for safe ammo storage places to hide ammo stockpile Hi its AlaskaGranny I wanted to show you one of the ways I store ammunition your ammo is an important investment and you want to protect it and the
things you need to protect it from most importantly heat humidity and
temperature fluctuation do you keep ammo in the trunk of your car the heat in your car is the most damaging
place to keep it so make sure you are using it and rotate it don’t put it in there and leave it forever and think it’s going to
be there in an important emergency it may not work the way you think it’s going to you also want
to make sure you don’t keep it in an uninsulated garage freezing cold winter and extreme hot in the summer both of those places where temperatures are at extremes are things that you want to avoid rotate your ammo check it every few months have you seen these dessicant packets I put these in or foot and
hand warmers after I’ve used them up I drop them in one place I found to store some of my ammo is in a big tool chest and I can store it
according to caliber so say in here I have my hand gun ammo I have my nine millimeters 380’s and other things like that this isn’t all of my ammo this is just some of it is selection these are all 22’s
and some 223’s you can see it’s easy to access what I want and if I’m in a hurry I
have something here to take I can lock it if I need to plus it is in a secure location so
that just anybody can’t get in here and get into this this is one of the ways that I store ammo and it’s been real handy for me so I thought it would be an idea that I would share with you not everybody’s
going to expect that this is going to have ammo in it so if somebody comes
lurking around my house it may be more secure than other places let me know
ways that you’re storing your ammo and how you’re protecting your investment please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

Reader Comments

  1. Most of my ammo is 22lr/22wmr and 9mm. I reload 9mm and it's stored in a safe. Luckily I get to shoot quite a bit here in Switzerland and we're not seeing the problems with aquiring .22 that the US (and maybe Canada) is suffering from.

  2. I like your tool chest storage idea.  It's very clever! 

    The bulk pf my ammunition is generally stored in .50 military ammo cans that are placed inside of wooden or steel cabinets, scattered amongst my basement and garages.  I spread out the stockpile so no one disaster (fire, flood, etc.) wipes out my entire supply.  Magazines, stripper clips and speed loaders are stored in a similar manner.

    Everything is always locked up, not just for theft concerns, but due to my 2 and 4 year old children in the house. 

  3. damn AG, loaded up! I store mine in certain denominations in mylar bags sealed with oxygen absorbers and kept in a chest in the closet. I can open a pack at a time when needed so I dont expose it all and the rest is good almost indefinitely. my "working ammo" I keep in military rubber sealed ammo cans with more oxy absorbers.

  4. Nice idea and lockable.
    I keep most of my ammo in military ammo cans with small desiccant packets or dry clay kitty litter in the well at the bottom. I put the same calibers together in each can. I also store the cans in a large gun locker with a keyed lock. The cans stack nice and I have room for extra I can keep separate such as reloads I have completed. I also use a plug in desiccant recharge pack from Winchester. I love them. I check these every month.
    Where do you get all of your ideas AG??

  5. I am answering you,
    The plug in desiccant, I use the Remington plug in. There are several others. Since you live in a dry air area you wouldn't have to check these very often.

  6. I have been doing a test. The ammo I store always stays fine. I left 1 270 empty case in a drawer in my office/gun room. I checked it tonight. That 270 case is so corroded it's horrible. It shows what WILL happen to your ammo if not taken care of. It's scary.

  7. I make my own desicant packs out of mimi cat litter([email protected] silicone) and coffee filters. One back of cat litter costs about $4 at Walmart and will keep fresh if sealed properly after making your packets. There are videos on you tube showing how to make these


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