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Tik Tok Cringe: The Military Invasion

Tik Tok Cringe: The Military Invasion

you there hey yeah hey yeah hey you
there are you ready to watch a video about he kids lip synching app god help
us what up gamers the video we just
watched is one of many videos to come from a relatively new app called
tik tok the platform launched about two years ago and it essentially started
out as the Chinese version of musically oh I should probably get to that
musically if you weren’t aware is the platform the kids turn to when vine died musically is kind of
like vine in the sense that it was a place where kids would go to post and
watch short videos and kind of binge watch with their friends but it wasn’t
like vine in the sense that you know for all of its flaws and and bad comedy vine
to a certain extent at least had the ability to produce good content every
now and again. but while vine managed to give us the cody ko’s and
drew gooden’s of the world or at least kind of spawned their careers musically gave
us virtually nothing well I mean pretty much nothing except for the paymoneywubby drama if you don’t know who I’m talking about or what I’m talking about
I encourage you guys go check out paymoneywubby’s video I’ll link it down in
the description but essentially paymoneywubby is a dude who makes videos
on YouTube and streams on Twitch and he made kind of the marquee video about
musically he kind of dissected the weird culture around like what dudes and
chicks do on musically that is just weird and kind of cringe and his video
actually ended up getting taken down by the company that owned musically and
funny enough the company that owns musically is tik tok. tik tok is a
mobile app where you can film and post funny videos
you can edit the clips you film add filters and even choose from a wide
variety of music all available within the app. tik tok’s been around for a few
years now and in August it absorbed musically to quote create a bigger and
better video community that’s a pretty tough standard to live up to so I
decided to download tik tok you know we’re talking about a bigger and better
video community I mean I’m trying to get paid making videos on the internet
alright so let’s see what this bigger better video community is all about
was tik tok to be more like vine where videos were you know concise
and funny and not really dependent on music or was it gonna be more like
musically you know where videos really depend on music the comedy is a lot more
geared towards children and the videos are all around just more cringe you know
usually when you download an app you gotta like create an account sign in
something along those lines tik tok not only just throws you right
in but they’re like oh yeah hey by the way this girl is 13 so here you go
here’s a 13 year old girl dancing right in your face I don’t know if that’s the
default video they show for every new user but I’m a 23 year old are you
trying to get me on a list or something that’s just I gotta ask that question
and look before we go any further let’s just be honest for a minute
tik tok musically whatever you want to call it it’s a pretty easy target I mean
you just saw the intro there there’s plenty of terrible content to go around
I have no shortage of that you’ve got these like 10 year old dudes or whatever
you want to call them Tristan Cody and Hunter I imagine their names probably
are we’re doing fortnite dances in their backyard you know just like clowning on kids or
talking about how weird the kids who use social media are like yeah shocker
you know musically cringe is a real thing so instead of doing the
predictable I wanted to take a look at the people who are over the age of 18
who are still using musically and ironically there are a lot of tik tok
videos I want to get to because surprisingly enough there are a ton of
people over the age of 18 who use this app I mean obviously you’ve got the
cringy kid videos but you’ve also got bizarre challenge videos doing it and
even the Lele pons and Hannah stocking yeah that’s right
Lele pons and Hannah stocking use musically or tik tok I mean the same
thing they’re the same thing but we’re gonna call it tik tok all in all it should be a fun ride and
on the bright side it should actually gave me something to talk about because I just
can’t talk about KSI Logan Paul and Jake Paul and all that stupid YouTube
drama now I can focus on a platform I actually kind of find interesting and so
without further ado the topic of today’s video is going to be the military and
law enforcement takeover of tik tok when I first started brainstorming for
this video I figured I’d just scroll through my tik tok feed and find a
bunch of cringy kid videos that I react to but as I kept scrolling I realized
there a ton of people in the military who use tik tok so how’s your girl
she’s ooh hey no oh oh whoa how did you do that what do you mean you did it
again you just had to music to what you were
saying no what the heck is going on military before but based on what I’ve
seen in about 37 World War 2 and Vietnam movies I gotta say I don’t think
these people should be in the military you’re tellin me this dude’s supposed to be
protecting his fellow soldiers and the American public at large from enemy
combatants how does this dudes drill sergeant not find this video and either
a just relentlessly make fun of him or b kick him out of the military because
instead of spending time training and getting ready for war or whatever the
military might need from him he’s making family-friendly PG clean videos for kids
thank you for your service bro and that’s another thing like why are all
these military people posting videos in their military uniforms isn’t that like
a code violation or something and even if it’s not you didn’t see me when I’m
16 17 working at Staples flexing on the haters in my staples polo
no one posts videos in their work uniform it makes no sense I’m just trying to
wrap my head around like what’s the incentive to wear your work uniform on musically it doesn’t make sense to me unless oh I see now okay so this chick who usually gets 50, 60 likes on each
musically she posts clearly isn’t going anywhere on musically so one day she
posts a video of her husband walking home from work nothing special but a
bunch of kids think that he’s like returning from Afghanistan and all of a
sudden she’s got hundreds of thousands of likes on a music video I mean that’s
a cool 200k hearts that’s insane as we can all tell that video is not
exactly the epitome of entertaining tik tok content but I think it just
leads me to believe that really kids will upvote anything posted by someone
in a military uniform but it’s not just the military that’s getting clout tokens
by posting videos in their work uniform on tik tok nah it doesn’t stop
there you’ve got police officers presumably on shift posting
family-friendly PG clean content as well they’re supposed to be apprehending
criminals solving justice and sitting on the side of the road with a radar gun
trying to catch a 16 year-old from speeding yeah that’s right officer
browner I remember you and no I will never forgive you I mean what a sight
you’ve got a grown man lip-synching to the same Soulja Boy song as Liza Koshy
while he’s supposed to be doing what I guess is one of the most important jobs in the entire United States nine-one-one what’s your emergency a
suspicious man just broke in my house killed all my family broke my xbox ate
all my Chips Ahoy and now he’s coming for me all right I want you to stay
where you are we have officers on the way why aren’t you wearing a shirt what are
you talking about whoa I don’t know sorry man I didn’t even make that
assumption I guess I’m just kind of freaking out because there’s like a
killer in my house you know what I’m gonna send you officer Davis you know I
would say he’s gonna be there in five minutes but right now he’s working on a
lip sync cover of the Zoey 101 theme song so good luck well poop that’s stolen valor dawg the way I see it this dude is in his police uniform in a
car that’s supposed to look like his police car at the very least he’s
recording videos what are you doing dog have some respect for the boys blue
brother I wish the whole tik tok in uniform thing ended with the police the
military it doesn’t this first responder clout is real
these dudes look like clowns man go fight a fire you know if you’re in California
it’s probably not that hard to find one embarrassment to the fire department
dude embarrassment if you thought musically was dead you were wrong if you
thought getting bought out by a bigger company would’ve given musically a chance
to be a bigger threat to YouTube and produce better quality content you were
on we were all wrong this is tik tok enlisted military members dancing to the
gummy bear song while their colleagues turn away in shame fearful that they
might end up in the next musically cringe compilation we’re all doomed
challenge videos are huge on tik tok and really big in the military community
on the platform as well and the king of these challenges is the snap your life
challenge I could try to describe it I could try to help you guys understand
what’s going on but I can’t this is the snap my life challenge that’s it apparently in 2018
you don’t even put cinnamon down your throat you don’t you pour ice on
yourself the only thing you need to do to go viral on a popular social media
platform is to snap your fingers along to a song see that guy’s the green
screen changes when I sound I finger I mean it’s genius
I don’t know what to say and for what it’s worth just because I think it’s
interesting every clip you’ve seen in this video came directly from my tik tok
feed when I first downloaded the app I didn’t follow anyone I didn’t search
hashtags I didn’t search military or anything like that
I literally just scrolled up my feed and all I’ve seen was this just weird stuff
man weird stuff so that’s gonna be it hope you guys enjoyed that maybe you
didn’t maybe you did but either way thank you guys for watching and let me
know in the comments below before we finish this video what trends or weird
things on tik tok you want me to talk about next there’s a ton to talk about
so if you guys have any ideas please let me know and I’ll make a video about it
thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciated every single one of
you I’m sorry I don’t upload as frequently as I did before but life just
gets in the way but I still appreciate you love every single one of you until
next time take care of yourselves

Reader Comments

  1. Yeah for the huge amount of flaws the US military has i do not perpetrate them as warriors but now as the rest of the American people. Pussies who cant fight. (Almost 50% of the US population is obese hahahahhahaha)

  2. I mean after boot camps over your drill Sargent doesn’t really tell you what to do anymore. And is it wrong to show some people that hey look I made it in the military which is an accomplishment unlike working at staples. And that whole cop thing solving justice? Makes a lot of sense and how do we know he’s not just taking a break and I’m sure he hears shots fired come through the radio he’s on his damn way and most of the military ones you shows are of military police officers who seem to be in the entry checkpoint of there base so there’s not much better for them to be doing other then checking id’s

  3. I'm not in the military yet but I will be in the Navy in two years. I understand the concept of how they have free time to do what they want. Personally if I had a kid and I was in the military I would post these to show him that I'm doing good and alright. I don't use tik tok though I think it's cringy but still let these military personnel do there weird videos it kinda makes me happy to see how much joy it can put into the people's eyes. Just let them do there thing there life is already a little bit more difficult than civilian lifes

  4. So what if the military and law enforcement take a break from doing their job, they are serving us 24/7 and the least we can do is give them time to relax and have fun.

  5. You do know the uniform you see them wearing is most likely there down time attire so thay can relax and do normal stuff military personnel are not always preparing for war some might even be logistics like chefs or truck drivers (I'm not trying to start anything or say I'm a professional of the topic I just do my research)

  6. What do I prefer? A law enforcement person who shows normal human behaviour and has fun, then goes back to doing a noble, respectable job? Or a useless, over-reacting brat, who does nothing noble or respectable except criticizing people who do but take a break every once in a while, like any human being would?

  7. As someone wha has friends in the military, this is the least unproffesional thing that goes on. Also the code violation is with regards to political statements in uniform.

  8. I’m pretty sure a large portion of the videos involving young “military personnel” are just teens committing stolen valor.

  9. Are they not allowed to take breaks and do whatever they want with those breaks? these people see a lot on the job and maybe need a funny release or an escape for a few moments and the videos you shared are showing just that…. Wow, judgmental much..

  10. All because we wear our uniforms in videos doesn't mean we are on shift. There are such things as lunch break and just breaks in general. The military doesn't say that you're going to work all day and not get a break. Also Stolen Valor? Do you even know what that is? If not here is the definition, "Stolen Valor is a term applied to the phenomenon of people falsely claiming military awards or badges they did not earn or don't exist, service they did not perform, Prisoner of War experiences that never happened, and other tales of military service that exists only in their minds." It is better to educate yourself on what something is before you use it and look like a fool.

  11. I don't really think it's that bad? Like let them for whatever they want😂 I want more cringe compilation

  12. Yeah it's embarrassing and it would be funny if their drill sergeant made fun of them. But I mean I don't think they should be kicked out of the military…that's kind of harsh. As cringy as it is, they're not really harming anybody. The police one I can kind of understand since that guy was actually on the job. Also, changing the subject, I really like the saluting troll tik tok vids. They're pretty wholesome.

  13. Okay, so First off. Im an active duty military Police officer, i don't use Musikly, or Tiktok. You admitted to not being Military or Law enforcement, Don't tell us that a guy in a Military Police, or Police officer's Uniform isn't "Fit" To defend the country, or the community. Even the shittiest soldiers have done more than 90% Of the country when it comes to "hard Work" or other shit. I agree it's 100% Cringe, BUT. Don't fucking tell me they can't do their jobs. I have buddies who are 5 foot 3 and 110 pounds who can lift my 6'5 200 lb ass out of fuckin Humvees and across fields. Don't say they're not fit. Because obviously they raised that hand, and said that oath. At the end of the day. WE Did it, we live it, we do it.

  14. You do know people in the military, police, firefighters, all of them get breaks and that is where they make the videos dumbass

  15. Bro get a life the guys pertec you r freedom and make it so your still alive while you sit on your ass talking crap about are solders I’ll be damed if you would say that to there face and plus you don’t trane all day every day it’s almost like a reall job you get a day off so go back to Berger king and respect are solders dick head

  16. You obviously have something against that police officer obviously he wasn't even on a call so while he still has the time let him do a Tik Tok video and it's not only that they catch people speeding policing is a hard job cut him a break

  17. 1 thing I will say to you tho is you showed maybe 7 videos of military personnel and state that it’s “big” as if we don’t have our own fb pages to put dudes and females that do this shit on blast. It’s definitely not big, it’s just a couple of boots that don’t get hazed enough. If you want your military to fix these problems, please contact a congressman and ask them to pass a bill allowing hazing to return to the military.

  18. So being a US military member I am ashamed of the videos of fellow military members I’ve seen, but have you ever heard the expression hurry up and wait? Well it’s more than true in the military or any other government job. There is A LOT of free time so these people aren’t just ignoring their duties, I hope, but instead they are filling their boring down time with something they think is cool even though they are wrong.

  19. Dude I hope get to read my comment. As someone in the military, it’s only the young new guys who come in that do it. And they get beat the fuck up as soon as people in our unit find out that they use tik tok or musically.
    I cringe not only from not only watching these kids act like retards, but I especially cringe when people in the military do it because most people don’t know anybody in the military so this is how we’re represented.

  20. Drill sergeants stop being drill sergeants to privates once they leave the training environment, also Military Police and other non-comabt personnel are not meant to be directly engaging enemy combatants. That's the infantries and other combat MOS's jobs. In regards to it breaking a code (assuming you're referring to the UCMJ) no they didn't. Its frowned upon to wear your uniform out in public if it's not necessary. But even then the primary rules are not to wear it to a public event or show excessive displays of affection. Its America bud, everyone is entitled to do as they please until they break the law.

  21. Homie, these are non-combat POGs. They don’t fight shit unless it’s a malfunctioning copy machine or kitchen appliance, and cops in relatively less busy cities are bored doing nothing about 80% of their shifts.

  22. The attention seeking woman who posted the video of her Marine husband coming home for views and likes is what is known as a Dependapotamus. If you don’t know what it is, search it and then come back and laugh 😂

  23. Bro they are just of motivated boots(new guys).
    Once you get out your really dont give a shit unless you did some crazy shit in the military like Combat deployments or special schools or training. Shit sometimes I forget I was a Marine lol

  24. Military personal can do what the hell they want based on their MoS . Example , the MP guy. He doesn't have to stay on guard 24/7. He check for IDs , take people to court mashal and detain protestors. If there's nothing to do it is considered free time. Military isn't shit you see in CoD Campaigns.

  25. I understand that these are mad gay but you’re a ramrod if you think it’s our obligation to train 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. The fuck do you think the military is? we’re human beings. Go back to your desk job and quit coming at the people who allow you to be free.

  26. You realize that After bmt you don't have a drill instructor or DI and you train a lot in the military and you do have breaks and time off and same a police let them have there fun

  27. So apparently after I already sign my life away to defend this country and leaving my family now I cant have fun in a career I love… thanks not like I already gave up some of my freedoms

  28. What I don't get is the metro officers I know, and what I was told when I first went into Corrections, was to NEVER post a picture of yourself to any sort of social media in uniform. What you did in uniform was a reflection of the department, and if you make the department look bad in some way or another, that's your ass.

  29. The only thing I dont like about tik tok is Soldiers/Cadets going in uniform and posting on it. I have seen SNCO's on tik tok and some E1s and E2s

  30. Bro thanks for making this video😂. I’m speaking for everyone in the military by saying that we make fun and talk shit about everyone of these people in the videos. Most of them are straight out of bootcamp and are trying to show off.

  31. Most soldiers go through a phase where you graduate basic and are super Hooah motivated. Then you spend a few months in, get a deployment or JRTC rotation in and see how cringey those guys are.

  32. I mean we all hate the ones who make tik tok videos trust me. But out of 1.3 million active duty and 800K reserves which are probably the majority of these tik tokers a 100 or so weird ones are bound to get through.

  33. 6:18–6:38 he’s a military police all he does is guard base a patrol he also does everything thing a normal cop would do also mps have a 3 day break so he could just have put his uniform on and made that video.

  34. It’s not cringe you just hate the military 😐 you do realize the military is an extremely strenuous job, so what if they find a few spare minutes to make a tik tok? If anything it helps boost their morale. Just shut the fuck up dude. This the type of guy who wouldn’t last a DAY at basic.

  35. You’re saying because they’re military they can’t have fun? We do have off time and we are allowed to take pictures in uniform. We do train and work our a** off all day so if they want to post Tik toks to keep themselves sane when they are away from FAMILY AND FRIENDS let them.

  36. The only ones that think this shit is acceptable are backwoods hicks or boots. Find me a soldier with a CIB that makes this cringe shit

  37. Nice an actual cool YouTuber, I'm going to USMC basic training in eight days and I'm glad I know I won't come out this way >look at me im in a uniform im so cool<

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