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  1. Next? Thiccness Tier list?!!! HMMMMM🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Edit: seriosly hade no idea demonjoefrance
    made a video on this…. OPS!

  2. Just found this but bobcat is outclassed by specter, there are VERY few situations where the bobcat wins.

  3. I watch all your content, but for new viewers may be a good idea to actually spend 5 mins revising the weapon/hero names. Difficult to take you seriously as an stw content creator on that effort.

  4. Puts the lynx on D because you have te keep clicking? Excuse me wtf 😐 its automatic m8 but love ur vids no hate my man 😂

  5. Tori, maybe your “c” list should stand for I need to “c” these weapons in action again and do a re review of them!!!

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